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who is cinderella for

Hello.It's Shinro.

Spring, summer, fall and winter, regardless of the season, time or timing, I love chocolate all year round.

I love expensive things and valuable things without discrimination.

Chocolate doesn't need inequality society!Love is equal! !

It's a secret that I favor orangette and chocolate mint.

Suitability (Standard), Beauty and Cinderella

"I'm aiming for a six-pack this summer," he declared last weekend.

A colleague who was drinking a latte next to me was choking.

To be honest, I'm sorry... I thought, but I'm getting a lot more toned from running, which is my daily routine.

I feel like this summer is going to be cool! !

Moderate exercise is good for your mental and physical health, and it will keep you in good shape.

I can eat a proper breakfast because I can move my body, and I have time to spare because I work early in the morning.

Is it called morning life?

"What are you aiming for?"

My colleague, who had regained his composure, asked me with a bit of an astonishment,

I don't think I'm going to break my abs! ?

I'm not aiming for abs like that of a certain generation! ?

I just want to get a reasonably toned body.

It doesn't make sense to just blindly lose weight or tighten up, so let's start by facing the reality...

In the world, there are proper (standard) weight, beauty weight, and Cinderella weight.

Appropriate (standard) weight BMI22 (as defined by the Japan Obesity Society)
・Height (m) x Height (m) x 22


Beauty weight BMI19 (appearance, looks important)
・Height (m) x Height (m) x 18.5~20
(Calculated with 19 this time)


Cinderella weight BMI20×0.9 (10% lower than beauty weight)
・Height (m) x Height (m) x 20 x 0.9


is calculated by

I am 150 cm tall. Calculate with 1.50 (m).

If you are at the correct weight, you will look chubby.

However, it is the weight that is said to be the least likely to get sick.

The appropriate weight for a height of 150 cm is 49.5 kg.
This is my weight when I was due...

During the pregnancy period, it is special because it concentrates around the abdomen, but my body was quite heavy.

Beauty weight... looks beautiful and looks good!It is the weight that is said to be.

Beauty weight of 150 cm tall is 42.8 kg.
……After looking at it twice, I did the calculation twice.

It wasn't a miscalculation.

Cinderella weight ... It is also said to be a model weight.

It seems that there are various calculation methods such as calculating with 18 or calculating with 17...

This time, I was referred to a certain beauty clinic.

Cinderella is 150 cm tall and weighs 40.5 kg.



……………yes? ?


No matter how many times I calculate it, I get strange numbers.

There is me who cannot face reality.

I feel like my eyes are hot...

This time, I calculated muscle mass, age, and so on, ignoring all of them.

Considering only my weight, I have to lose about 2kg more to reach my beauty weight.

In terms of Cinderella's weight, it means that you have to drop nearly 4 kg.

Conversely, if you want to achieve a proper (standard) weight, you will have to gain nearly 5kg.

Isn't this difference too big! ! ?And the fact that my current weight is not in any category...

Height -105 is the best weight, but that's it.

Who is Cinderella for?

In the past, there was a time when I was eating normally but I was losing weight.
I was unaware of it, and my mother told me to realize it.

If you look closely in the mirror, the bones in your shoulders, fingers, and bones are exposed.

Not only the collarbone but also the ribs are visible.

However, as soon as I became aware of myself for some reason, the weight came back, albeit gradually.

At that time, I weighed 38 kg.

It's just a little less than the current Cinderella weight, but it's still not at the level of being thin.
It's skinny.

That humiliating, thin expression is perfect.
I wasn't told that at the time.

Celebrities and models are not just thin, but they think that they are thin in a way that looks healthy.

That's the weight considering muscle mass.Healthy beauty.

Losing weight is easy, but if you don't look healthy and attractive, it's all meaningless.

It's admirable to be stoic with yourself and aim for your goal weight.

I want it to be Cinderella weight!That's what it means.

However, it would be nice if there was little difference between the actual figure when the goal was achieved and the ideal figure imagined.
I hope so.

It is not clear when the Cinderella weight existed.

Real problems, boyfriends, husbands, partners, dads and mistresses want and say,

If you somehow started dieting to become Cinderella, I think you should change your method.

Don't just look at your weight.

The key is balance and style.
It's a way to show and be attractive.

It's neither a beauty weight nor a Cinderella weight.

I would like you to be a meaningful and ultimate self-satisfied Cinderella (you) for Cinderella (you) by Cinderella (you) of Cinderella (you).

I aim for a slightly six-pack while being careful not to become too muscular.

I make an effort every day while taking a break while eating chocolate occasionally.


Shinro means a mirage.

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