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[Quotation box quote] Is there marriage ahead of dad life?

[Anonymous question box quote Is there marriage ahead of Papa Katsu?]


In conclusion, I think that marriage is very possible ♡


Because at the time when the concepts of daddy and mistress weren't so common at the time, with him who always helped me

I've actually been married once.


In fact, even on the Universe Club website, there is a

It's true that there are couples who have gone on to get married.

Since it was also taken up in the question box, this time I will quote it and make it into a column ♪


Unfortunately, I'm single now ✩.*˚

I didn't think that I would get married, so everyone who is currently in a relationship might get married♡

In the future, if there is a chance in our relationship (laughs)

I want to be happy again...♪


Why do women move towards marriage?


① Things that always helped me at a turning point in my life

② Meet regularly and have a long-term relationship

(XNUMX) No other shadow of a woman can be seen

④ Being sincere and doing a good job


In order of importance.


It's a twist when you get to know each other and when you go to karaoke!It was my first encounter with him when I said and received 1 yen.

"What is a twist?" When I was a teenager, I really didn't understand anything.


In his mind, it must have been "papa katsu".

After that, I started dating with 5 every time.

(I didn't think it was a dad activity at the time)


I don't know what to do with the money I received at that time...

After that, I still stubbornly refused to accept the money, so when I went home, for some reason

I always had a New Year's gift bag in my bag (laughs).


In fact, it's still difficult to receive money in person other than your salary.


① The person who was with you for some reason at the turning point of your life

At the time I met him, he had just entered medical school and was very busy with his studies, so I was very grateful that he sometimes let me go out of his way and let me eat.

Awa Awa, who had four part-time jobs, collapsed on campus, and even though he contacted his parents, his house was in the countryside and his parents couldn't come.

I contacted him at that time and he took the trouble to pick me up.


After that, there were twists and turns, and I was sent to and picked up from various nursing school exams in order to transfer to nursing school.

And he was the one who went to see the results announcement.

He consulted me during times of trouble and hardship.

At the moment of tension and its relaxation, he was pleased with the announcement of the result like himself.

What supported me when I was depressed due to failing.


As a result, the relationship of trust became stronger.

Even after that, "He stayed by my side at a turning point in my life."


That was the main reason why I dated him and ended up getting married.


I don't visit often at times like that, but I think women who are dads join for various reasons.


・ A woman who is working as a dad while going to school or on a scholarship

・For immediate funds and living expenses

・ A woman who is interested in adults

・ I want to hear about the world and various stories that I do not know



While dating each other for a long time,

Graduation from school, payment of scholarships, employment, marriage, divorce

There are many life points such as.


It means that both rabbits and horns need ②, a long relationship.

Also, if I had been persistently told to "let's go out together" at this time, it might not have happened.

I think it's also important to keep it clean without smelling it (* 'ᵕ' )☆


Regarding ③, are you narrowing it down to yourself?To say.

Of course, it's a dating club, so I don't mind if you have multiple relationships.


Probably because men are in a position to choose in Universe Club, it may be that there are many multiple relationships.

In addition, I think that there are members who are focusing on one female partner.

Even for male members who are in multiple relationships, women's hearts will be happy if their proportion is large ♪

Even though I'm dating a lot of women now, I think I'm important to them, and the weight has turned to me!



Needless to say, ④ is largely due to individual preferences.

But I think this is generally common sense, so honesty and diligence are also important (*^^*)


Well, "If you're dating or getting married, you don't need any allowance, right?"


I think there are some people who doubt that.

So far, the relationship has developed smoothly, and it has become a good relationship ♪

Let's meet.When it comes to that, what should I do about my allowance?It's going to be a story to say.


As an aside... I have a male member with whom I am currently communicating.

I think it's a good person to the extent that I don't think I can receive transportation expenses from that person.

So I'm currently struggling with this in progress...


my conclusion is"It's better to keep handing over the allowance.".


It's a bubbly theory, but it's rooted in the good old masculinity of women, and it may not be a reference,

Men go out to work and women take care of the home.

That's the basic idea.


Since ancient times, it has been smarter for men to pay for meals,

"This person is the one who feeds me (later my family)", "This person is the one who earns me (later at home) money and works hard outside"

That's because it gives a woman's maternal instinct a sense of security (* 'ᵕ' )☆


Also, from the characteristics of dating clubs,

There is also the problem of being forced to go out with other men when someone asks, "I'm in a relationship, so you don't have to pay for it, right?" (>_<)


So if you get to know each other well, build a relationship of trust, and continue to smartly help women, you may be able to see the future.


Finally ✩.*˚

As a result, as I wrote at the beginning, I got married to him once.

Unfortunately, I got divorced, but when I first metI never thought I would get married(*^^*)

Male and female members who have no desire to get married

If you can gradually grow in love in your relationship and learn more about the Kotobuki style of marriage

It's fun and rewarding ✩.*˚


Well, let's work hard to improve ourselves so that we can find a wonderful partner today too♪♪


From Awa Awa

I'm in my 30s in Kansai!Select a topic from the question box, dig deeper and write it as a column.Regarding my club activities (⁎ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈⁎), the theme song is Yellow Yellow Happy by Pocket Biscuits♪

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