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We investigated the characteristics of women in the top 10 dates ranked!

Who is the woman who went on the first date in the universe? !

Hello ♪ It's been a season of fresh green.
I'd like to meet new people, but I'm afraid I won't be able to get a date invitation in the midst of the corona whirlpool.

But for popular women, the economy, the economy, and the coronavirus don't matter! !This time, I will guide you based on my observations based on reliable data about the characteristics of such popular women.

No.10 Mona Lisa Beauty

Number of dates 46/Dating type C/Bust cup E/Favorite number 203

Well, even 10th place is a great result.A round face, a happy face, and a healing type.Even if you shoot again, the exposure is not high at all and you can feel the erotic warmth in the neatness.
LINE interactions are straightforward with only the requirements protein.Is it the secret to being loved naturally that does not make you feel tactical?Response life is a mirror of Papa active girls.
How about the feedback? Many people have been offered because they like the face.However, since the woman is raw, she was thinner than the picture, childish, mature (← which one), not very excited, good and bad, and I received several.

I think that there is a mysterious charm like the Mona Lisa because you have various expressions.

No.9 A woman with a bruised smile

Number of dates 48 / Relationship type C / Bust cup F / Number of favorites 156

A bright smile and a dress.It is no exaggeration to say that the top image was able to win the offer.
Let's check the exchanges on LINE. "I'm happy with the offer (^^)" ← This is a pretty high point!It's also nice to have a smiling emoticon at the end.The exchange is easy to understand and smooth, and I'm sure it's a woman who can work.
Feedback was mostly from women!I am commenting on a man with a habit with humor.I can see that you are enjoying your social activities.If I were a newcomer, I would definitely recommend it to beginner men.
Somehow... I've been feeling bruises... All the women who have a good impression are bruises.she is lyingBut it's okay.

No.8 A calculating woman who can't solve

Number of dates 48 / Relationship type C / Bust cup C / Number of favorites 260

Oh, when I noticed, there were 48 dates with 3 people?Well, don't worry about it and move on.

I feel adult erotic, but it is erotic that seems to reach.Is it the make-up that doesn't look too fancy?It is an image that somehow feels erotic to see a beautiful girl in the neighborhood wipe her sweat with an eco bag in one hand.
LINE is a complete type, but there is no omission.It's the type that doesn't have a chance or cheating will never be found out.It may feel semi-professional.No, it may just be too fast to calculate.You don't have to know it, but you have a very high ability to calculate the bargaining of human relationships.
Only reflection mails from men who were dumped in the feedback. .Inside, I feel pity for the men who were removed from Takamine's flower, or rather, the calculation woman.

No.7 A woman who is proud of her son

Number of dates 48 / Relationship type C / Bust cup C / Number of favorites 360

It is an image of a beautiful woman with a mask that I have seen at a medical institution once, and a female doctor who looks good in a white coat.Under the white coat, the super miniskirt and beautiful legs flicker. ※It is a delusional image. The LINE image is of a cute child together...is it Shinmama?Such a beautiful mom would be proud of her son.

I'm good at making the story lively in the feedback, but there was a tendency for men to misunderstand the warmth and become impatient.Even if you smile, your heart may not move.One of the charms is that it is not easy to say YES to a male son.

No.6 Papa Live Bubble Woman

Number of dates 48/Dating type C/Bust cup E/Favorite number 307

In spite of not having been active for half a year, I'm sorry that I'm high in the ranking.I can't contact you and it's hidden, but I pray for the revival.It would be the one who upgraded and was flooded with offers and upgraded.If you pack too many dates at once, women tend to fade out... it's a shame.

The image is AKB's center candidate who is cuter than Sassy.She's cute, but her talk power can't surpass Sassy.There was also dissatisfied feedback from the man who offered it because of his face.The experience of the dad activity bubble from a very young age may get in the way of your future life!

No.5 First love teacher

Number of dates 52 / Relationship type C / Bust cup B / Number of favorites 110

She has a beautiful atmosphere and an intellectual aura.It reminds me of the love I had when I was a child and admired my teacher but never matured.LINE icons that don't assert themselves, stamps that are soothing, and this slightly normal feeling may be close to the comfort that men seek!

Feedback has a high point that there are few gaps with the image.A man is a creature that doesn't want to make mistakes, and only the teacher from that time can understand a shredded heart.

No.4 What's wrong with just beautiful breasts?

Number of dates 53 / Relationship type C / Bust cup F / Number of favorites 160

Banzai!I see pictures like that.I can imagine the feelings of a man who made an offer night after night with an inviting gaze.
pet icon!Isn't it a good boobs? You can see that the contents are not erotic bare, but the image of the staff's production.
It is also a high point that there is a proper apology such as "Sorry for being late!"People are not good at apologizing even if they are not at fault.
Feedback is normal, good or bad.It's your fault that you expected too much and made an offer night after night!

No.3 Lamborghini Woman

Number of dates 57/Dating type C/Bust cup E/Favorite number 196

A cute smile and an upturned look are erotic!The body line also has a feminine softness that tickles your life instincts!I like cars, money, and glitter!It is a bright impression.
LINE is completely complete.

A captive man loses.A man who pretends to have a strong service spirit and rolls well must be a good driver.He only needs training to drive a luxury car.

No.2 Perfect is the heart.

Number of dates 61/Dating type D/Bust cup F/Favorite number 383

The photo is blurry, but the style is outstanding.The overwhelming number of favorites tickles the psychology of men's bag binding.Perfect body line for bust, waist and beautiful legs.

Your LINE icon is too nice! !I feel peace.Your sense is nice.There are many pictograms, and the feminine cuteness is transmitted.

There are many online dating to see a blurry woman at a glance!I think it's a higher level of popular women's point that after all, when you actually meet them, they are more considerate than they look! !


Number of dates 79 / Relationship type B / Bust cup F / Number of favorites 285

Now, the number everyone has been waiting for!It is a characteristic of women inA smile that embraces everything.Appearance like a manners lecturer.It's not a beauty that everyone will accept, but if anything, it's an atmosphere beauty.

The LINE icon has a refreshing profile that is somewhat mysterious and attractive.It's an interaction like business line.There are no emojis or stamps and it has a retro feel.

This person is already suitable for THE mistress.If you want to buy a villa in Karuizawa and start a second life together, you want to hide only one loved one and want to live a rich dating life.I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something that lasts for a long time.


Female members do not want men to know the number of dates.Based on the premise that male members want to avoid women who have a lot of dates, and want to be the first man among them, this time, from the perspective of preventing their identity from being found out, we did not dare to confirm club comments and occupations, and decided that it is a club that we cannot usually tell you. We read from LINE exchanges and feedback.

Also, as a common point, features such as attractive photos, good response, actual dates are pros and cons, and a relationship of trust with the club.

There were also many women in the western area.Maybe there is a tendency to have a lot of beautiful women...

There are as many stories as there are dates.I can't sleep with my feet on these women for the rest of my life.thank you very much.

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