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Hello.It's Shinro.

A few years ago, I happened to hear a certain gurus sing loudly, "Your body will become summer," when I entered the store.

A few years ago, I applied to become a popular commander, and am currently working on a six-pack plan.

Encounter! !

It was about the third month after I made a mistress contract with Mr. T.

I think I told you before that Mr. T lives alone, and I was planning to watch a movie at Mr. T's house that day.

I borrowed the kitchen and prepared some snacks and drinks. rice field.

Mr. T was very happy and said that he would like to ask again if it was not a nuisance.

I went back to the living room and started watching a movie while asking what I like and what I want to eat.

After just over an hour,


Each other, rigid.


It's not the type of apartment where a concierge would come.
If you don't release it from here, you can't enter the lobby or use the elevator.

The second time, ping-po~~n...


I suddenly woke up.

First thing you have to do! !

Don't rush, don't rush.Calm down~~! !

I asked Mr. T to go to the intercom and confirm the other party.

It might be courier service!It's a weekday afternoon...

I tell myself

"My son is downstairs..."


Mr. T, you were laughing wryly.

If I remember correctly, I heard that you are currently working in Tokyo away from home.

He is a 32-year-old only son who hadn't seen him in about two years.

He's not married and has a girlfriend he's been dating for a few years, but he laughed and said it didn't seem to go well.

But now is not the time to remember such things~~! !


For the time being, I quickly wash the glasses and tableware I was using.and wipe.Clean up.

Pause the DVD.

Mr. T seems to be in a hurry, but he says something terrifying, saying, "I would like to introduce him to my son."

No no no no, Mr. T! !Recall! !

Our relationship! !


When I looked up at Mr. T with teary eyes, he smiled wryly and hugged me saying, "I can't do that."

It's different, it's not so, it's a conflict...

Even if the elevator doesn't stop at the bottom, there's no more time.

If you go out like this and run into each other at the front door, it will be the most hopeless pattern.

Somehow, even in this situation, I was amazed at Mr. T, who was going at his own pace, but it was strange and I became very calm.

I hugged Mr. T, who was still hugging me, and patted him on the back.

"Mr. T, please lend me an envelope with your company's name on it and some copy paper."


I decided to meet my son at home (laughs)

No matter what I do, it's nothing but suspicious.

For the time being, I will think of a way to get out of the front door naturally, although it is unnatural, but it is only unnatural.

I thought about hiding somewhere else, but I didn't have the confidence that I would be able to get out quietly, calmly, and smoothly.

I received an envelope and blank copy paper from Mr. T, and stood by at the entrance.

When I put on heels and raised my head, it was a ping-pong again...

When Mr. T opened the door with a sigh, a man with eyes that looked just like Mr. T appeared.

You look very surprised.

You're right, I get it.

It's just weird.I'm so sorry.

Smile and say hello first.

"Nice to meet you. My name is ○○ from ○○ City Hall. I am always indebted to Mr. T."

This is information about someone who has a similar atmosphere to me that T-san told me before (laughs)

They have the same hairstyle, and although their height and body shape are different, they seem to have a similar atmosphere.

Please refrain from borrowing without permission.But I changed my name a little.

"I'm sorry that I was on vacation. Moreover, I even rushed to your house..."

"No, no no! It's both of you who didn't notice the incompleteness of the documents."

Mr. T, you have a wry smile.Please go out with me a little longer (laughs)

“Would you like me to do a final check?”


“Thank you very much.

"Sorry for bothering you to come here."

"Because I didn't check enough. I'm sorry.

When I bowed my head to my son again and greeted him, he said,


"I'll send you down!"

Please stop, I'm dying, I'm nervous! !


I politely declined and took the elevator straight to the lobby...

I put the envelope and copy paper in the mailbox, and let out a deep sigh at a coffee shop a little away...

was scary….

I don't think I got through it very well.

It's just suspicious.On the contrary, it is too suspicious and suspicious.

I couldn't help thinking that this was over.

thoughts on the way home

It took two and a half hours from Mr. T's house to my house.I'm going home.

I received many emails, but I decided to reply after I got home.

When I emailed after arriving at the nearest station, I got a quick call.
I was very worried about you.

And that I left alone without sending it back,

Having met a family called your son,

Thank you for your apologies for causing me so much anxiety.

My son called me because he was going to the convenience store.
It was an opportunity to think about the position and risk of being a mistress again.

My son didn't push or pursue me,

You should at least see off to the bottom of the apartment regardless of gender.Or even in front of the elevator! He said he scolded me.

Let's talk about what to do from now on at a later date.

In fact, I was feeling overwhelmed and wanted to return to my daily life as soon as possible.

What would be the best thing to do if I met someone in my family or an acquaintance in addition to my son in the future?

It doesn't matter when we meet outside.

You can do it even if you happen to meet, or you can pretend to be a business partner.

However, if you meet in a private place like this time...

I was angry at myself for neglecting to do so, even though it was a predictable situation.

It's not a trend or a countermeasure, but I couldn't help but get angry at myself for being completely careless.

There are times when a visitor comes suddenly without any plans or confirmations!

why did you think it was okay?

It's already not okay to think it's okay! !

There is no such thing as okay in the world! !

The best reflection in this year.

At a later date, I had a discussion with Mr. T, and he said that he would like to continue the contract if he listened to my selfishness.

I seriously talked about what I thought on the way home and how to deal with it in the future.

Perhaps this should be discussed at the time of signing the contract.

But I still wonder if your son is actually aware.

Don't repeat the same mistakes!
Don't make the same mistake!Absolutely! !

And with the meaning of admonition, I am facing a certain captain.


Shinro means a mirage.

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