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Characteristics and how to distinguish "land mine papa"

What is "Mine Papa"?


I often see the word "landmine papa" on SNS.

Among these "landmines", Papa active girls (commonly known as pj),dangerous personis used in a bad way.

In a world where papa activities are spreading throughout the world,dad-to-beOf course, the number of dads has increased, and there are many different types of dads.

So, what kind of person is “landmine daddy” specifically?

I would like to write about my experiences and stories I heard from my friends.



Features of "Mine Papa"

Make a last-minute cancellation/cancellation repeatedly


  • I decided the date and time in advance by message, but it was canceled on the day...
  • Even if you decide the schedule, you can't meet because of cancellations


If the reason for cancellation on the day is said to be "poor physical condition" or "work",

I can't say anything honestly because I can't confirm this either. 


Conversation ends with refusal contact!Ifmine papais likely to be

If you really want to meet, they should ask you about the next date and time.


In fact, I asked the person who canceled on the day of the application to ask for the next date and time, and I agreed.

Same day cancellation...  (laughs)

As expected, I assumed that there would be no next time, and I did not return the contact after that.


If you want to cancel at least the day before.I think it's the minimum manners as a member of society.

Even if you've never met someone before, if you can't take care of them,mine for sure.



be out of touch


  • I arrived at the meeting place on the day, and as soon as I sent a message, the app was blocked
  • The day before we met, when I tried to send a confirmation message for tomorrow, the app was blocked.


This is considerably more vicious than a no-cancel,Easier way to cancel than a message.

You can save yourself the excuses and hassle of canceling...


For the former"Riddle"A very bad act.

Ascertain pj who arrived at the meeting place from a remote place,

Just block the app and go home,

Some dads take pictures from afar and post them on social media...!

It's no longer a crime.


When you arrive at the meeting place early, instead of telling your characteristics right away,

It is better to try to find out the other person's characteristics firstIt may be.


It's exactly the first victory ♪



Forced frequent texting or calling


This is a story that I actually experienced in the early days of my dad life.

Menhera papa who can't be determined by face-to-faceThat's how it was.


The feeling of the face-to-face conversation was good, and the talk about the allowance went smoothly,

I think this person will be a good regular...!I was hoping for a short while...

As soon as I got home,A storm of long messages! (smile)

For me, who usually doesn't touch my phone much, it was nothing but fear.


I used to live with him (of course I told him),

I told him in a message that it was difficult to message him frequently.


"I'm sorry. I don't want to be hated, so be careful."

I was relieved for the time being, but the incident happened the next day.


Good morning ~ A long line like a diary that beginsWhen,A picture of myself with my cat at home

has been sent.

Wait, I have no idea what I told you yesterday...! ! ! ! (smile)

This exchange continued for some time, and as a result, we never met again.

I sent you a farewell message.


Now that I think about it, this dad is divorced and single.

Were you looking for someone you could have casual conversations with every day?

"Don't intrude too much on each other's privacy,moderate sense of distancecan be maintained

この moderate sense of distance If it's not with someone who has the same sense of

The lesson I learned was that it is difficult to be in a long-term relationship.



trying to get in the car


I don't think there's a problem if it's someone you've met many times and built a trusting relationship with.

It's very dangerous to get into the car of a dad who you meet for the first time without knowing who the other person is.


Strictly speaking, not only cars

Being in a closed space with only two people is dangerousYou can also say.


This is also a scary story from my early days as a dad.

only once I had a scary experience riding it (scary)


At the suggestion of the other party, we decided to have a face-to-face drive on that day.

After introducing myself and chatting for a while,

"Do you have a physical relationship with someone?"

At first, I had no experience and didn't even think about going into a physical relationship.

I noticed something while telling him, "I've never experienced it before."

This road I'm driving on right now is a little far from the cityThe road leading to the hotel town...


Did you know that my reaction was reluctant,

"I suddenly remembered work, so I have to go home!"


while the car is running,can't escapeThen,can't ask for help.

Maybe I was just lucky that I wasn't forced into it (crying)


From now on,I will never ride in my dad's car for the first time againI swore.

A little carelessness may lead to a big incident

I always want to spend time telling myself.



Asking about body shape and three sizes before meeting


If you go out of your way to meet them, you can understand the feelings of dads who want to prevent photo fraud.


However, I wrote my ideal body shape in my profile for a long time,

If someone persistently asks about your breast size and body shape,

definitely"Body purpose" = "mine".


The first thing I want to notice is mutual trust because it is a blind partner.

Not just about the body

Someone who asks you in-depth questions before you know each otheris to be careful.



try to hide one's identity

Among the dads, there are many who hold positions,

Of course, I think there are many people who try not to give out too much personal information because of their position.

On the other hand, on the women's side as well, we used pseudonyms and misrepresented our occupations.

We maintain a clear relationship so that individuals are not identified There must be a lot of people.


The only dad I've ever met,someone who doesn't say anything about themselvesThere was.

Namealso a secret.Occupationalso a secret.

The other thing we asked was that everything was dodged, only questions for me.

Is this a conversation...? (Laughs) And the meeting ended with a complicated feeling.


I was invited to dinner later and decided to meet.

An incident occurred on the way home.


"Actually, my hobby is taking pictures of women's dicks. Can I take pictures after this?"



A shocking word from the mouth of my dad who has never talked about himself until now 🤣

What was even more shocking was not the cell phone cameraTaken with an SLRI'm going to do...


When I looked at the bag my dad had, it was really a single-lens reflex camera (laughs).

Of course, I politely declined and was contacted after that.


It's not that people who never reveal their identity are bad,

This dad must have his own hobbies,"There is a risk in revealing your true identity"

At this time, I finally understood that I was enlightened.


Even if you don't reveal your occupation, isn't your name the bare minimum? (just the name below)

If you don't like that, you can use a pseudonym.If you don't say anything, you will still feel distrustful.

And that distrust is right, so even more so!

Land mine dad who needs to be careful that there is something behind it

That's what I realized😅 Some people may just be clumsy, so

It's difficult to generalize, but...




The above is how to identify a landmine dad based on his experiences.

If you're going to do this activity, you'll want to find fun and wonderful encounters♪

Let's distinguish "mine daddy" well and have a fun daddy life!



Mr. Alasar, who is enjoying his father's life loosely.I spend a long and relaxing time with my favorite regulars.We will send out experiences and useful information ^ ♪

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