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I tried being a chat lady while taking a break from Universe Club [Part XNUMX]

Why Chat Lady?

I don't have the energy or stamina to restart the Universe club yet, but when I thought about doing something similar, a chat lady came to mind.

until you start working

I remember applying for a job that caught my eye and being contacted about the next day.
Appoint a nearby Gust and receive an explanation of the job.The actual work will be done in a room of the apartment rented by the person in charge, not at home.
By the way, although it depends on the business, there are also places that provide proper dedicated boxes instead of apartments.

Then, on another day, I actually registered a profile on a PC and tested the equipment.

I was told to process the photos registered in my profile to the extent that they were not excessive.Just at that time, I had "TikTok" on my smartphone to use for a completely different matter (I didn't want to download it separately lol), so I took some pictures with it.
I don't like processing my face to create a discrepancy with reality, so I usually don't process photos.In this process, I only maxed out the “whitening effect”, but that alone changed my impression quite a bit.

Then test your equipment.
The main battlefield for this work is a certain major site (*Do you know? That company that once made a name for itself with a commercial for "Rent it online ~ Deliver it to your house ~ Return it by post♪". ), but it sometimes crashes when I connect the microphone, maybe because the browser is weak or the PC has a small capacity... but it didn't crash during actual work, so I'm glad.

In addition, at least if you do it on this major site, chat lady work is basically not easy to do with your smartphone.Especially when it comes to adult chat.
With the size of the smartphone screen, you can only see a woman's bust up, both vertically and horizontally, so you can't "show the face and chest together" or "show the whole body where you feel like you're kneeling".So at the time of the waiting room, the man thinks, "Oh, it looks like I'm doing it with a smartphone, so I'm going to withdraw" and immediately leaves the room.

start work

Another day, I actually started working.
I was told that the waiting time for chat lady work was long, so I decided to work from 10:4 am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm on the day I was free all day.
In addition, what was essential at work was
・Head microphone
・PC camera
・Lighting (so-called actress light, so that the face is reflected beautifully)
・Clothes that open in front (so you can take them off quickly)
・Skirt (preferably short)
・ Adult toys (I had an orthodox electric machine lent. Papua brought his own dildo)
・Tissues, wet wipes (essential for wiping and disinfecting adult toys)

Head microphones, PC cameras, and front-opening clothes were lent out (only where I went).
As for the skirt, she said, ``I will never wear such a cheap, cosplay-like skirt again (but I still can't bear to throw it away.
As for adult toys, I brought a dildo that was also used as fertilizer in the chest because I could not use it well.

Especially in adult chat, we recommend that you avoid wearing your favorite clothes as much as possible.
When you use an adult toy, you often get dirty with saliva, etc., and your favorite clothes are the clothes you usually wear, so it's easy to find out.Papua, in particular, usually likes clothes with unique patterns.
Oh, of course I didn't wear my glasses, which is my identity (laughs).

Now, let's talk about the most important job.

As I said, the waiting time is certainly long.
When you press the "start work" button on the screen, it will be "waiting (= visible to male users)", and men can "peek" and see how women are doing for a certain period of time. .
Therefore, if you think that you want to have a naughty talk with this woman, you can enter the room, and the reward for the woman will start to occur from there.

When a man enters for "peeping", there is a knocking sound on the woman's screen, and when that sound is heard, the woman waves her hand or slightly moves the PC camera to show the whole body. and appeal.Of course, "Peeping" does not generate any rewards.However, since I pressed the "Start work" button, it is out of the question to put my chin on my chin and be unfriendly.

By the way, when it comes to Papua, he was waving his hands and emphasizing his cleavage. There were 3 patterns of "projecting".Even in adult chat, there weren't many people who emphasized their cleavage.

By the way, in terms of that connection, it's forbidden to do "tie neck out" and "lower body exposure" during "peeping" because of the erotic appeal.Worst account will be suspended.This certain major company seems to be very well monitored, so "I won't find out anyway" doesn't work.
However, I was blown away by the name of a male user's account named "Peep out your nipples".
Also, it is forbidden to show or see your "genitals", whether you are "peeping" or "chatting".Hair is OK.If you are hairless, you can see it even from the front, so you need to devise a way to show it.

After about 15 or 20 minutes, we finally started chatting.
I don't remember much anymore and I won't go into details due to the number of characters, but the general flow is "Greetings → Chatting → Naughty talk → Acts like old-fashioned phone sex".Every user was like this.
There were a lot of people, and some would end the chat at that moment if they could feel refreshed, and some would talk to me for a while.Perhaps the latter person is close to the feeling of having a pseudo-sexual act.

On the first day, I think I talked to 4 or 5 people and received about 7,000 yen in total.However, when I made an account transfer, the fee was borne by me and the reward was reduced, so it was sad ( ;∀;)

After finishing the first day, I was so busy that I couldn't find time to go, so it was about a month and a half later.I did this all day as well.
However, unlike the first day, there seemed to be fewer people, and even fewer people came to "peek" in the first place.If I recall correctly, on the second day, I was able to chat with two people from morning to evening.The emptiness of smiling in front of the screen all day long and no one coming.The total reward was about 2 yen, which was different from the first day.


According to the person in charge, chat lady jobs don't involve direct sexual intercourse, but the rewards they receive aren't that great, so it seems that there are many women who go to the sex industry because they think it's better.

(Continued to Part XNUMX)

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