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what about the age difference?

Hello.It's Shinro.

Am I among women…among humanity?I know it falls into the petite category.

Fortunately (?) my children seem to have rejected my height gene, and my eldest son looks down on me.Not looked down on, it's true.

It seems that my eldest daughter will catch up with me in about 5 cm.

"Hey, did your mother have a period of growth?"

In a sense, there is no shyness between same-sex couples.I knew.

I'm not cryingI'm not crying.

older, same age, younger

A little about me...

I have two older brothers.Twins.

His face resembles his father's, and his face is far from Japanese.

There is no such thing as half, quarter, or foreign blood in ancestors.

My father happened to be born with a face that was not Japanese, and my older brothers inherited that gene.

I have a very common face.I'm not crying.

To put it bluntly, the eyes are big and double.

It's the result of those two people not thinking about me and taking all of my father's genes.Yes, I hate you only a little.of course.

My older brothers and I are six years apart. .

My brothers are so overprotective that even their parents smile wryly

If it's convenient for university or work time, they will pick you up or send you off.

Thank you very much for letting me experience a lot of mysterious phenomena that girls who don't know the circumstances at all.

Seeing not only them, but also the female and romantic careers of friends around me, older men looked like adults to me.

For the honor of my brothers, I would like to say that they properly listened to my life's concerns and worries, and taught me things like studying.

My brothers' friends were still treating me the same way, and the older man was a dependable and respected senior in life.

Everyone has different experiences, but age passes equally for everyone.

The advice and stories from them, who have experienced worries, ways of thinking, and the state of mind several years before me, have been very helpful, and those who have the time to watch over them can feel at ease. was.

In such a way, my classmate was able to do it.


There were conflicts and conflicts because we were the same age, but I was absorbed in the joy of being able to share the same tension, the same age, and the same perspective.

There were many things I could and could not do, but how to overcome them, how to find a way to fill the gaps...

It must have felt like a comrade-in-arms in a way.

However, since we were both children, I had a strong feeling of prioritizing myself over the feelings of the other, and it disappeared naturally.

When I became a member of society and got used to life, I got a younger boyfriend.

Just because we're 2 years apart, does it feel so different...

There was also a part that felt young, and something like maternal instinct was working,

Also, I have to be strong!I wonder if it was burning without permission,

I feel like I was the one who couldn't expose myself the most.

I couldn't quite put my weakness and pain into words.

Perhaps because the environment I have lived in has been a situation where there are only older people,

He was the same age or younger than me, and he tended to take a strange stance and pretend to be himself.

Even if you are the same age or younger, of course there are many people who talk and have the same wavelength,

I usually don't care about age.

It just happened that the people I dated were like that, but it was mostly the older ones who were spoiled and influenced by what they had to say.

Don't talk about uncles!

Some of the people who are doing dad activities are close in age to their own fathers, so they can only think about food.

On the other hand, I think there are people who don't feel attracted to people who are the same age or younger than them.

I kind of agree with the latter, but...

"Is it your uncle's business?"

I was often teased by my friends,

Uncle only... Uncle only...! !Impolite! ! ! !

I couldn't have an image of him at the same age or younger than him when he got older, so I'm sure I just wasn't interested.

That relaxed way of speaking, gestures, and gazes peculiar to older people

I think that people who are the same age or younger than him, who will grow old in the same way, will look different from what they are looking for.

I think I'm attracted to men who don't grow old like I do, but who are always ahead and watching over me.

This feeling of admiration, respect and tolerance for older men who are different from their fathers...

Anyone know who it is? ?

Comfortable with the age difference

Whether you are superior or inferior, in the end it all depends on the person's values, and I think it depends on the person's personality and experience.

As for myself, the further away I am, the easier it is for me to be dependent on others, to rely on them, and to consult with them.

It's the older people who can borrow a lot of chest.

It's a wonderful existence that makes you experience things, thoughts, and everything that you haven't experienced yet.

Not only men, but also women, of course.

It's all about flexible ways of thinking, calm gestures and postures, and things I want to emulate.

People who can't think about anything other than eating, or don't want to think about it.

How about changing your point of view?

It will give you an experience that you can never experience in your normal life!

It's your chance! !

There are areas that men of similar age cannot reach.

I believe that the absolute realm of fascination cannot be reached without experiencing both sweet and sour experiences.

Yes, as you please.

Please entrust it once.

It will surely open your eyes!

I think I'm slightly jealous of a woman who is working as a daddy who can spend a wonderful time with an older and matured person (laughs)


Shinro means a mirage.

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