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[Excellent dad reception ♡] XNUMX ways to make "atmospheric beauty" that can be done immediately for free

If you search for the words “papa-katsu” and “p-katsu” on social media, you will often see the word “plastic surgery”.Daddy live girls uploading brand items are too dazzling...

I don't have money for plastic surgery.

For those who think so, this time I will teach you how to make a "beautiful atmosphere" that you can do without spending money!


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□Period: 2 full years                  
□ Form: Exclusively for one daddy   
□ Partner: President of a small and medium-sized enterprise     
□ Amount received: 500 million yen in total



In this article,
A “Beauty” that is universally accepted"Elegant and beautiful woman"define as.

"Beautiful woman"There is no man who doesn't likeIt is the instinct of males to want to leave behind better genes.

Then."elegant woman"は?
It's not high-handed, it's just a sense of leeway.She's a wonderful woman who doesn't forget to take care of others and those around her, not just herself.I don't think there is a man who would hate such a woman.
Elegance is better than nothing.That's the answer to "beauty" that I've been thinking about for many years.

In a sense, if you want to be “beautiful” by asking for something you don’t have, you may need the plastic surgery I mentioned at the beginning.butIf you are an "atmospheric beauty", you can make it come true right away depending on your consciousness!

Now, let's take a look at the specific "Ambient Beauty" how-to.


■ ①Appearance

The world is full of makeup and fashion information for dads, so I won't cover it in this article.

One thing I can say is
in any caseIt is important to go to meet someone in a dress that makes you feel confident, that means.That's because confidence becomes a sense of leeway and is transmitted to the other party.

Daddy active girls who are achieving results are giving off an aura of leeway from their whole body.

Are the heels of the heels worn out?
Do these clothes and body lines look attractive?
Is it OK to show the face with make-up not only from the front but also from the side?

Unexpectedly, other people are looking at the profile.When applying makeup, be sure to check how you look from the side.
Even if the clothes and accessories are simple,The sense of leeway called confidence is the best accessory!



Tomorrow's meeting, what should I wear?
The clothes you want to wear are fine, but you must not forgetThinking about "other party's appeal" firstis.Dress in clothes that look good on you and that will please the person you meet on the day.

Heeled shoes and small bags are a must!

Wearing a large tote bag and sneakers conveys a silent message: "I'm a woman who has to carry a lot of things on her own feet."If you assume the opposite, you should know what to wear naturally.


■ ③ Posture

There is no "atmosphere beauty" who does not have a beautiful posture!A beautiful posture is better than any jewelry or branded clothes.

Drop your shoulders and keep your neck long.
Stand straight with the image of being hung from directly above.

A beautiful posture that is unrelated to stooping is the result of daily awareness and effort.At that time, I also desperately went to the gym to wear it.If you walk around town with a beautiful posture, the effect is obvious!The eyes around you are different!


■ ④ Gestures

One of my casual gestures is subject to assessment by men.Have you ever been conscious of that?

Handle things using only the fingertips.
Hold your glasses and your smartphone with your fingers together.
Dare to pick up something nearby with your other hand.

Even just gestures related to hands (arms), if you give examples, there is no end.

When taking a taxi, it is smart to put your legs in the car last.Are your legs together then?

Even if you try to fix it on the spot, it's a normal gesture to come out at once.
My recommendation is to study the gestures of parts models (such as Emi Kaneko).You can meet yourself as elegant as you can be!


■ ⑤ Expression

Can you say that a beautiful woman whose mouth corners are always down is a beautiful woman?Conversely, even if she's not necessarily beautiful, someone who is always in a good mood and who seems to be in a good mood is attractive.

The ideal is a smile that exudes a sense of leeway.
Please look in the mirror and be conscious of it in your daily life and try to reproduce it at any time.

そ し て,A friendly smile,
Decisive face when it's time to come
some in mePrepare for effective use of facial expressionsLet's keep it!


■ ⑥ How to speak

Basically elegant, something that comes from slow movements.

Even when talking to othersAwareness of speaking a little more slowly than usualtryIt may be good.

However, the standard is the opponent's preference.Some dads like girls who speak brightly and cheerfully.What does your partner want from you?reflected in the way you speakLet's go.


■ ⑦Correct manners

Course meal at a luxury restaurant tonight.In such a case, can you use the cutlery lined up in front of you with confidence?

If you don't have confidenceReview meal manners in advancekeep it.The requirements for manners are quite different depending on the opponent.Let's go on a meal date with at least the minimum basics.

Your calm and dignified appearance will impress the dad (candidate dad) sitting across from the table..Don't miss the points you can earn!It is common to all papa katsu girls who can do it.


■ Summary

From clothing and make-up to posture, gestures, and the way you speak, we have listed a wide range of ways to create an "ambiance beauty".

How about it?
You may be surprised, "There are so many items to be aware of!"
Until I tried to get rid of the "unpopular ugly", I didn't even think about it.By noticing it and clearing it one by one, I gradually realized "that kind of beauty (wind)".

When you get a beautiful evaluation, the reaction of the other party is definitely different!

A beautiful atmosphere that doesn't take money or time, please try to work on it.



In order to know the market value of her as a "woman", she started working as a dad and mistress. was her mistress for two years in her mid-twenties.I would appreciate it if you could share the joys and sorrows of those days, and highly reproducible how-tos.

Article by Miki Fujisaki

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