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[I asked a dad active girl] A disappointing episode with a dad who skimps on the play fee in the "Go To Campaign"

Due to the influence of the new corona, the dad activity industry is said to be deflationary compared to before.The "Go To Campaign", which aims to revive the economy even a little, is gaining popularity, and it is said that it has had a considerable impact on the girls who live as dads.
This time, we interviewed women who had mixed feelings about the "Go To Campaign".

Hit a disappointing restaurant at Go To Eat...

First of all, I heard the story from Akari, a lively daddy girl living in Osaka (pseudonym / 29 years old).

Akari, who has been working as a dad for 10 years, first asked me to talk about his memories of working as a dad a few years ago during the bubble economy.

“It was good 9 years ago when I started working as a dad. It’s Osaka, so it’s cheaper than Tokyo, but the market price was at least 3 yen for meals alone.

There were dads who took me on overseas trips, and there were dads who let me stay in the second house on the upper floors of Tawaman.

What was especially good was that after eating high-end Chinese food, my two dads, me, and two female friends had a drinking party in a hotel suite, and received an allowance of 2 yen.

Papa's occupation was also a company officer or president.But now, maybe because of the coronavirus, dads are running out of money, and recently there has been a rapid increase in the number of dads making reservations at discounted restaurants through the "Go To Campaign".

If it's cheap and delicious, it's perfectly fine, but the one I went to last time was the worst..."

It is said that Akari and her father went to a bar restaurant on a high floor in Osaka.

“Papa booked a 5000 yen course that was discounted through 'Go To Eat'. It included an assortment of appetizers, pasta, and a choice of meat or fish for the main course.

The first thing that surprised me was that most of the appetizers were vegetables.It's no longer a level of salad.Moreover, there was only cabbage and a large amount of normal cabbage and purple cabbage.

Other appetizers are just chocolate and jelly in a palm-sized bowl about the size of an espresso!There was also a scallop appetizer, but it was all bite size...

There was only a small amount of pasta in a large bowl, and it was gone when I rolled it with a fork.

But the worst part was the main meat dish.There's a dice-sized piece of beef in the middle of the plate, and judging from its size, I thought it was a Chinchiro dice...

I didn't feel full at all, so I ordered another serving of all-you-can-eat bread, but it never came.Still, it was 5000 yen, so I was still able to put up with it, but I was even more surprised when I heard that the regular price was 9000 yen.

I could only think that the cost was low only for customers who made a reservation with 'GoTo'."

The shop side is stingy with the cost, and daddy is stingy with GoTo.

In order to succeed in dad life in the corona wreck, it may depend on whether you can catch a generous rich dad who does not use discount services one by one.

My dad skimped on my hotel bill

On the other hand, I was skimped on the hotel bill by my dad in the "Go To Travel" campaign! Sayaka (pseudonym / 26 years old), a lively daddy girl living in Nagoya, is indignant.

“I usually go to reasonably good love hotels for around 7000 yen for rest, but when I saw the discount on Go To Travel, I got a reservation for a super-discount business hotel for 1 yen per night.

Since it was a weekday, the other customers were student couples and adulterous couples.The room is not as big as a love hotel, and the walls are thin, so you can hear all the voices from other rooms.

They don't sell drinks in the room, so we bought our own drinks at the convenience store... just like a high school couple.

Moreover, the room fee was actually about 1000 yen because I shrewdly accepted the regional campaign.No matter how cheap it is, if you go to a crowded hotel, you run the risk of being found out by your acquaintances...I was nervous when I checked in.”

Papa-katsu-joshi seems to be worried that dads who don't consider the risk of being cheap, even if it's a bargain, say, "What about a grown-up man?!"

Personally, I think it's better to just get an allowance, but I can understand the feeling that "If you're going to play, play smart."

in conclusion

The GoTo campaign exposes the stinginess of dads, and the corona disaster continues to be a painful situation for daddy girls. If you think, "My allowance is too low!" or "I can't make any more money!"

As an aside, I recently received a DM from an uncle Papa who gives 30 yen a month to a woman in her 50s.Her uncle was quite in love with the woman, and she said, "That girl must absolutely love me! I don't want another man to take her!"

I was surprised that it would be so difficult to divide money, but to be honest, I thought, "I want 50 yen a month!"

In order to earn money with dad activities, it seems to be disgusting how to make rich dads addicted.

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