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[Basic key] Fellatio story that makes a man go crazy

Here, when I checked the "Sex" category of "Cinderella," a column for women in the Universe club, I found that there were few columns with overt content regarding adult topics.

Even if there is, it is mainly about risk management, such as "Danger of vaginal cum shot" and "How to protect yourself at the hotel".

That's why the theme of this time is fellatio while hesitating.


charm of blowjob

There is nothing more satisfying than tasting and feeling your lover's erect penis in your mouth.
The slightly salty taste is proof that the endurance juice is coming out.Realizing that doubles the joy.

Personally, I like wearing a suit and just opening the zipper and peeking through the penis.

I think there are quite a few women who tend to just suck the penis.

In the first place, unlike men, women are not excited by men's bodies themselves.

However, even if the penis looks the same at first glance, the place where it feels comfortable, how to lick it, and how to touch it are different depending on the person.

If you can be sure that your opponent will feel good if you do this here, I think it will be fun to play, which has been a simple task until now.


Know the Erogenous Zones in Men

In the case of people who have been masturbating every day since puberty, they are generally accustomed to giving their penis a strong stimulation, so they do not feel comfortable just by being licked with their mouths. .

The basic erogenous zones are potash, the glans body, the tip around the urethra, the back muscles, the rod body, and for advanced users, the testicles.

By the way, I've been interested in sex as it is, but I'm not interested in anal at all.
The perception of "the place where feces come out" is too strong, and it is impossible to put a penis there, let alone lick it.

Due to personal circumstances, licking is omitted.

If you gradually attack each part of the penis with your tongue like the one above (it's better to be bold little by little rather than suddenly licking it), there will always be a point where the other person feels it, and there should be some kind of reaction.

Some people unintentionally let out gasps like “Hmm…” “Ah…” or say “It feels good…”.

In some cases, the sphincter muscles contract in response to the pleasant feeling, causing the penis and anus to move momentarily.The body is honest.

If you say so, it is evidence that that part is an erogenous zone.

Of course, if you only attack the same places, the excitement will weaken, so it is important to attack other places as well.

Just touching the nipple with one hand or gently rubbing the testicles will increase the excitement.

Also, from a psychological point of view, I think that I feel that "I'm doing so much" and "I'm going to do such a nasty thing", and my affection will increase.


arouse and excite

Well, this is for advanced users who can afford sex, but when giving a blowjob, instead of suddenly holding the penis, caress and lick all parts of the body to stimulate it, and it can be used for foreplay before the blowjob. Take your time.

As I wrote earlier, nipples.There are quite a few men who like having their nipples licked because it feels good.Some people react violently with jerks all over their bodies when they lick their nipples.

I dare to tease the other person's feelings of "I want you to suck as soon as possible".Let's think in reverse.

Female genitals that are getting wet with kisses and body touches with clothes, I want you to do a finger fuck or cunnilingus right now!At that time, if you gently lick my thighs and nipples... I think it will get wetter and wetter than being attacked suddenly.

It is important to attack the whole body enough and bring it to a full erection so that the bubbles and endurance juice are visibly overflowing.

By the way, the order of my must is,Licking nipples → Touching testicles → Gentle handjob → Licking from the tip little by little → Plenty of saliva and blow job while making noise That's what it feels like.Of course, it is flexible depending on the reaction and situation of the man.

I've said this many times, but I think it's important to lick your nipples first to make sure that the other person feels the nipples.
If it is a person who feels it, lick the nipple for a while to increase the feeling of the other person, and gradually spread to the whole body.Not only the lower body but also the neck and ears are effective.
If you don't feel it in your nipples, don't do it any further.It's human nature to get bored and lose your high spirits when you're attacked in areas you don't feel.

If the other person likes it and doesn't have any resistance, the armpits are also quite a secret spot.
It is the same with women, but there are many people who unintentionally let out a gasping voice when their armpits are licked violently.

When attacking parts other than the lower body like this, sometimes it is also ant to see the reaction by putting light weight on the penis and applying pressure.
However, it is best to avoid touching the penis as much as possible.It would be a waste if I carelessly put weight on it in a strange way and make it wither.


attack lower body

When licking the lower part of the body, it is important to constantly use your hands to caress all parts without leaving one or both hands unoccupied.

For example, gently rub or lick the testicles while running your tongue over your thighs.

When licking the testicles, it is better to gently touch the back of the thighs and calves with your hands.It also has a relaxing effect.

Well, next is finally the penis body.As gently as possible, kiss the rod lightly and then lick it little by little with your tongue.
And finally the glans is put in the mouth.

I think that people who are not used to it may put their teeth against it, but be careful as this will hurt quite a bit.

Especially with a big penis, if you try to suck it all the way in, your teeth will almost hit it, so if it seems impossible, you don't need to suck it all the way in.

Once you have your penis in your mouth, be conscious of using your tongue firmly.

While holding it in your mouth, make your tongue crawl on the rod or back muscle and move your tongue in a large but nasty movement.Keep your mouth fixed and move your head up and down to make a piston movement.If you keep it in your mouth for a long time, your mouth will get tired, so at that time, you will lick the glans and potash with your tongue.

I think that the man often shakes his hips when giving a blowjob.In such a case, let the opponent move, and try to hit his tongue well while being conscious of not hitting your teeth.


ejaculate with handjob

In my experience, there weren't many people who could ejaculate with just a blowjob.In the first place, most of the blowjobs are foreplay with sex, and there are many men who want to ejaculate with sex.

And if you really want to get acme with fellatio, you have to do hand job service in the end.

How strong you should grip and what part of the penis you should grip is also different for each person, so it's difficult to give a handjob that suits each person in one shot.

In any case, it is safe to try holding and squeezing in various ways, in order, and find the one that seems comfortable for the other person.

At first, I didn't know what it was like to have a handjob that a man could feel good about.
So, at such times, I asked the other party to demonstrate the handjob by myself.
Ask them, "How does it feel good?"
By observing it, you can get a sense of what side of the penis you are gripping and how strongly you are stimulating it.Then try to imitate it.

Some people orthodoxly like to hold and squeeze with their whole hand, while others are the type to knead around the glans.


Moment of ejaculation!

Immediately before ejaculation, the erection rod becomes even harder and the muscles of the whole body stiffen, so many women may be able to understand it if they touch the other's body.

The point at this time is to gradually weaken the strength of the hand job after confirming that it is "fired".

This is also for advanced users, but for men who can feel the nipples, stimulating the nipples while giving a hand job will increase the pleasure.While stimulating the nipple with the free hand, I think it would be good to stimulate the mouth if there is room.

If you're a guy who likes kissing, it's a good idea to kiss while hugging and handjob.It's even better if it's thick.
I also like being kissed while being cummed by hand.However, there are more people who want to see their faces come orgasm, so I don't have much experience.

And after ejaculation, the hand job ends there.If you continue to give a hand job after ejaculation, the pain and discomfort will outweigh the pleasure, and you will lose the afterglow.

However, as an extra edition, if you have already had sex several times and have an intimate relationship, you can dare to continue handjobs and see the reaction by letting out the S feeling as a play.



There are quite a lot of women who are not good at blow job.First of all, it is a major premise that it is difficult to feel excitement about the male genitalia, but not knowing what to do about it is also a major cause of "not fun = not good at it".

If you attack the erogenous zone as I wrote this time, there is no doubt that many men will feel good.

Increased arousal on the part of men results in increased sexual satisfaction.

It doesn't require very difficult techniques, so please use it as a reference.

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