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Dating club staff, I actually tried to live as a dad.

It's been a long time since I've had a column, and this time it's a real experience.
I thought about writing this while being shaken by the bus, and I will write it in the column while it is still warm.

It's not fishing, just like the title says.

It's been a little over a year since I worked for the Universe club.
I didn't know the word "papa katsu" until I started working for this company, and I only had direct access to the cabaret club's older sister who often used it.
To know how a woman feels, you have to try it yourself!
Now, I'm going to write a frank story about Moneo's father life experience after registering on a certain site!

It was gakuburu from around staring at the mobile phone.

First of all, Hiroshima is really, reallynarrow cityWhat is it?
So I got a message from a male member and it was actually a member!I wondered what I should do if something happened, so I registered with a close-up photo that Nishijima laughed at, saying, "I hope you'll understand...". (blur)
This time I waited for a message from a man.

Profile of Moneo

For the time being, I wrote it concisely because I thought that even if I wrote it for a long time, it would be skimmed.
I like ◯◯, I want to enjoy tea and meals, I want to have a good time.And.
As for Moneo's "dating stance" that I'm curious about, in terms of the universe club, she's the A type who only eats.
This time, I wanted to know if there was a demand for type A and what type A dates were like, so I went right in the middle of type A.
(Don't tell me I just didn't have the courage to be your mistress)

Here I thought. It's better not to write or say "I like shopping".and.
From a male perspective,girl with moneyI thought it can't be helped even if they thought.
I wrote that I like animals.

A message to Moneo

It was like this.

I've never met him, so his personality can be seen in his message, so I was very polite.
The first person said, "I like animals too."What kind of person are you looking for?"When.

From this point onwards, the mystery of the tension rose, and I was in a state of excitement.This is my first time doing something like this and I don't really think about adult relationships...' and the other man said, 'Then I don't have a dream, so it's fine if you like me""Why did you start this site?""What are your meal requirements?"is what they said.
I wanted to try out various patterns for Moneo, so when I attacked with a girl who wanted a lot of allowance, she ignored me and said goodbye.

I'm sorry too, but once again ignoring read hurts

You're a good adult, so why don't you stop ignoring read messages in the middle of a conversation? It's really hurtful.
Let's experience it!That's what I said, but I thought I was glad I didn't meet this person.
The impression is completely different from an adult who doesn't say something like "because the conditions don't match".

Not only men but also women often ignore read messages.
There is a big difference between being ignored as read after the conversation is over and being ignored as read in the middle of the conversation.
The staff of the universe music club are interviewing even after the interview is over.

I actually met my dad.

I exchanged messages and this time I met two dads.
First of all, I would like to start with Mr. Aida (pseudonym).

If you are in your late 40s and send us a picture without blurring, it is OK to eat only.
Moneo thought that men were also amazing here. "What if the photo is a deception..."When.
In that respect, I thought that the universe club was accurate because they did not modify it.
The site doesn't have a movie, and I don't understand the person's gestures, so it's really just text, so I thought it was for advanced dads.

ーOn the day of the date, we will meet up around downtown Hiroshimaー

I seriously thought, what should I do if Uncle Ikatsui comes wearing scary skinhead sunglasses?
On the site, the other party may reveal their face, so I thought this was a better point than the dating club.

It would be a different story if the man in the universe music club posted a photo of his face on his profile.
I'm worried that I won't know his face until I meet him because it's not posted.
In fact, Moneo also said,サイト”So there was no one to intervene, so I didn’t believe that it was a real photo.

Look, sure enough

He doesn't come even after 5 minutes from the meeting, probably because of his sensitive nature.
Ahh.It's a great site.If you think "Sorry for being lateAida appeared.

Even though I'm doing this kind of work, I'm not very good at conversation (laughs)
As a result of being at a loss for conversation,The weather is unstable today""I'm having trouble with my laundry not drying at all...” started with a very uninteresting conversation.
ZERO communication skills.
And Mr. Aida, who was curious, was different from the photo.smile
However, he was a gentle-looking man.

I don't know, but what does Buddha mean?

Continuing the conversation that wasn't funny or strange at all, Mr. Aida suddenly stopped and said, "Which is better, the shop on the right or the shop on the left?This shop is delicious and it's like this...'
I thought this was kita.
What I wanted to try here was "I've been to A, so I prefer A.I want to try that...!I apologized in my heart and tried it as it was.
Aida's face clouded over for a moment.

Some men want to teach women things they don't know.
Here, "anything is fine", "either is fine", or "I know the shop here" is not cute.
I think Aida's face clouded over because he thought it wasn't cute or funny.

Honestly, I'm fine with either.Really.
This time, both were fish restaurants, so I thought it would be best to ask, "Which sashimi do you recommend, Mr. Aida?"
I was happy that they let me choose, but I didn't make reservations for men... I thought.
Monewo used to work in the restaurant industry, but since it was an early hour, there were times when I couldn't get in, so it would be smarter to make a reservation.

Even if you know, pretending not to know may give you a favorable impression.
So I thought it was important to consult, even if it was a small thing.

I have done…

After drinking and talking, Mr. Aida said, "What are you working on?""I'm the staff of the dating club \(^o^)/'

・・・・・・・・I can't say it.smile

"I work as a staffing agency'(Lie...is it? Lol)
So I said, "Asami is...", whether it was an occupational disease or alcohol.What a blunder...
The name of the site is the name below, so what should I do...(;・∀・)
If you search for my name, it will come up as a dating club... so here's the excuse I came up with.

"My upper name is Asami, and my lower name is Monami, but my sister called me 'Monanee-chan' or 'Mone', so I named the site Monet (^ ^)”

So, I will change Asamimone and tell you about my experiences as a daddy as Asamimo ◯ Mi.
(I tried putting ◯ because I shouldn't be caught in the search again. Lol)
As a result, I was sorry for lying, but I thought that I should decide the range of personal information to tell by myself.
If you're reading this, don't screw up like me, and if you have a habit of reading in the first person, I recommend using the same name or a similar name.
I'm really sorry for Aida-san who made this desperate excuse.


The date story with Aida continues.
I hope to be able to talk to you next time, including the story of the second man,
Stay tuned for the next update ><

Momone Asami

I'm Amone, and I want to deliver Amore to everyone. talk to this staff

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