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How to improve your own self-producing power as a dad, learning from top women in the offer rankings!

What kind of women are popular last time [We investigated the characteristics of women in the top 10 dates ranked!] I told you.
If you receive an offer within a week after registering, you will get a ticket to the top of this ranking.
If there is no offer within a month after registration, the road to becoming a popular woman will be cut off.Also, if you haven't received an offer after registering for 1 months, you should start over.

Most of the reasons for starting dad activities are vague at first, but "it's nothing but ruin!"
So that you don't become a daddy, what kind of daddy you want to do, why you want to do it, and why you want to do it. increase!

A must-see for women without offers! !

The characteristics of the top 10 women in the number of dating rankings are roughly like this

・Cute beauty
・Push your boobs
・Smile is the best
・Reliability with the club

So what should I do if I'm not cute and can't push my boobs?
I think it should be shaped.Cosmetic surgery is expensive.It's a lie (laughs)
But I hate ugly personality the most.Polish the charm that beautiful women can't do!
I recommend having a lot of drawers!

Comment ability is the most important point for self-appeal!

Let's take a look at the comment power of the dad live goddesses who reign in the top 10 offers here.


Nice to meet you, my name is 〇〇.I would be happy if I could join 〇〇 and 〇〇 while having fun talking with people who are active in various fields.
If there is a connection, I would like to be able to join you in 〇〇.
I would be very happy if you could do 〇〇 because I tend to do 〇〇 very much.Thank you very much.


Nice to meet you.
Thank you for visiting my profile♪
Through the club, I thought that I would have a wonderful encounter, so I registered ☆
My hobbies are 〇〇, 〇〇, 〇〇, 〇〇 and 〇〇.
I especially like traveling to 〇〇, and I went to 〇〇 and 〇〇 〇 times each last year.
Once things settle down, I'd like to go to 〇〇 and 〇〇, which I haven't been to yet.
〇〇 is still a beginner and is in a state of pulling the legs of those around her, but she believes that she will improve one day and is practicing hard.
If you have a kind-hearted person who would like to practice with me or go around, please do so.
I think it would be nice if I could meet someone who knows each other's 〇〇 and can become 〇〇, not just 〇〇.
I am flexible in my work, so I adapt to the person I am working with.
Thank you very much (*^^*)☆


My job is 〇〇 (〇〇, 〇〇, etc.), 〇〇, 〇〇 and doing 〇〇.
I manage all my schedules myself, so I think it's relatively easy to schedule!
On my days off, I go to 〇〇, 〇〇, 〇〇.
I like 〇〇, and I also like to stay at home and study 〇〇 earnestly.
I also love to have fun and drink, and lately I've been addicted to 〇〇 and 〇〇.
Please let me know if you have any recommended sake ♡
I registered for the club because of the cost of living alone and the cost of 〇〇 when I was in school.

If 〇〇 is not convenient for you, I can go outside the prefecture, so I am waiting for offers from people other than 〇〇.
〇〇 and I prefer 〇〇
I think it would be nice if I could meet someone who I can go out with at 〇〇, including the relationship of 〇〇 if I get along.
I would be happy if there was a wonderful relationship.
Thank you.


Nice to meet you, thank you for viewing my profile.
I usually work at 〇〇.
I prefer 〇〇 to be able to socialize.
We are waiting for your offer, thank you very much (^^)
〇〇 can also be adjusted.


Nice to meet you ♪
Thank you for viewing my profile (*´∀`*)
It's 〇〇!
I'm a 〇〇 type, so I'd be happy if you could 〇〇 and make friends with me a lot♪
I want to listen to stories about 〇〇 that I don't know, go to 〇〇, meet wonderful people, and do various 〇〇 as a human being and as a woman!
I would be happy if I could meet someone who can share a good time.
I hope you have a wonderful 〇〇♪
Thank you (*´∀`*)


It's my first time registering and I'm nervous because I don't understand anything♪
I'm looking for a nice man who will show me the world that I can't usually experience.
I'm often told that I'm 〇〇 in 〇〇 series, so I hope we can share a fun time together (*´∀`*)

Due to my profession, I read ○○ every day and am sensitive to trends, so I study every day!
I'm proud of my body that I trained at the gym ☆ I would be happy if you would look at it as 〇〇, 〇〇, 〇〇 and give me compliments╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Continuing with the 〇〇 club for 〇 years in middle and high school, I was selected as 〇〇! !
Now I want to start 〇〇.We are looking for teachers.
I'm 〇〇, so I hope we can continue our relationship for a long time, not just once!
I'll do my best, so I'm waiting for your offer (^^)


nice to meet you. My name is 〇〇 (^ ^).
I registered this time because I wanted to have an adult date with someone who is 〇〇.
I think the story is 〇〇, so I would like to enjoy conversation while eating first.
I think that my charm point is 〇〇, so I would appreciate it if I could 〇〇 even a little while meeting you.
My type is ordinary, but I'm a 〇〇 person.
Let's have a good time together.
We look forward to meeting you♪


Nice to meet you.
I work in 〇〇 industry.
I'm from 〇〇, and it's been XNUMX years since I appeared in 〇〇.
I love 〇〇 and 〇〇!

I hope that 〇〇 will be able to join us once we get along.
I like 〇〇, so I want to go to 〇〇♡
I would be happy if you could also tell me your recommended 〇〇.

I also like 〇〇, 〇〇, and 〇〇, so if you like them, I'd like to join you♡
As a hobby, I also do 〇〇. It is 〇〇 called 〇〇.In addition, I can do 〇〇, 〇〇 (*^^*)
It is said that alcohol is weak, but I like to drink.
It's about 〇 cups, but you can drink anything from 〇〇 to 〇〇.

I love 〇〇, so I would be very happy if someone likes it or listens to my silly stories.
Of course, I would love to hear from you as well.Ideally, you can slowly get to know each other.
I'd like to go to 〇〇 that I've never been to or 〇〇 that I've never been to, and have a fun 〇〇 through various 〇〇.

I would be happy if we could be in a relationship that makes me think that it was a good 〇〇 when I remember someday (*´▽`*)
We want to be positive for each other.
Thank you for reading ゚(*´▽`*)♡︎

Characteristics seen from the power of comments

What did you think?I wrote it in more detail, but I corrected the specific parts other than 〇〇.
However, this appealing power, lover power, you should review and rewrite your simple comments right now! !

・Easy-to-understand self-introduction ・Registration purpose
・ The time zone when you can date is written in detail
・ You can imagine your hobbies and special skills
・Heart is conveyed

Also, the withdrawal power is amazing.Where I rely on men, I want you to tell me what I don't know, but there are spices that make men want to answer comfortably without lying.

Did you notice that there is a huge difference between having feelings for the other person and your own mind stance at the end?

What people who don't have an offer fall into actually shouldn't do it

Comment functions and reshoots are the best things women do without offers.Or rather, it's what the club recommends... I'm sorry.

However, I understand that you want to appeal without an offer, but overdoing it will have the opposite effect of just being ugly.
Every time the comment is updated, it's like self-reporting that I haven't received a new offer, and quite a few men notice it.

Basically, when there is a change in hairstyle or appearance, re-shooting is about half a year after registration.It's wonderful to have women re-shot every six months, but isn't it true that women can't overcome gravity?
There are quite a few people who have severe deterioration every time they shoot again. .
Although it is not processed in Universe, the performance of the camera and the photography skills of the staff have improved, so I can't say unconditionally, but I'm not sure if the high-performance lenses that can see the pores will lead to an offer, so I will get an offer. Also keep in mind that your efforts may actually backfire.

Before I become a painful person, I want to take a picture at the club again for the time being. ?

A woman who knows men's needs and can make time for you

The person you are going out with is a dad who has a little more leeway than your real dad.
Have you been told by your father and mother?Greetings and apologies are important in human relationships.

So a child who has normal common sense, thank you or apologize for being late.Why can't I do what I was able to do in kindergarten now?

what can i do for dad
Please give it a little thought.But it's very easy.

I was happy to meet you today
It was my first time having such delicious food.
I want to see you again

just that is enough
take a little time

It's not disgusting to be such an old man's partner, you're also going to be a grandmother, so I want you to spend your time as a dad peacefully.

If you get an offer, it's the little rich
Real rich people in their 40s like Leo-sama don't have trouble with women.

There are a certain number of men who want to meet various women.
Therefore, a beautiful woman treated like a commodity is a thread.

If you realize that you are not a celebrity-level beauty
Perhaps the target men are those who are looking for someone who can build a relationship in the medium to long term.

enjoy sex
looking for heart connection
i want to fall in love

What if it's from a woman looking for money here?is
However, unless you have the ability to satisfy this man's desires, you can't do a good dad life.

Keep in mind that you are getting what you pay for

 trusting relationship with the interviewer 

When I was still interviewing on site
I wanted to check the number of favorites regularly and watch until the offer came.
Even now, I think the universe has evolved even more than that, regardless of the quality of the photos or the recommended comments.

But on the other hand, the polarization continues unabated.
Focus on those who receive offers
Others The number of people who do not come is overwhelmingly large.

I always feel that there is a difficulty in being a dad

So I want you to do your best and challenge the interview

It's okay to be late, so contact me and apologize
bring a souvenir
Answer firmly the appeal part that the interviewer is trying to draw out
Thank you after registering on LINE

The above is just an example, but we never say that you should bring souvenirs.
It may just be the condition of a woman who can do it, but when I was interviewing for THE SALON, I didn't have enough souvenirs.
Every day there was a thoughtful gift in the office.

The interviewer is also human, so I can imagine
There are limits to how you look, but there are endless possibilities to polish your humanity and appeal to others.

I picked it up as one feature, but that doesn't mean that the offer will come.
However, I think that it is true that the feeling of caring for the other person can move people's hearts and come back to you.

If the staff finds out about the thread, it's over.Know that another need is gone!

do a self-analysis.

Look at your face type objectively, no, stop looking for yourself in vain and start by objectively knowing your worth.


Don't complain about ugly, do your best

Don't think beauty is forever, offer and youth

I wanted to say that

I think that the experience of working as a dad will be a very valuable experience in my future life.
I pray that I can meet a good daddy by all means?

Universe Club Enma Mamiya

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