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Wasn't it suitable for dad life?Papa who helped me not to lie

I have the experience of having my poor college life supported by Papa Katsu.
It was already poor, and although the tuition was paid with scholarships, there was no remittance for living expenses.
I needed at least 15 yen for rent and living expenses for living alone.

"I want to graduate from college and become a nursery teacher."

That's where I started working as a dad.
This is the story of my dad who kindly helped me when I couldn't tell a lie.

The reason why a poor student chose Papa-katsu

I wanted to be a nursery teacher, so I decided to work part-time until I graduated from university.
That's where I found out about the existence of Papa-katsu.
It started when a senior who attended the same university recommended it as an easy way to earn money.
There was actually some resistance.

After all, the other person is an old man who is about the same age as your father, right?
You don't know what's going to happen when you're taken to a hotel, right?
If a photo is taken and threatened with that as a story...

Even though he feels uneasy in his head, his heart is curious about dad life.
I decided to give it a try to make some extra money.

Don't lie about my personal information

There are 5 points to note from seniors for the first time as a dad.

1.Fake personal information
2.Avoid dating in close quarters so that acquaintances do not find out
3.Decide on time and allowance
Four.Physical relationship NG Draw a line that "only this far"
Five.Don't lose sight of your goal of making money

That's a real caveat...
However, when I started working as a dad, I showed the personality of "I can't lie".
It was the first date with my dad, whom I met for the first time.
At the stage where we meet at a cafe and talk to each other and get to know each other.

"Which university do you go to?"
“Because I want to be a nursery teacher…I’m going to 〇〇 university.”

I reveal personal information in no time (laughs)


Dad laughed when I said that, but I was filled with regret.
What if I was taken apart by the university... In fact, if this daddy was threatened by a bad person and demanded my body...
I didn't care anymore.

However, in the conversation that followed, I never lied.
I live near the university, and I don't have an allowance, so I'm doing dad activities for living expenses.
Anyway, I was honestly asked, but I just talked.
There is also the fact that he was an easy dad to talk to.

My dad said kindly to me.

"You don't want your friends to see you near the university, so let's meet at 〇〇 from now on."
"I'm not worried about money. I just want to talk to an obedient and cute girl."
“I will support you until you graduate from university.”

With that said, my dad was kind to me like my real father.

The university my dad graduated from

Papa isn't the type to contact me randomly, just a little bit when he has time.
You can eat a little and get an allowance, or go shopping and buy some clothes.
Because he is an old man who is 30 years old, he should look like a compensated dating.
But I think we got along well and looked like “real parent and child”.

When I had an internship at university to become a nursery teacher, there were times when I couldn't be a dad for a long period of time.
At that time, I consulted with my dad and asked him to put together the rent.
At the very least, I made him a bento box on our date in return, and I followed him wherever he wanted to go to thank him.

I have never been invited to a hotel even though I told him that "anywhere is fine".
It was usually a karaoke or a fashionable cafe that is hard to enter alone.

In this way, I had my dad help me until I graduated from college.
Although I gave my personal information, I was never stalked.
I think it's because I met a really good dad.

Then came the day of the graduation ceremony.
After reluctantly saying goodbye to my friends, I went to see my dad in my hakama.
That was the first time I hugged my dad.

"I was really looking forward to seeing this."

Those eyes were already a real dad.
If I hadn't met my dad, I would have been working part-time and even dropping out of school.
It was such a wonderful meeting.

Daddy life after college

My dad, who supported my college life, said he was sorry for the role and really cut off contact.

"If you're going to do dad activities again someday, don't talk too much about yourself."

… was also warned.
Once you suck the sweet honey, you can't imagine living without your dad anymore...

From there, I will start working as a low-wage nursery teacher.
From the beginning, I was hit by a nice dad, but just like I was hit by a drumstick, all the dads are terrible... (laughs)

You didn't pay as promised, or you were invited to a hotel as soon as you met...
I've grown up and I wonder if there's a physical relationship?I tried to challenge, but I was sunk because it was not compatible with everything.
It reminds me of my college dad who didn't even ask for my body while being held.
I'm not suitable for dad life...?I completely lost my confidence.

Compatibility between people is something you don't know until you go out with them.
The encounter at Papa Katsu is also fate.

From poor students to poor nursery teachers.Thank you for your help in my dad life.Women are sexy and charming!

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