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"Since my salary is low, I registered for the Papa Katsu App."

It is said that there are many women who are working for a company who are in trouble because their salaries are not increasing.I am also an office worker and have a side job as a writer.

This time, instead of general side jobs, I tried to find out about "OL's secret side jobs".

What is an OL's secret side job?

 ① Daddy activities

A 27-year-old acquaintance once told me, "My company has low salaries, so I started a dad activity app, but the messe is hard." I couldn't help thinking, "Oh, let's live as a dad from around XNUMX!"

If you want to start dad activities, there are various ways such as matching apps and SNS.However, in order to safely use the matching app without revealing your face or body, it is recommended to register with the "Dating Club".

A dating club is a dating club that only women who have passed an interview can register.Photos and profiles are only open to male members, so it is said that they will not be found out.

Male members are all people with social status, such as presidents and company executives who have paid a high admission fee and annual membership fee.I heard that the price is about 3 yen for meals alone, and 5 yen or more for adults.

②Drinking a guarantee

There was also an acquaintance who said, "I've been there to drink money when celebrities come."Gala drinking is a side job where you can participate in joint parties and drinking parties and receive rewards.There are two ways to participate in the drinking party.Get in touch with an intermediary or sign up for the Gala Drinking App.This time, I will explain how to register the application.

Masuha applies and undergoes a photo screening and an interview.If you pass it, register your face photo and profile in the app.An offer comes in from the organizer of the drinking party who saw the profile, and matching is established when the conditions are met.You can get a guarantee by participating in drinking parties and parties.

The gala drinking is mainly held in the city center, and the gala once is about 1 to 2 yen.If you put in an offer only on weekends, it will be relatively easy for office workers to work.However, recently, the tax office has begun to pay attention to tax evasion by drinking money, and there is also a case where a girl who drinks money is subject to additional taxation of 3 million yen.Women who are making extravagant money by drinking money need to be careful.

③Snacks (Attractions)

A long time ago, barbering was one of the popular side businesses.However, recently, companies have banned side jobs in the bar business, and there is a risk that male employees may find out, so it seems that the number of female office workers who have side jobs at cabaret clubs is on the decline.Especially now, hostesses have to do SNS, so there is a danger of being exposed.

However, it seems that the side business of the water business is still popular in rural areas.Especially popular are cabaret clubs, but snacks. The reason is that it is OK to go to work all day, there is no quota, you don't have to wear a dress or do hair and makeup, so you don't have to spend money.

It seems that there are many places where you get 10% of the day's sales on a commission basis.Depending on the shop, you may need to bring your own hand-made appetizer.

④ Customs and customs esthetics, non-customs esthetics

There are some OLs who have a side job of sex entertainment due to complicated circumstances such as having debts, being addicted to hosting and promotion.Sexual customs are various, and it is said that light sex shops such as sex salons are popular with office workers.There is also a non-professional esthetic called men's esthetic without pulling (Menesu).

You can go to work freely and pay daily, so it's convenient when you want immediate money or when you're short of money.

However, if the company finds out about the side business of sex entertainment, it can become a problem, so you need to be careful when choosing a shop.It is also said that people who thoroughly take measures against company exposure go to the suburbs or out of the prefecture to work only on weekends.I want you to be careful not to get caught.

⑤ Mistress

Compared to other side jobs, there is overwhelmingly less risk of the company being exposed as a “mistress”.There are various benefits such as not having to meet an unspecified number of men like dad activities and receiving a large amount of money.However, in order to become a mistress, you have to make efforts such as good looks and consideration for daddy men.Because most women can't do it, the payoff is great.


Night shift work is a physical challenge, and there are some people who suffer from mental illness, so there is a lot of suitability and unsuitability.Personally, I would recommend doing a regular side job while building up your daytime career, but if you really want to come to the night world and make a lot of money, do so at your own risk!

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