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[All-purpose medicine] What is the appeal of “I want you to change it to your papa’s taste ♡”

Men are creatures who love to grow up.
In this article, I will write about actions that tickle such a man's heart.

This appeal is perfect!


■ The phrase "change it to your papa's taste"

After all, men always like women who are obedient and obedient.
It's been a long time since women's active participation and independence have been celebrated, but the essential tastes of human beings do not change with the times.

In a famous song, there is a lyric that says, "I'm dyed in your color."It's a song about a songstress who died young.When this song is played at karaoke, how many older brothers and uncles have made their hearts flutter? "In my color...".There should be more than a few gentlemen who are sighing with their dreams.

"I want you to change it to your papa's taste"
"I would be happy if you could change it to your liking."

This wordThe strongest power word that tickles the heart of a gentleman who has been unfulfilled for many yearsSuch you.


■ Advantages of the word "change to papa's taste"

growth stock appeal

There is something called "growth stock" in stock investment.
It is a stock whose stock price is expected to rise in the future due to its excellent growth potential.It is a term used for stocks or human resources that are expected to grow in the future.

At the beginning of the article, I wrote that men love to grow up. For men to immerse themselves in the success story of finding a "growth stock" and growing it steadily...How important is the presence of a girl who wants you to change it to your papa's tasteTo be!


Stimulate the Desire for Customization

Cars, suits, and branded bags. If you open a fashion magazine for high-life oriented men, you will find many products that will make the eyes of male readers who are particular about "personal specifications" shine.
Even if you don't have a high-life, luxury-oriented mindset, it's the unique tendency of men with strong brains for blueprints, designs, and systems to take an interest in elements such as customization, playfulness, and the only original in the world. .

Therefore, the words this time, "I want you to change it to your papa's taste,"
Exactly "my specification" can be tailored to a real girl!that once-in-a-lifetimeWords given to fulfill customization desiresSuch you.


■ Girls who should use "Change to Papa's preference"

(XNUMX) Daddy active beginner

Those who have just started dad activities and do not know what to do yet.
Modestly and unskillfully, if you say "I want you to lead" and "I want you to change it to your papa's taste" while being a little embarrassed, I will not be offendedObedient and obedient girl imagecan be planted on the head of Papa-sama (candidate for Papa-sama).


② A girl who is looking for a way to sell herself

He who finds his weapon is strong.
If you don't have a strategy for dad activities yet, or if you're looking for your own selling method, by all means, when you talk to the other person, please say, "I want you to change it to your papa's taste."

Set aside independence and (within tolerance)It is also a good strategy to be dyed in the opponent's color.


③ A girl who does not feel a response to the other party

Studying what your partner likes?Ready for a souvenir?
Those who do not get the feeling of being “stuck” even if they try to work on themselves.It's a line in "The Little Prince" that important things can't be seen, but when things don't go well or you're in a slump, you tend to be "selfish" and push yourself forward.

In a good sense of "I want you to change it to your papa's taste"one step backIt's something you can't see with your eyes, but blindlyWorks much better than messing with clothes and props.


④ A girl who is in a stable relationship

Even for those who are accustomed to working as a dad and are doing well, and have already established their own way of doing things, I would like you to dare to use the phrase “change to your papa’s taste”.Nonetheless, there may be people who say, "I've been saying that until I'm tired of it."

Not only those who haven't used it yet, but also those who have a high appearance level and sell it as a strong and selfish character who says, "You should match that."A curveball called “In your color…♡”, how about throwing it?


⑤Girls in their 30s and 40s who are “older sisters”

Girls in their teens and 10s don't have a sense of leeway due to their experience, and they have a favorable impression as an adult girl.She is a calm and calm papa active girl who can definitely receive a certain amount of trust from dads.

Rather than the unbridled way of spoiling that is peculiar to young people,The words "I would be happy if you could change it to your papa's taste ♡" released by a girl who knows both sweet and sour will surely resonate with the other person..Let's show off the gap between adult girls.


■ Precautions after using "Change to Papa's Preference"

"I want you to change it to your papa's taste"
"I would be happy if you could change it to your liking."

Of course, the moment you say something, the world around you and your partner will change.

Take responsibility for what you say. Since I said, "Daddy's taste~" and "Your taste~", I intended to walk three steps behind the other person.It might be better for you to join us with a slightly more modest attitude..

And, although it is not limited to this case, of course, listen carefully to what the other person is saying, and thoroughly respond to what the other person wants, or show an attitude of trying to respond.
Men should be able to hear "I want you to change it to your liking".

The amazing thing about these words is that just by whispering, "I want you to change it to your papa's taste," you can make quite an impact!

On the other hand, just because you said, "I want you to change it to your papa's taste," doesn't mean you have to be a yes man from one to ten.It's only a matter of time before the relationship breaks down.

I can't do it, I'm confused...Let's escape with the word "shyness" in such a scene in Papa Katsu.For men, women's shyness feels cute and classy.
However, bad manners, such as not following meal etiquette at a restaurant, will only lower your impression, so if you're not confident, do a thorough review before going on a date with your dad.


■Summary: “Change to Papa's Preference” is a panacea that anyone can use!

In the article, I envisioned a scene where this line would be used, but to be honest, any girl can use it anytime, anywhere.

Please take a look at the occasion and try to tell the man about it.

Surprisingly straight, your partner should be pleased or excited.The result is your eyes☆


Be a girl who can use graceful words and satisfy the aesthetic eyes of dads.




In order to know the market value of her as a "woman", she started working as a dad and mistress. was her mistress for two years in her mid-twenties.I would appreciate it if you could share the joys and sorrows of those days, and highly reproducible how-tos.

Article by Miki Fujisaki

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