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Catch a sea bream with shrimp⁈ 4 recommended gifts that will win your father's heart (also for Valentine's Day!)

Christmas is over, New Year's is over, and the next big event is Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is the perfect event to express your gratitude to your dad! 

Some people say, ``If you give chocolates and presents to your dad, who takes care of you on a daily basis, and make him happy, you might even get him to fulfill your unreasonable requests.'' Wouldn't it be a good idea to give them a small gift when you meet them?

This time, we're researching recommended gifts that will make dads happy and that women won't have to spend as much money on. Based on stories from fathers who were actually happy to receive them, and stories I heard from father-related people, I would like to introduce four recommended items that I feel will definitely be useful.


hot eye mask with steam

The biggest problem for fathers with families is having their wives notice that they have a mistress. In other words, it is important that the presents that dad-hunting girls give to their dads are items that they can excuse by saying, ``I got it at work'' or ``I got it from an acquaintance.''

Even if you make a mistake, don't give presents such as ties, socks, underwear, perfume, etc. that will make your wife feel suspicious and think, ``Maybe a woman gave them to me?''

The first thing we recommend is a ``steam hot eye mask''! I'm sure many of you are familiar with it, as it can often be found at drugstores. It is a well-known relaxing item that provides a comfortable steam bath of about 40 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes, and the warm steam gently loosens tired eyes from deep within.

In addition to the standard scents such as lavender, rose, chamomile, ripe yuzu, and forest bathing, I personally recommend the ``Bergamot Citrus Scent'', which is available only at Matsumoto Kiyoshi and Cocokara Fine and is sold exclusively at Matsuki Yoko Cokara. This is a limited edition item for winter 2023, and the package design is stylish. (One box contains two types, yellow and blue as shown in the photo)

"I'm worried because you always seem to have a hard time at work. Please use this to relieve your tiredness ❤️" "I hope my wife won't find out if I do this", etc., while also saying things like "I want to take care of my father's body", "I want to relieve my fatigue", "Daddy Please try to show that you understand the families of others.

``I was happy that I had a steam eye mask because in the worst case scenario, I could use the excuse that I was handing it out along with pocket tissues on the street,'' says a man in his 12s who has been a father for 50 years. It is also recommended that you can get a box of 12 pieces for around 1000 yen.


apple juice

Apples are said to be good for health, as the saying goes, ``An apple a day keeps the doctor away.''

The main nutrients and ingredients in apples are polyphenols, dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and malic acid, which have antioxidant effects, suppress fat absorption, act on fat in the body and reduce visceral fat, and have beneficial bacteria in the intestines. etc., improves the environment, suppresses rapid rises in blood sugar levels, increases immunity and anti-allergic effects, prevents skin troubles caused by ultraviolet rays and hair growth, aids digestion and absorption, adjusts the intestinal environment and improves bowel movements, improves blood circulation. It has effects such as eliminating cholesterol, suppressing rapid rises in blood sugar levels, improving swelling and high blood pressure, aiding absorption of iron, and relieving fatigue.

Rather than eating the whole fruit, grating it or making it into juice puts less stress on the stomach and intestines and is better absorbed, so if you're looking to give your dad a gift, apple juice is recommended. Furthermore, if you are concerned about your health, it would be perfect if you choose one that does not have any preservatives or other additives.

If you have any of the above benefits, you are sure to be happy with your father's health! There are a wide variety of portable sizes under 200ml available on the internet, so be sure to search for things like "apple juice," "additive-free," and "portable."

Additive-free apple juice in a portable size not only conveys your love for caring for your body, but also the convenience of being able to drink it on the spot you give it as a gift.


eye drops

The next recommended gift is ``eye drops.''

Dads who usually work a lot on computers, and dads who have difficulty seeing due to age, say it's ``reachable to the itchy areas,'' ``it's attentive,'' and ``it was refreshing because I've never had it before.'' The situation.

I think Mr. Kida, the representative of Universe Club, mentioned it in his book or in an interview on TV as ``something that would be nice to receive as a present,'' and I really recommend this! Another great point is that you can choose from a wide variety of prices ranging from around 600 yen to around 5000 yen!

If you want to create something a little different and unexpected, please try using it.


Goku's Feelings (Head Spa)

The last thing we recommend is the head spa “Goku no Kimochi.”

This is an extremely popular dry head spa that currently has a waiting list of 50 to 70 people. It opened in Kyoto in 2008, and has since opened a total of five branches in Osaka and Tokyo (in Tokyo, there are stores in Ginza and Harajuku).

Unlike normal relief sleep, it has become popular due to word of mouth that you can experience ``climax sleep'' where you fall asleep at the peak of pleasure, so it is difficult to make a reservation, but there are always spaces available on the website. There are slot notifications and a waiting list on LINE, so you have a chance to make a reservation unexpectedly.

There are three courses in total. There are 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and 120 minutes, and the most recommended is ``Mainryu Head Massage Loosen Standard Course 60 minutes ¥7,500 (tax included)''! 

There are head spas that are affiliated with AGA clinics for men who are suffering from thinning hair or hair loss, but those places are too serious and may end up stimulating a father complex, and the staff may give you careless advice. Since there is a possibility that you will get a lot of sales talk, I recommend going to a salon like ``Goku no Kimochi'' that does not focus on countermeasures against thinning hair or hair loss.

It is the most expensive of the four, but in addition to Goku's Kimochi, there are many head spas listed in Hot Pepper Beauty, and some stores offer courses for couples. There are many, so if you are interested, please check them out. Recommended for people whose fathers are complaining of eye strain or stiff shoulders.


ーーーI would appreciate it if you could use the above as a reference 😊

Manga artist, columnist, love hotel critic.I got the chance to write a column for Universe this time because I worked on the management side of the dating club.We will consider dad activities from various angles such as various things related to love and sex, poverty, unmarried, gender, etc.We are also looking for dad life episodes from everyone!Please comment.

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