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To become a “woman I want to see again”

It's a miracle to become a "woman you want to meet again"! ?

This world is a relationship that is established by supply and demand through money.

"I want to see you again"What kind of person do you feel?


Each person has different senses, values, and what they want from others,

Overall"Someone who is close to my ideal = someone who is valuable to me"and

and"People who have special feelings and interests that other people don't have'That's what I feel.


In fact, I have been working as a dad for several years,

After meeting for the first time and spending time with just the two of us,

Even if we often have feelings like, “I’m sorry, we won’t see each other again,” or “You were a good person,”

"I definitely want to see you again!"I think it was

Especially from the fathers side,Probability of thinking “I definitely want to see you again (even if I pay money)!”Because it becomes

Of course,"How does this girl compare to other girls I've met?"

It shouldn't be strange to see it like that.

Of course, we also try to look at dads from the same point of view, don't we?

In that case, from the father who is thinking "I want to see you again",

It is not easy to be chosen as "a woman I want to meet again",no longer a miracleI can say that.


Then, how can I stop the papa in my heart?

Can I become a “woman I want to meet again”?



"Woman I want to see again" is this kind of person!

have dreams and goals

no matter how trivialA woman who strives for her dreams and goals looks sparkling.

When such a topic comes up in a conversation, the way you speak openly and happily will be very attractive.

"I want to support this child's dream."And Papa-san who consults and gives accurate advice,

There may be a story that leads to work from there.

In fact, the manager Papa really liked the gap between my "attitude towards work" and my appearance.

Now, surprisingly, I was able to become a big customer for my work ♪ lol


"I'm working for some reason" or "I want to quit my job"Negative remarks are not productive.

Even if you think in your heart, you don't need to expose everything about yourself,It is important not to say too much.



don't be too careful

This is also what I learned from my mistakes (laughs).

nurtured during the night shift"Consideration for others"

When you eat, you can change the ashtray, look at the decrease in the glass and ask the drink,

When moving, such as opening an elevator or door.

I didn't force myself to do it, but I acted unconsciously,

“Pimaru-chan is a customer.

I've been told that.

It didn't turn out to be a dangerous atmosphere, but it didn't happen the second time (laughs).


That's when I realized.What dads want

While escorting so that the woman can enjoy it,togetherhaving a good time.

IThe "attentiveness" that I thought was good was actually making Papa feel cramped.I don't know.

A little consideration is important, but having fun together is more important than anything else.

When Papa later recalled,

Rather than "You were a caring child""You seemed to enjoy your time together."

It seems that the probability of becoming a “woman you want to meet again” will increase significantly if you make an impression.



have time to spare

Packing plans before and after the date, arriving late for the meeting time,

somewherePeople who don't have time to spare tend to think that they aren't interested in themselves.

This is not a story that can be said only for dad activities, but you can see the humanity of the other party.

Do you want to meet someone who has a lot of plans and wants to meet in a short time, or who is late?

To be honest, you don't have to go that far to meet someone like that (laughs).


Out of good intentions, I went out for a bit with the bar, and tried to match my time with Papa as much as possible.

you have to,Date with Papa = Time for PapaI'm trying to make it as

Because of that,“Pimaru-chan spends his time wisely.”

I received a lot of treatment, and sometimes I received a small gift,

There are many things that every dad can tell you how grateful they are ✨


Leisure time leads to peace of mind, and it may even come back in the form of money like thisBecause,

I think that having time to spare is very important in the long run.



Good speaker/good listener

This is one of my strengths that I can proudly say (laughs).


Looking back on the dads I've met so far,

Impression that there were many people who wanted to talk about themselvesreceive. (Some people were bombarded with questions...lol)

I was a person who was good at communication skills, but if anything,better at listening than speakingBecause it was

So that you can talk comfortably, and to know what kind of person you are talking to,

At that time, I was on the "listener side" with great interest, thinking only about the other person.


Since it is not possible to have a conversation just by listening one-sidedly,

"I think so too!"Empathy/AgreementAnd

"I didn't think so, but why?"question of interest,

AndOccasionally, create a scene that honestly surprises and praises.

With just this, the other person will be able to talk comfortably enough ♪

It's okay if it's just a little lie, but if you say something you don't mean, you'll get ripped off somewhere,

Since there is a possibility that it will be transmitted to the other party,It is important to be honest in your own words.


It is NG to talk only about yourself, saying, "I am..." instead of talking about Papa.

You don't have to know everything at once, and it's attractive to have a little "mystery".



have a hobby

Hobbies are important key points that can bring you closer together♪

Hobbies can be rare or common.

Unusual items tend to leave an impression, and even common items can be a conversation piece.It will be an opportunity to get to know yourself naturally.

If you have the same hobby, just talking about it will be fun and exciting,

It's easy to connect to the next time, "Let's do it together next time!"


For those who say that they have no hobbies,Telling people to eat delicious foodis highly recommended.

“Do you have a favorite shop, ▲▲(papa)?”→“I want to go with you♪”

"I want to go to ◯◯ (the store I'm interested in)..."

Etc., it's easier to invite people casually than active hobbies, and it's easier to connect to the next one.



show no desire

How would you feel if your dad invited you to have sex with him right after you met him?

Most people don't think so.

Women who only talk about money and women who ask for gifts as soon as they meet,

II don't feel attractive because I see too much greed as a man who invites me to "have sex".

Even though the premise is “relationships connected by money”,If you think, "After all, it's money," it's over.


There are some dads who want to make their women happy and want to buy them for them.

It is important to find out what kind of person the other person is and then start talking to them.




What did you think?

All about "the woman I want to meet again" that I wrote this time,It's not about appearances that require effort over a long period of time,

Easy to implement, saves time and moneyI narrowed it down and put it together in points.


In order to be the “woman I want to see again” of my father,

Of course, appearance = beauty is also indispensable, but appearance is not everything.


All women reading this

I hope I can become a "woman I want to see again" for my dad who is planning to meet next time ♪



Mr. Alasar, who is enjoying his father's life loosely.I spend a long and relaxing time with my favorite regulars.We will send out experiences and useful information ^ ♪

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