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Dad activities in numbers ~offer version~

Today, there is a lot of information mixed with lies and truths.
If you open SNS such as Twitter and Instagram, you may see only the sparkling side of Papa Katsu.
Here I would like to write my experience using actual numbers.
It's very embarrassing because it's real data, not fiction, fiction, or stories I heard from people,
As an example of an unbeautiful woman in middle age, I hope you will look at it with a big heart.
And I would be happy if I could be of some help to your dad life.

Distribution of number of offers

Offers are generally the most immediately after registration, and after that the number of offers gradually settles down.
I did my best to count the number of offers when writing this column.

In my case, the number of offers was 61, including those that did not go on dates.
There are 21 cases in six months from the date of registration, 1 cases in the period of six months to one year, 16 cases in the period of one year to one and a half years, and eight cases in the period of one and a half years.
In this graph, the vertical axis is the number of offers, and the horizontal axis is the number of days elapsed since the registration date.The 0.5 part on the vertical axis should have been omitted, but I'm sorry if I caused a misunderstanding because I didn't modify it with the default.
In addition, the date on which the offer was received is calculated from the date on which the club informed us about the offer.Since there is an error from the actual date of the date, I would like to write it down so as not to cause misunderstanding.

What you can see from this graph is that I am constantly receiving offers.
It's true that people who are newer than the registration date sometimes receive two offers, and even if you simply calculate the number of offers, the number of offers is the largest in the first six months, so it matches the general theory.And if you look at how the dots are clustered over a period of time, you can see that retaking profile pictures on a regular basis is an effective way to unearth offers.

Let's take a look at what led to the results in the graph above.

to get an offer

So what did I do to get the offer?
・ Regularly go to reshoots
・That's nice!send
·I keep a promise
I was mainly concerned with the following three items.
I'm going to dig deeper one by one.

go to reshoots regularly

[Unprocessed photos] is one of the characteristics of Universe Club.
Nowadays, there are many women who take pictures with photo editing apps, so many women who register for the first time will be shocked by their unprocessed appearance.
I am one of them.
Since the coming-of-age ceremony to take a picture in the studio.Even though opening the door of the Universe office is a high hurdle, after that, when I'm writing questionnaires, shooting videos, and taking photos, I'm already nervous... my heart is jumping up to my throat.
I will post that image as my profile picture
"It's too embarrassing to keep posting pictures of me with this face! There is good news for women who are worried about the wind.

At the Universe Club, you have the chance to get a reshoot every six months.
I think it's a very good system to be able to get revenge after half a year even if you don't get the results you want in the first shoot.
Also, if a man takes a quick look at your profile picture and is interested, he will jump to the detailed page, so the type of men who find you attractive will change depending on how the picture is taken.

For example, if you shoot in a cute atmosphere in the first shoot, and if you shoot in a slightly mature atmosphere half a year later, the group of men who make offers will change, so we can approach a wider range of men. I think it's an ant as a way to segregate.

If you want to change the group of men who are currently receiving offers, I would like to recommend the method of changing the image of the current photo for the next shoot.


It's nice!to send

There is no loss in doing this, so I would like you to send it to the man who is interested in looking at the profile.
Among the thousands of women who have registered, it is very important to first make men aware of their existence.

My personal recommendation is to see men from branches other than the one you are registered with.
I don't record the man's profile, so I can't know exactly where the man's branch I've been offered is, but from memory...
I am registered in Tokyo, but the other party is Tokyo 1%, Yokohama XNUMX%, Saitama, Chiba, Nagoya, Osaka, etc. There are also offers other than Tokyo.This is because there are many people who come to Tokyo from neighboring prefectures for work, people who come on business trips, and people who often come for private reasons.
Even if Tokyo is not included in the dating area, there are men who are registered with local branches and write "I often go on business trips to Tokyo and Osaka" in the profile text. If you check the profile of the man you care about in detail, you may be able to connect with a new relationship.


I keep a promise

Honestly, even if you don't do the above two things, I feel this is the most important.

I want you to keep your promises to club members, even if they seem trivial to you.
[Please reply by what time]
[Please let me know when you arrive]
[What time would you like to meet at 〇〇?]
I recommend that you always keep your promises, not as much as possible.
Think about how many people are involved in closing one offer, one date.How many people will be embarrassed if you don't reply, if you're late for a date...have to apologize or lose credibility.
"But isn't that what club people do? 』
What did you think?The woman doesn't pay for the club, so she's not a genuine customer.
Since men are the ones paying, the customers of Universe Club are men, and we women are members of Team Universe, which belongs to Universe.That's why I feel that it's important to unite and move smoothly toward the mission of matching wonderful women with men.
And I think that the relationship of trust with the club will lead to the offer.

… I know you are always busy with work, housework, private life, etc., but let's do our best together!


A Final Word

When collecting this data,
Regarding offers (time, number, type),
Regarding men (occupation, age group),
I've tabulated the dates by area (region, meeting place, etc.), so in the future, if you have any questions, or if the table I've inserted is difficult to read, feel free to leave a comment, so I can use it as a reference for future columns. Become.
*We will never release data that can identify an individual, so please rest assured if you are dating me*
This is just my personal story, so please take a look at the ochazuke at the end. . .I'm sorry if my stomach is heavy 🙏

I'm an office lady who can be found anywhere in your city♪ I will write articles based on my experience dating over 50 men in the universe⭐︎

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