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I was deceived by Papa Katsu!Worst experience of missing money

Papa life is not so sweet...I will tell you the most shocking experience I have learned so far.

I think I fully understood that there are good dads and stingy dads.I was hesitant about negotiating money face-to-face, so I tried to discuss the amount before we met.And if you meet, prepayment is the basic of the basics.

And yet...!Even remembering it now makes my heart flutter.

Dealing with money in Papa Katsu

I promised that day that I would meet my dad for the first time. I heard that he is in his early 40s and works at a bank, so I was excited, saying, "Is it a good property?"The exchange of messages was smooth, and he was a little nice person.

At that time, I was a nursery teacher with surprisingly low wages.It would be terrible if a nursery teacher found out that he was doing such a naughty thing.

However, I was in a situation where I couldn't buy anything I wanted without relying on Papa Katsu because my living expenses were barely there.

Until then, go on dates and get paid.When you have a little too much sexual desire, let your physical relationship be OK.I was enjoying my dad life as I pleased.

To be honest, I thought that "I was deceived by dad activities" was a lack of preparation on the girl's side.You should be able to prevent this by discerning the true nature of the other person and choosing only trustworthy people as daddy candidates.

Forcibly taken to a hotel, or escaped during a date...I thought that such an experience was something that only a few girls would experience.

Is the relationship of the body an ant?No?How much is this person worth?So much for the next date...Think about it carefully and remind me in advance so that you can pay in advance.

Every time, I thought that the communication beforehand was perfect.I never expected to be deceived.

The contents of the envelope handed at the end of the date...

Daddy came a little late on the day of the date.

"I'm sorry! I completely overslept."
"It's terrible ♡ I'll add it for the amount I waited ~ ♡"

When I was joking, I failed to get the money first.It's never happened before...

This dad was a very nice person.He has a boyish smile and doesn't seem like he can do bad things...I was swept away by the atmosphere and the date started as it was.

I went to eat at a slightly cheesy private restaurant. I was wondering if it might be a bad idea, but the taste is delicious, a hidden famous restaurant. I still believed in my dad, saying, "He paid for it...Are you a gourmet person?"

When you go shopping and want to ask for clothes or a bag, Dad answers work calls in the meantime. I was also wondering, "Maybe you don't want to pay on purpose?", but I ignored the call because it was really urgent.

With some doubts, I went straight to the hotel.This is also a kind daddy who will do the etch with a point ... (laugh) During the act, I was so absorbed that I completely forgot about money.

After finishing it, I was out of numbness, so I urged my dad.

"I haven't received today's portion yet...?"

Hmm... Now that I think about it, I should have questioned this...But, how should I put it... He was the kind of person who wouldn't lie.Really.

Missed money and no communication

At the end of the date after leaving the hotel, Papa suddenly stopped the taxi while we were walking together.

“Thank you for today!

As he said that, he handed me the envelope.I was a little skeptical about Papa, but the payment was made properly and there is no problem!

"Thank you very much ♡ See you again!"

Maybe he was in a hurry, so he immediately took a taxi and left.I was surprised when I saw the contents of the envelope while expecting to see how much was added.

…there was nothing in it.Not really.I was surprised at myself that she didn't realize it was thick.

By the time you think so, it's already too late!

Just a little bit, "Huh? Did you forget to put it in normally?"Because he was a kind dad who couldn't do bad things.But that's not true.

By the time I realized it, I couldn't see the taxi anymore, and the call was rejected as soon as possible.Her name, work and where she lives are uncertain.

Who did I spend the day with and why did I go to the hotel?I think I was already frustrated and frustrated, and I was walking around the busy downtown area with a terrible face.

I sent a message like a demon, but there was no way I would get a reply...

"I didn't see it"

I think that's all there is to it.

Any person should have received it as soon as they met.Don't be deceived by the smiles and atmosphere of people you meet for the first time.I should have asked before entering the hotel.I should have checked the contents immediately when I was handed the envelope.

I can't regret it anymore.You shouldn't take dad life lightly.I have to follow my own rules...

One thing I can say is that my dad was good at sex.This was the only salvation. (I can't help it, but) I think it's because time has passed that I can make jokes like this.

It was a very reflective experience.

From poor students to poor nursery teachers.Thank you for your help in my dad life.Women are sexy and charming!

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