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[Caution] If you're young and cute, is it permissible to be late for your first meeting?No way!

After the long Golden Week holidays, life has returned to normal in no time.

As a papa-katsu watcher now, I was researching recent papa-katsu while drinking with friends and social media in order to create future articles.

What kind of holidays did all the daddy girls reading this article spend?


Well, today's theme is [how important it is to keep time when meeting dads].

It might apply to women who have a habit of being late! ?If you are surprised, please read it.


There are a certain number of women who have a habit of being late

I, Nishino Kylie, used to work as a staff member at a famous dating club.

Anyway, I was surprised that there are many women who are calmly late for the first meeting.


What these women have in common is

・ Canceled many times at the time of the registration interview in the first place → repeated schedule changes many times

・ Arrive at the nearest station exactly at the appointed time for the interview on the day

・There is no awareness of keeping people waiting


That's what it was.

It may sound harsh, but I had the impression that it was more common among students and young women in their teens and twenties.


Certainly, the dating club registration interview and activities themselves are just an extension of your private life, and are never a job based on an employment contract.

There will be no direct penalty for being late.


Wealthy men in dating clubs value time awareness

However, [awareness of time] is an inseparable part of building [relationships of trust with people].

In particular, from the point of view of a man with a clear identity and a social position that he meets at a dating club, it is quite natural to ask the other woman to be conscious of being punctual.


In the first place, many of the men who join dating clubs are wealthy.

In terms of occupations, there are various types such as company managers, executives of large companies (trading companies and IT), lawyers, tax accountants, and real estate owners.

Unlike ordinary office workers, they do not commute at a fixed time, and their daily schedules are slightly different.

Among them, the reason why managers are particularly strict about time is that time is very precious to them.


They can't afford to waste time because they need to maximize their time to make their company successful.

Management spends a lot of time deciding the direction of the company and making strategic decisions.In addition, it is necessary to perform a wide range of tasks such as managing employees, supervising operations, and communicating with customers.


In addition, management must always strive to differentiate itself from competitors and remain sensitive to market trends and customer needs.

Therefore, it is necessary to maximize the use of time and work efficiently.

Therefore, it is important for business owners to manage their time and always look for ways to be more productive.Being punctual can help your company grow and stay competitive.


Because they are busy every day, they pay high fees and join dating clubs in search of more efficient and reliable encounters.


In order to meet such a man and build a good relationship, you must understand and empathize with what I have just told you.


The so-called professional daddy girls know this as a matter of course.

In other words, at the point of neglecting these points, there is a considerable handicap, and there is a difference at the start.


No matter how cute or confident you are, if you are late for the first meeting, you risk letting go of your chance.


I want to manage!An episode of a popular dad active girl who actually happened

So far, I have written something like a long sermon, but I would like to introduce a case that I would like you to refer to.

This is the story of Ms. M (XNUMX years old at the time), a female college student who was loved by many dads and whom I actually met.


One day, I received a phone call from a male member.

When I talked to him, it seems that Mr. M said something like this when he was meeting with Mr. M for a date.


"I know that I can only meet at the exact time of our meeting, but I wanted to meet Mr. 〇〇 (a male member) as soon as possible, so I left home at 〇〇 today.

Is it that person when I'm waiting?Is it this person?My heart is pounding alone. . .

He was a wonderful person, so I'm really glad that I got to meet him today! ”


do you understand?everyone.


When I heard this from a male member, I took off my hat.


Because if I were a man, I would be so happy that I would jump.

If someone said something like this at the beginning of a date, I would have a feeling that today would be a special day, and I would suddenly feel like I was going to look cool.


I want to understand the feelings of such women and give them extra pocket money.


By the way, the woman who made this statement was not the girl I interviewed.

When interacting with clubs,

When a date with someone is decided


"Mr. 〇〇, thank you for going on a date!

I'm so happy!

Please tell 〇〇 that you are looking forward to the day.”


I'm sure you'll have some kind of comment.


Already all the staff, Ichikoro (dead language),

All the men who dated her were also thrilled.


Actually, in terms of looks,

This kid doesn't have any glamor that stands out.

She is a pleasant person with a sense of cleanliness and feminine products.

She cherished each and every offer, received support from many men, and surprisingly managed to save half of the total amount of the scholarship she had to pay back after becoming a working adult while still in college. .

I guess it's not just "awareness of time", but it's probably the gift of having a sincere relationship with a man.

A woman who can act with good manners is highly trusted by the staff.


"be on time"


Why is it possible to make a good impression on the male members of the dating club just by being able to do it?


It's because too many people can't.



By all means, I hope that today's article will be helpful for everyone on their first date.

I will continue to write real articles that will be useful in the dating club, so please look forward to it!

Former staff of dating club! [If you don't see it, it's a loss] The number of people who have been nominated and consulted by male members is as many as the number of stars!I will teach you the real back side of daddy active girls, dating club circumstances, and mistress relationships.

Article by Kylie Nishino

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