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The Uncle Who I Papa Katsu For Free

When I look at dad activities on Twitter, etc., I sometimes see posts that say, "I was able to do dad activities for free."Isn't it a man's delusion that dad life is free?That's what I thought, but when I listened to Papa Katsu Joshi, I found out that there are an unspecified number of people who say, "I've worked as a dad for free." "If you're a dad like this, it's OK even if it's free!" Here's an episode where a woman used her dad for free.

Uncle Who I Lived As A Papa For Free

① Uncle who stayed when he ran away from home

"When I was a university student, I used to commute from my parents' house, but it was far from home, so I didn't go home much, so I moved around between my boyfriend's and friends' houses. But one day, I had a big fight with my boyfriend, and I was kicked out of my room in the middle of winter. I'm sorry.

When I was at a loss in Kabukicho, an old man called out to me.Is it the purpose of being a dad at first?That's what I thought, but it seems that he just called out to me normally, so when I told him about the situation, he got worried and let me stay at his house.My uncle's house was in Shin-Okubo, and it was a beautiful apartment.

Moreover, he told me to sleep in separate rooms, which was very gentlemanly and I was moved.I was spoiled by the uncle's kindness and decided to stay for about a week.Her uncle must have really intended to help people, but she is good at that as well.She let me have sex for free several times (laughs)” (Female, 1 years old)

② Uncle who takes various things by car

“The one I did for free was an uncle who would take me around by car. Many people have cars, but not many people take me to various places. That uncle. He took me for a short drive in the middle of the night, and on weekends, to hot springs in Hakone and Izu.

All the money when I went out was with my dad, so I had sex for free.I myself like to travel, so it was more fun than having a delicious meal at Papa-katsu.Conversation with dad is also lively, and traveling with dad activities is recommended! (Female, 24 years old)

What kind of person thinks girls are OK even if it's free in Papa Katsu?

①Clean and stylish

A man who is clean and stylish is just that much more attractive.Dirty clothes are out of the question for Papa Katsu!I also know a stylish man in his 40s, but at first he was dating a female college student who I met through dad activities, after which he confessed to me.Grooming is important no matter how old you are!

② Gentle

It seems that some papa katsu uncles take a high-handed attitude toward women and preach to them.You wouldn't even want to have an adult relationship, let alone talk to someone like that.A gentle man is just more likeable.An acquaintance of the author, Papa Katsu Uncle, was too kind and was dependent on Papa Katsu Girls (laughs).Be careful that she is too kind (?).

③ The story is interesting

It seems that men who have interesting stories are also eligible for "free sex" from Papa Katsu Joshi's point of view.If it's an interesting and informative story, you might even think it's bad to get paid as a dad activity.The original dad activity is not to get an allowance for having sex, but to learn social etiquette and business know-how from dads and get financial and educational support for the future.It seems that the idea of ​​Ganso Papa Katsu is to think that dads who are good for themselves want to keep them connected even if they are free.

④ Gives you an experience worth more than money

Different people have different experiences that are worthwhile, but many women seem to think that it's okay to be a dad for free.Dad activities can teach you a lot of things that you can't usually do, and experiences that will be useful for your future.Don't get caught up in short-term money.

Check with your own eyes when you want to have sex for free with Papa Katsu

Some people may have a negative image of being deceived by their dad when they hear that they are having sex for free, but that is not the case.Rather, if the experience is more valuable than the allowance, and if you feel a connection with your dad as a person, you may not need to pay.

Nonetheless, I don't want to randomly meet or have sex with her.Please try to see with your own eyes, "Whether or not this dad is worth it even if it's free."Papa-katsu is not just a compensated dating.It is important to look at the meaning of why you are working as a dad.

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