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Beauty circumstances of dad active girls

Continuing from the last time, I will write about beauty circumstances again this time!

actually2021Among the products I use this summer, my favorites and recommendations are Depacos and Petit Pla.2I will introduce them item by item.

The definition of affordable price this time is,2000We focus on products priced below the yen.

The image of Papa Katsu is said to be the world of the night.When you hear about the world of night, you might think of high-brand, gorgeous, and cute girls, but we, Papa Katsu Joshi, are all about "amateurism".

Among them, there are a lot of girls who have experienced gaudy places such as cabaret clubs and customs, but I am working on the theme of "amateur dad life", so even beginners can do it. I think it's easy to get people to sympathize ♪

I will introduce what I actually do and what I use as a daddy, what I should do here, what I feel is fine even if I cut corners here!




This time, I will introduce cosmetics that I actually love.

I'm not particularly picky about makeup, but I personally love glitter.

So, recently, I've been choosing cosmetics with a focus on lame and coloring.

However, dad life doesn't go well with makeup with private.

Also, even plain make-up for work does not go well as a dad.

This time, I will introduce mainly what I use when I am a daddy!!!


  • Groundwork



Paul & Joe / Moisture Rising Fluid Foundation Primer

Speaking of makeup base, this product has become a standard these days.

When I traveled abroad a few years ago, I bought it at a duty-free shop and started using it.

It had a better reputation online than before, but I wasn't really interested in it because I was more concerned about the shine than the moisturizing effect.

The decisive factor in actually purchasing it was the package purchase, so I didn't expect much from the effect.

When I actually used it, I honestly didn't know how good it was at first, but as I used it gradually, my pores decreased and my skin tone improved.

Since then, I've been using other products, but the only one that makes me feel satisfied with my makeup is this "Paul & Joe". Moisture Rising Fluid Foundation It's one of my favorite products when I'm using Primer.


[Affordable price]


Borica/ Anti-collapse Essence care base

This is a very reassuring ally against collapse prevention!

Paul & Joe is not suitable for carrying around because it is a bottle.

On the other hand, this product is slim and can be stored in a pouch without being bulky, making it perfect for carrying around!

I always keep this product in my locker at work, and use it for sudden invitations and overnight stays!

It's not as moisturizing as Paul & Joe's, but it does have good coverage and is a satisfying product.

This collapse prevention Serum Care Base also has a product with a similar package called Serum Mask Primer, and it is recommended that you double use it when it is dangerous, such as midsummer, as it will not ruin your makeup more after you do this. increase!


  • eye shadow


As for the eyeshadow, I really like glitter and sparkle, so I use Korean cosmetics.

There is no problem if it is a glamorous place such as a party, but too flashy eyeshadow will make you look like a professional hostess, so it will not give a good impression to dads who like amateurs.




Sunasol/Geminiate EyesN05

It is so popular that it is said that “when you think of eye shadow, you think of Lunasol”.

The reason for its popularity is that the particles are fine and blend well with the skin.

I usually use a brown color, but it looks dull, so I choose this product that is pink and has an elegant lame when it comes to dad activities.

It's easy to use because it's cute and has a mature feel with elegant glitter!


[Affordable price]


Canmake/Perfect Stylist Eyes

Surprisingly, 1000It gives a cute color for less than a circle, and5The colors are also in the palette.

Depacos such as Lunasol is a little expensive, so I personally sometimes worry that it will decrease if I don't use a light natural eye make-up rather than a dark eye make-up.

Canmake is cheap, so you can try out different colors, and it's a strong ally for girls who change their make-up style from time to time!


  • Lipstick

Recently, since I wear a mask, I think that there are many cases where lipstick is omitted or adhered to the mask.

However, during meals, which is the main activity of Papa-katsu, I remove the mask even if I don't want to.

At that time, if there is no color on the inside of the mask or on the lips, the image will be ruined.

This time, I will pay attention to not sticking to the mask!





It really doesn't stick to the mask, and the color stays on even in the evening, so the makeup in the morning is enough to last until the evening!
Also, since one bottle does two things, you can carry it with you without any complaints!

The price is higher than the affordable price, but there is no loss.

If your dad asks you, "Do you want anything?", you might want to mention this product.

It's a reasonable price for a gift, so there's a possibility that you'll buy it!


[Affordable price]


Rom&nd / Juicy Lasting Tint

I've been using it habitually for a long time,5Books are my favorite item to own.

Sometimes it sticks to the mask a little more than Chanel, but it's hardly noticeable.And above all, it helps with the number of colors.

Because there are many colors such as beige, red, and pink,2.3Isn't there a lot of people who have a book?

Depakosu is also recommended for those who say that it is a little difficult to get their hands on!

It is a product that you can enjoy lips even with a mask!



I mainly focused on makeup base, eye shadow, and lipstick, which I personally think are important in makeup.

In the past, there was a father who worked for a cosmetics company, and at that time, I received samples and new products, and it was a very delicious experience.

On the other hand, I needed to know the latest trends because I often receive questionnaires and consultations from dads of cosmetics companies.
Perhaps, if daddy recognizes me as "a girl who knows the latest trends," it will lead to free samples, new products, and better allowances.

So, when you meet a beauty-related dad, even if it's a little tough, I think it's good to cram a little bit of the latest knowledge into your head!

Please try it♪

I'm a daddy active girl who only eats with storytelling as a weapon.I hope I can write about both my bitter and sweet experiences♪ ★I'm enjoying life as a jani wota on weekends★

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