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Propose with Papa Katsu! ? The episode where the P active girl pulled out

There are various types of men who are doing daddy activities, but it is said that there are not only good men among them, but also dads who pull women away, saying, "Eh... seriously?"This time, I asked the daddy girls who actually met the dad who thought, "I'm sorry...".

Proposing on the second meeting!

“A man I met at a club approached me about becoming a daddy, and he seemed rich, so I accepted. The first time, I had a normal cup of tea, and the second time, he invited me to dinner.

At that time, I was taken to a restaurant with a night view, so I thought, ``Maybe you want an adult relationship...? I thought, for a while,"I liked you from the first time I met you.please marry me 』And a proposal!As expected, I just met him, so if I decline, from that day on, I get long-form LINE messages and demon electric calls almost every day.

At first, I wasn't a bad person, so I was thinking about how to turn it down, but as expected, it would be troublesome if it continued, so I dared to play a bad woman."Then, if you buy me a necklace from Van Cry, I'll think about it~"I replied.

Then,"As expected, you were looking for my money..."And depressed LINE .......I thought you were the one who invited me to join you as a dad in the first place (laughs).”

There are dads who run wild.What's more, this woman later found out that this daddy was actually a married man.

A face-to-face appraisal?

“When you meet your dad for the first time, you have a face-to-face meeting to find out what kind of person you are. I was asked.

Will you invite me to dinner from the first time?I honestly thought"I want to eat Italian food♡"I replied.I actually met him and took him to a delicious Italian restaurant, and I got a proper allowance, but after that"Can we meet again? 』And when I send a message, I get an impossible reply...

how there"A brazen child who specifies Italian from the beginning is a bit..."The words.No way, I never thought that I would be valued so much in a face-to-face meeting.Even though I thought it was impossible, now I'm calling the air and saying, "I like cake! I try to specify the cafe."

Some of the dads sometimes ask questions like this at the time of meeting whether they are women who can continue for a long time.As long as you don't know the financial situation of the other party, it may be safe to specify a store that costs as little money as possible.

An adult relationship... but it's supposed to be!?

“My dad, whom I was introduced to by an acquaintance, is a very gentleman, and he always takes me to delicious restaurants that are difficult to book. When we drank alcohol together, I invited myself.

However, when I went to the hotel... Maybe he had drunk too much, he was completely useless.Well, it was my first time with him, so I thought it couldn't be helped, so I calmed him down.And the next time we meetI wonder if he was fired up, he took me on a trip to Macau.

After enjoying the casino at a luxury hotel in Macau, I went to my room... and he was completely useless again!Moreover, he got drunk in the middle of the act, probably because he drank a lot at the casino...While drinking wine from room service in the hotel suite, the morning dawned while I was in agony..."

Papa isn't young either, so if he drinks too much, this might happen.

in conclusion

Of course, there are good dads, but it seems that there are many such unique (?) dads.It's true that it's a don-pull case, but daddy is human too.It might be a good thing for a papa active girl to close her eyes if she makes some mistakes.

However, when you feel like you can't do it, it might be one way to stop contacting Momo for your dad's sake!

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