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Papa Katsu's [Big Failure Experience]

I've been making fewer mistakes now, and I've been able to find my own pace, but in the beginning, I was doing elementary things like collecting information from the internet and magazines and trying to be a dad. .
It's not limited to dad activities, but have you ever failed to imitate someone?
Especially since this world is special, I can't really talk to my friends about it, and there are many parts where I have to rely on the internet for information.
This time, I will write about the experience that I wish I hadn't imitated...I failed.
If there are people who are going to challenge now, if they put this failure story in the corner of their heads, they may not fail...
The "failure" I say this time is mainly that my dad's reaction was bad and I couldn't connect to the next one.




The reason why I am working as a dad

When I was new to dad activities, I used to look at the internet and SNS every time to see tips and success stories of dad activities.Around this time, I didn't care about adult relationships or meals, and I was just doing it right.
So, at the time, there were many articles on the Internet recommending the reason for studying abroad as a model answer to the question, "Why are you working as a dad?" .I'm not in trouble with special money, but let's get what we can get!When I was asked why I actually do dad activities from such a bold thought, I said something.
However, even though the article on the internet said that things would go well, the moment I said that, the air between me and my dad became subtle.
A few days later, another dad told me, "If you give money to study abroad, there are many patterns where you don't hear from me, so if you said that, I might have stopped asking you next time."It seems that many dads do not like this "study abroad".


wrong information about dad

It's not uncommon for girls to be in contact with several dads at once.Therefore, until just before she eats, she sometimes looks back on messages with her dad and collects information.
What I did here was mistaken for a dad (Mr. A and Mr. B) who is in the same industry, has the same personality, and has a similar atmosphere.I had a meal with Mr. B on this day, but just before I met him, I remembered that I was told that it was my birthday the other day, but it was just before, so I didn't have time to go back to the messages. hand···
However, for my dad, it's pretty good for a girl to remember his birthday, so I told him "congratulations" on a high stakes basis.As a result, you lose with a probability of 1/2.
As a reflection, go to the toilet and check it out!A high-stakes bet is something you don't do in Papa Katsu.smile



Shop version

XNUMX days in a row to the same store with a different dad

At that time, I was addicted to yakitori, and for a while I told various dads that I wanted to eat yakitori.And things take a turn for the worst.I was taken to the same yakitori restaurant in Osaka for XNUMX days in a row.Since it is a private business, the number of customers who eat and drink in a day is limited.
Fortunately, the shop was often used by incognito and companions, so I realized something and was able to spend the XNUMXrd day safely.
Not every shop will respond like this, so from now on, I will keep it in mind and be vigilant.


Private room

Since the father is also a man, there are many people who have the idea that it would be nice if it were okay.
Unfortunately, even if you look like a gentleman and admire him, when that happens, he cools you down.
Papas who think it's a good time tend to stick to "private rooms".Of course, there is also a reason to avoid the public eye, but honestly, dads often have an advantage when they have a private room.I have experienced that many times.
When I really couldn't stand it anymore, I thought, "I'm sorry," and pretended to go to the bathroom or call outside and left.
If you leave the store, call the store, say, "Please leave a message for the man in the room numbered XX," and dash home, there is no problem.If you do a avoiding gesture from the beginning, you will be wary when you leave the room, so the trick is to endure like an actress until you leave the room ♪
It's rude to the other person, so please use it as a last resort!



communication skill

Personal Information Valleta

There are many dads out there who can be trusted.An older brother-like presence, a father-like presence, a grandpa-like presence... I end up consulting with such a dad a lot, and complaining and consulting about private matters.When I was a university student, I once talked about "the nearest station to my university."There are multiple schools, and there are many users, so I thought that it would not be known.But one day, I found him at the station.After seeing this happen a few times,

I was told, "Maybe a university is XX? I'm thinking about it from the faculty."
I was really horrified because I didn't expect my dad to do such a thing.
It seems that there are many dads who search for trivial information.
If it's harmless and you just want to know for yourself, that's fine, but there are cases where it leads to threats and the like.
No matter how much you trust it and think you can't find out, you need to be very careful!


gift cap

Birthdays, Christmas, White Day, there are many dads who will give you something if it's not so expensive.In fact, there was even a dad who asked me, "What do you want?"However, not everyone who asks will give it, and it is difficult to meet at the right time.
If you want more than one thing, you have no choice but to bet.
There was something I really wanted at the time, so I asked all three dads for the same thing. "Tiffany's Open Heart".In fact, I didn't know who would really give it to me, so I forced my way through.Then, wonderfully, all three of them (I asked other dads to buy different ones, but they didn't buy them) bought three "Tiffany's Open Hearts"...
I was grateful, but it was useless to have the same one, so I used one, sent one to the flea market app, and returned one.I bought the items I could return at the department store, and my dad didn't mind, so I was able to get a receipt!



A Final Word

Now, I make fewer mistakes, and I haven't met many dads.
When I started, I failed a lot because I wanted to earn money.
This failure is something I have lived as a member of society, so it may be good to experience failures as a dad.

I'm a daddy active girl who only eats with storytelling as a weapon.I hope I can write about both my bitter and sweet experiences♪ ★I'm enjoying life as a jani wota on weekends★

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