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Real Daddy Activity Case Files XNUMX [Knowing the narrowness of the world through an unwanted reunion] Volume

Nice to meet you.
My name is Endo.

An incarnation of vitality who was immersed in customs and night work while working as a dad in parallel, a money deceased who is recognized by both himself and others.
She is a woman with a career that can not be said in a loud voice.

I was fortunate enough to be able to write an article on this site.

I would like to introduce a number of stimulating episodes related to dad activities that I have actually experienced under the title of "The Real Daddy Activity Case Files".

This time, I will talk about a shocking face-to-face episode that I experienced through the Papa Katsu app.

The 55-year-old man who was matched is a restaurant owner

At that time, I was still a newbie to dad life.

Without being cautious or suspicious of people, I simply wandered around the app wishing, "I want to quickly match with a rich, kind and dandy cool guy and get a lot of money."

Then I got a message from a man.
The actual content was quite long, but the summary is like this.

・A 55-year-old male living in the same area
・Restaurant manager
・ Let's meet face to face while having tea
・Consultation required regarding adult relationships and allowances

I didn't have a photo of my face, but I decided that I wouldn't be a bad person in terms of writing and content.

I replied carefully so as not to make you think that I am an easy woman.

"Thank you for your message! Let's meet by all means, any time in the evening will be fine ♡"

In the evening of the next day, we decided to meet at a cafe in the city.

On the day of the incident

The next day, at the appointed time.

Natural make-up with more effort than usual, smooth hair, neatly trimmed nails, female announcer dress.

I look like I just got out of a blog post about the characteristics of women who are outstandingly popular with men, and then I head to the cafe where the crime happened.

When I arrived at the cafe and contacted him, the man who had entered the store earlier gave me a seat.
While nervous, I headed to the back seat and it was my first meeting.

An uncle with a thick face who looks thin and a little tired.
There is nothing like the rich aura that I imagine, and there is no managerial atmosphere.

It's rather worn out.

For the time being, I asked for a drink and started by introducing myself.
This uncle has an unusually low voice (laughs)

Even though we were talking face to face in a relatively quiet cafe, I couldn't hear you.

I was trying my best to keep the conversation going, but at this point I suddenly felt something was wrong.

“Something like déjà vu?”

Somewhere in the past, I had met a thin, dark-faced old man with a very low voice.

I went back in time to remember the past

I've met this old man with a super whisper voice somewhere.

My brain was going back in time so fast that the conversation at the café was already out of my mind.
(I can't physically hear your voice)

Then, my brain paused with a certain memory.
It was a long time ago, about two years ago.

There was a former classmate of mine whose mother was working as a night shop mom.

At that time, I was on good terms with her, and we would often spend time together at her mother's shop.

One day, the father of that classmate also came to visit the store.
There was a considerable distance at the counter seats, so they probably didn't notice this.

I was pretty drunk too, so I didn't remember clearly, but I had a vague idea that his face was dark even from a distance.

and the mom who talks to him

"Your voice is soft! I thought there might be mosquitoes."

I remembered that I was irritated.

My classmate certainly said about his father,

"I'm running a yakiniku restaurant, but I don't make any money. It's like my mother feeds me."

"It's disgusting that you think you look like Al Pacino."

Like I was talking to

This is... (laughs)

Knowing the narrowness of the world through an unwanted reunion

As a result of going back through my memories, my heart is agitated, my hands are sweaty, and my head is turning white.

However, when you look at the reality, in front of you is a dark-faced old man with coffee in one hand and a voice that sounds like a mosquito.

But still, somewhere in my heart, I believed that it couldn't be.
There's no such thing as a stupid story about meeting a classmate's father on a dad activity app and meeting face-to-face.

However, those thoughts are gradually shattered.

“Actually, I run a yakiniku restaurant.”

This is no good.

"By the way, how about me? I'll give you my pocket money properly."

Say nothing more...

"I'm often told that I look like Al Pacino, so I don't think I look bad.

Completely finished.

Is there a woman other than me who met her classmate's father on a dad activity app and was invited to a hotel?
Also, is there any information you don't need any more that a classmate's father is a technician?

I mean, isn't it a dangerous yakiniku restaurant that is fed by mom?

So the pocket money from the self-proclaimed Al Pacino is from the pocket money Al Pacino got from his mom?

Many thoughts ran through my head in an instant.
No matter how much money I am, I can't do that to my best friend's father.

"I just want you to go out with me for a while, how about XNUMX?"

…and then what happened to the self-proclaimed Al Pacino, the father of a classmate of mine?
I'll leave it up to your imagination from here on out.

Well then.

*This story is non-fiction including some fakes to avoid personal identification.

The incarnation of vitality that was doing papa activities in parallel while being immersed in customs and night work.A life where the truth is stranger than fiction.Now, while retiring in the countryside, I go out to earn money when I feel like it.

Article by Endo

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