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Mama life experience story!Until what age is age gap love allowed? !

It's been a while since I've had to write a column.This is Mamiya from the Universe Club staff.

Let's meet again in the corona misfortune, but it's a farewell that we won't meet again for the rest of our lives.
If you skip love as well as diet, you will forget how to resume.

I will write for how to write a column and restart love.

Actually, I've been wanting to generalize about mama life for a long time.
Mama activityThe female version of Papa Katsu
"MomIt is something that you spend with a woman called "" and receive compensation. The compensation is "money", rice, protein support like me "Mama activity","sisterActive(Anekatsu)”.

Apps for “older women” and “younger men”

This time I started with a dating app called “Silk”.
Last year's training for new graduates was also a hot topic, and it seems that men can't register without a student's email address, so I asked the new graduate staff to register what kind of women there are.
Our new graduates actually registered for the app!I was very excited and supported them.
I also registered in order to explain how to do it, but needless to say, I had an ulterior motive before I knew it.
Although it is a mama activity app, it is similar to other apps because it is a system where men pay. (women never pay)
Register your profile and get excited about "Like" from about 20 people at once ♪
The age group is 19-24 years old.Sometimes I'm 30.fault?I wonder if it's only for students.

Mom life start!

More than 80% of them are students.While interacting with about 20 men, I met with 3 college students.
It may be due to their occupation, but while exchanging messages, I tried to divide them by age and relationship type.
It's not that I like good-looking macho guys, but when I want to support kids who are trying their best, I end up with a lot of sportsmen (laughs).

K-kun, 20 years old, athletic macho, dating type A

He looks handsome and a macho man!Seeing that he was doing his best in sports, he asked me to supply him with protein, so I brought him some good yakiniku (grilled meat), and he was very impressed.
It makes me want to show off a little.

I want to get over Corona and student life with Mr. M! I received (glittering), but only a sad feeling remains
After all, I'm a dating type A, and I'm not in a hurry, but I don't have time!For some reason, I want to get angry, and when I realize that I can't get it, I faded out because it was a waste of time.

It is difficult to capture the relationship type A... I understand the greatness of the members who challenge again.

R-kun, 23 years old, University of Tokyo macho.Dating type B

We planned to meet after coming to Tokyo, but it faded out.It is difficult for people who are physically distant from each other.

H-kun, 19 years old, Ikeike thin macho Dating type D

Most of them are prosperous monkeys living in the wild like H-kun.

Facing female figure

What kind of women are registering as the purpose of this time?I wanted to know why, so I interviewed the students.
Basically, my type is rare, people who post slightly erotic photos, women who write that mom life is NG, female business owners, but it smells suspicious, and they don't reply to messages even if they match.

It may have been due to the function of the application, but it does not respond even if it matches.It seems that there are many people. & I'm rare = there is still little recognition among women who may like younger people in the world and there is little competition!
This is your chance to find good young seeds!

What I learned? What I gained? What I lost

What I learned through my life as a mom is that it is difficult for students today.I am currently undergoing internship training, but even if I wanted to work part-time, I would be cut off.Scholarships are all that's left... The feeling of wanting to support something simply wells up.
Probably estrogen came out in it! ! !female hormone!maternal hormones!I feel a little rejuvenated by interacting with young people!
The investment capital is about 3 yen.You don't need to dig any further.
However, my borderline has expanded unnecessarily, so I'm actually quietly thinking that I want to try again after my 40s ♡

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