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[PR] Recruitment of "Universe Ambassadors" has started.

The Universe Club has started recruiting "Universe Ambassadors" who can liven up the dating club together.

Ambassador recruitment is the first attempt in the industry, and we would like to spread awareness of the wonderful culture of dating clubs through ambassadors.

We would like to select those who agree with this purpose after a strict examination.

Why don't you start being an ambassador at Universe Club?

Details of the application requirements are listed below, so we look forward to your application.



Admission Information

【Activity content】
Ambassador activity period: consultation

Show your face on the universe website and post a photo + write a simple profile

Feedback on interviews and dates at Universe Club

Active participation in events held by Universe Club and cooperation in various media coverage


[Ambassador benefits]

We would like to thank you for your ambassador activities.Conditions are subject to consultation.

* Regarding payment, the amount will be the amount after subtracting the source.


[Such people are welcome]

・Unmarried people over 20 years old for both men and women

・Those who have already registered as members or those who plan to become members in the future

・Those who are mentally and physically healthy, intelligent and elegant

・Those who agree with the purpose of the ambassadors, not just to thank them


How to Apply

Application deadline: January 2021, 12

Submit online using the application form below
After a rigorous review, we will contact the ambassador candidates by email as needed.


Click here for the form

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