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"I don't want to pay 10."

The book "Rupo Papa Katsu" (Saizusha), which was interviewed by members of the Universe Club, will be released on November 2022, 11.

This time, I would like to introduce to everyone who sees Cinderella what a certain dad man I met during the interview told me, "What I want from a dad active woman."

The dad I'm going to introduce this time is...

This time, we interviewed Mr. Takuma Naito (married, 39 years old), who works in finance in Tokyo.Until the other day, he was a dad with an annual income of 1000 million yen, who was a regular with two black women.

He modestly says, "He has thin hair and a hairy body. He's not popular and handsome."

When he was a student, he was an honor student type, such as serving as a class representative, student council president, and director of club activities and circles.

When I became a member of society, I wanted to "focus on my work" and "I want to be successful at work," so I quickly got married to a woman I had been dating since I was a student.

It was around the summer of 2019 that Mr. Naito registered with a dating club.

"After having a child, I was struggling to balance work and home, but eventually I started to have more money and work. My wife's restraint weakened a little, and before I knew it, I was sexless. .

Since I was able to afford it, I became interested in playing, and I was stressed at work, so I played a lot with quick sex.

After that, I also tried dating apps and affairs, but I wondered if I was really suited to having fun, so when I was idly searching the internet, I found a dating club. ”


Dad activity history so far

Mr. Naito says that he was not blessed with good encounters on dating apps, and that he was forced to divorce his adulterous partner because he was serious about it.

When I actually joined the dating club, I found that the registered women were not "aspiring mistresses" or "wanting support for their dreams", but were "ordinary women" such as "wanting to supplement living expenses" and "out of curiosity". It seems that I was surprised that there were quite a lot of them.

There are adult relationships, people who only eat, and sometimes they become ordinary friends.

Appearance, style, personality, ambition, etc., you can meet "high-quality women" in a safe and secure manner, and if you behave well and give an allowance above the market price, it is easy to have such a relationship with a woman.

ーーHe felt that it was such a dreamlike world.

"When I first started dating, I wanted to meet as many young girls as possible, so there was a time when I only offered female university students, but not so much now.

So far, I've met about 30 people in a little over two years at a dating club.There are no so-called "regular" girls now.Until a little while ago, I was doing well with two high-ranking girls, but one day I suddenly lost contact with them.

Now, I'm dating only the child of the AV actress who I talked to privately.

I feel like it's about time for the dating club.I'm getting tired.This kind of thing called paying a girl money and so on."


5 But there are many other cute girls

Since a certain time, Mr. Naito has

[Dating goes well → Feels unsatisfactory → Motivation drops and you break up with your partner → Sexual urges revive → Hastily finds a new partner → Appreciates the other person → Dating goes smoothly → Somehow it becomes unsatisfactory → Motivation decreases and breaks up with the partner → ...]

He says he noticed that he was addicted to the loop.

"At dating clubs, I'm like, 'Scary!' when college students or nurses say 10 for their pocket money.

10 is quite good.Even if you don't pay 10 for that girl, there are people who are as cute as 5.

But there's a guy who's paying 10 there, so it's an extra charge.

In life, studying bad things is more important.Studying good things is just a misunderstanding.

I understand the psychology of wanting to sell to one person at a high price if possible after entering this world, but I think girls lose out in many ways if they decide too much. increase"


I was looking for a heart connection, but...

Mr. Naito wants to have a heart-to-heart relationship, not just money and physical exchanges.

We often hear that “dad men want emotional connections with women,” but for daddy women who think, “I don’t want dads to get too deep into their private affairs,” This opinion of the male side is the most troublesome thing.

On earth, what kind of things do dad active men think of as "heart-to-heart relationship"?

"It's only natural to be escorted, and it's a place to eat, set up, and eat. If you're the type of girl who doesn't want to be on the rails like Papa Katsu, you shouldn't get carried away just because you're cute.

Money is taken over by rules, so rather than money money, I prefer a woman who can get along with people as people.

It doesn't matter if you use the money you earn from dad life to get plastic surgery or donate to the host.

I've never heard of anyone having trouble repaying a scholarship, but I don't trust them in the first place.I don't trust the girl's story from the beginning.

That's why I don't fit in with a daddy-style child who puts up his guard and says, ``I'm a character with this setting,'' and tries to be a different character and gets rewarded.

I guess I'm on a stage that's been painted over with lies, and I don't think I'm looking for someone like me."


I don't know what's going on in my heart when money comes in

"I felt unsatisfied with the market value of daddy activities and daddy dating, so I sought a relationship that wasn't bound by market trends, but in the end, the level of adult dating that I wanted was not what I wanted. The conclusion is that it doesn't exist in this neighborhood," continues Mr. Naito.

"When money comes in between, you don't know what's going on in your heart. Is it true that your heart goes through when money is generated?

When I get along with a girl, I feel a contradiction.After all, even if you really like each other, it's not like you're going to have sex every time. Even if we only see each other once every two weeks, we're both in good health.

Even so, if we meet regularly, and every time we meet, I pay XNUMX for sex, and I don't know what this is like as a person-to-person relationship.

But if you don't get paid, you'll become friends instead and stop having sex.it's difficult"


Customs are fine

Mr. Naito says that he does not change the customs and dating clubs in himself.

"I just spend money and do it on the spot, nothing more or less than that. The reason why I got involved in dating instead of sex is that I also have the trouble of looking for it.

When I try to find my favorite prostitute, I end up analyzing what kind of sales style this girl has from the diary of the prostitute on the site.She is busy with work, and I thought it would be troublesome for her to find thousands of prostitutes from scratch.

If it's not hard to find, you can be a prostitute.Dating clubs are already tired of building relationships from scratch."


— Listening to Mr. Naito’s story, I felt that daddy men feel love for “a woman who shows her true nature”?That means.

As I wrote in the book, the real pleasure of dating clubs is the added benefit of emotional exchanges between men and women, unlike customs where fees and services are exchanged for the same amount.

In other words, it's not just about "how much is a date?", but when men love women and have the potential to support women with all their might, if women put up barriers and guard them, men will not be able to. There is also a part that it is a waste if the feeling of "I want to support this child!"

I don't think anyone can trust him, but if there is a woman who thinks that her daddy life is not going well or that she wants a big daddy who will support her more, If you show the raw part, something may change.


──We also talk about “what men want in dating clubs” and “what kind of women are successful in dating clubs” in the last part of Chapter XNUMX of “Reportage Papa Katsu”.

In Chapter XNUMX, we had a lot of interviews with Universe Club.Please take a look if you like.

Manga artist, columnist, love hotel critic.I got the chance to write a column for Universe this time because I worked on the management side of the dating club.We will consider dad activities from various angles such as various things related to love and sex, poverty, unmarried, gender, etc.We are also looking for dad life episodes from everyone!Please comment.

Articles by Kotoko Hinata

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