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Silent Papa's Strategy!If the story doesn't get exciting, do 〇〇! ?

If you don't have a good relationship with your dad, you will feel pain during the date no matter how good you are.
Papa's appearance is hopelessly unreasonable, and he's tired of all the bragging.
Spending time with a dad who is quiet and doesn't get excited at all has made me feel exhausted.

There was a time when I thought, "I don't want to see you again."
As a countermeasure against my taciturn dad, I was thinking about a lot of topics before the date.

But... it's not!
Trying to provide a hot topic wasn't the way to capture the taciturn dad!
This time, I will introduce "How to captivate a taciturn daddy" that I practiced.

How to liven up a conversation with dad

First of all, how to liven up a conversation with a basic dad!
I practiced all of them, but I was able to open up to people who were shy when I proactively approached them.

・Check your hobbies and special skills by reading all the profile fields
・ Appeal to the other person's story with a curious attitude
・Praise the other person’s face and belongings
・ If you are the type that dad wants to hear, provide a topic

And so on... If you're a dad active girl, it's basic to prepare a lot of drawers.
In the first few minutes, both parties are nervous and the conversation may not be lively.
However, if you open up, you should be able to get excited without any problems.

I met someone who didn't use this trick to liven up the conversation at all...

Does dad really want to talk to me?

When I was 24, I met a taciturn dad who was a freelance engineer who was not good at socializing.
Anyway, he said that he got a computer job just because he didn't want to talk to people.

Exchanging messages is normal.
The writing itself was curt, but I thought it wasn't bad, so I agreed to a date.

That first date was a hell of a cafe for 5 hours that I still can't forget.
For the five hours from the time we met until we left, the only words my dad spoke were "yes" and "no"!
No, rather, it seems that I was ignored for a long time without even replying to that.

"Ah... isn't that my appearance type?"
"Isn't this a repeat?"

In my impatience, I used many of my drawers to provide topics.
I was confident in my communication skills, so I thought I would be able to open up.

Besides, I was looking into the content of "What to do when you have trouble talking with your dad", and it's only a matter of time before your dad's heart melts.

Compliment your dad, talk about yourself, talk about your hobbies written on your profile...

However, there is no reaction from dad at all!
I talked too much and my throat was parched...
Due to the lack of reaction, I gave up thinking that there would be no next time.

However, in the message after returning, it was a good impression.
I received a compliment saying, "Your style was good and nice."

picture?It wasn't fun, was it?
Despite my doubts, we made a promise for the next date!

A taciturn dad's strategy is to "just cuddle"

It was honestly a little depressing.
No matter how good she is, she almost ignores conversations.
It's like my one-man sumo wrestling, and it's mentally exhausting.

Then I had an idea.
"Does Daddy want to talk to me?"
There are many dads who are not good at talking.
Some people say, "I just want to go to a hotel."

However, that dad doesn't seem to want to process his libido...
That's where I got the idea.
Wouldn't it be better if we just stayed close to each other?and.

The second date was a cafe similar to the first.
I stopped sitting across from her and decided to sit next to her on the sofa.

And I tried to be thorough about "just snuggling up" without talking babbling.
Try putting your head on your daddy's shoulder, or trying to connect with your lover.
It's like taking a break.
We stared at each other wordlessly and smiled.

Papa's true purpose is neither for body nor for conversation.

"I just want to hang out with a young and cute girl"
"I want to get drunk with my cute girlfriend"

That seems to have been the purpose.
I should have played a comfortable girlfriend without talking babbling.

Imagine what daddy really wants

If you don't have a lot of fun talking about dad life, I think you'll be really impatient.
However, it is also important to imagine whether the dad really wants that conversation or “the real purpose of doing dad activities”.

・ A person who wants to take a woman around with money
・People who want to buy things they like and see their happy faces
・People who just want to go to a hotel
・ People who want to hear complaints about work

The man I dated said "I don't want to talk" but "I want to date like a couple"
It was only

We went on a few more dates after that, but I just leaned on him and looked him in the eye and smiled.
I was a little surprised to think that there are people who think that time is precious.


Daddy has a lot of people.
When you meet a person who is different from the type you have experienced so far, the key to repeat is whether you can think about the other person's true desires.

It was an event that made me want to acquire the power of an actress who can respond to any request, not just to draw out conversations.

From poor students to poor nursery teachers.Thank you for your help in my dad life.Women are sexy and charming!

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