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are you really making money?The identity and traps of the Kirakira Papa account (interview with former hostess writer Ayumi Kawano)

Photographs of branded goods and banknotes overflowing on SNS. Have you ever been interested in a glittering daddy activity account posted with hashtags such as #earning and #P activity, asking, "Can you earn so much?"

I think there are many women who ask, "Where are you doing your daddy activities?"

Are they really earning Papa active girls?This time"The bottom hostess becomes number one in Asia”, a writer who also covers dad activitiesAyumi KawanoI asked Mr.

What is the identity of the sparkling dad account that is overflowing with SNS?

Ayumi Kawano

ーWhat are the real identities of the Kirakira Papa active girls that you often see on social media?

Ayumi Kawano (below: Kawano):The true identity of the Kirakira Papa Katsu girls you see on SNS is often a mediator or a scout for Papa Katsu.Their purpose is to collect women who are interested in papa activities by writing pictures of branded goods and wads of bills and posting money for plastic surgery.

Interested women send DMs and comments asking, "Where are you doing your daddy activities?"Then, mediators and scouts pretending to be women lure them in, saying, "I'll introduce you directly to the community that will introduce you to my dad."

The community is that the mediator matches the dad and the woman, and the man on the dad side pays an admission fee to enter the community admission fee.From what I've heard, the initial admission fee for a man was 10 yen, and every time a woman was introduced from within the community, Papa would pay a scout man a referral fee of 1 to 2 yen.

Daddy active brokers are not safe

ーIs it dangerous to ask a broker to introduce you to a dad?

Kawano:Women may think that having a dad introduced through a broker is safer than finding a dad on social media.However, there are many people who do not know their identities because the mediator and the father do not have a direct interview.

The mediation company is only an intermediary, so if there is a problem, they will not provide aftercare.I can't say that there is no risk of sexually transmitted infections.

In addition, information about women in the community is shared with customs scouts.In the beginning, we will match women with their fathers, but sometimes fathers will approach unpopular children or children who cannot earn money to work abroad in rural areas.

Recently, it seems that there are also cases where you can introduce projects of overseas migrant workers such as the United States and Macau, which are often seen on Twitter.

It is also possible that support deli companies are mixed in

In addition, Kawano says that illegal support delivery companies are sometimes hidden in the SNS Kira Papa Katsu account.

Kawano:Support delivery company is an abbreviation for delivery health company that takes customers under the guise of compensated dating and papa katsu.In reality, it is a non-store-type delivery-type brothel that has not obtained permission to operate a brothel, and mainly recruits male customers using matching apps and dating sites.

A person called Sakura or Uchiko pretends to be a woman and writes a message to make an appointment with a man.Women go to meet men, and they have sexual intercourse in the same way as Papa-katsu.Recently, in February, five men and women, including a former YouTuber, were arrested on suspicion of violating the anti-sales law by using a matching app to mediate sexual partners.

Whether it is a mediation company or an illegal support deli, soliciting women for prostitution on SNS, catching men on the customer side, and mediating them violate the Anti-Prostitution Act.

Just like former YouTubers, there is a risk that women will be arrested at random, so it is better to think that there is a danger in having SNS Kira Kira accounts introduce papa activities.”

Beware of SNS Kira Kira Papa Katsu Accounts

In addition to these vendors, some of the Kirakira Papa Katsu accounts sell products such as "How to make money easily with Papa Katsu", or give advice on how to make money with Papa Katsu and charge a fee. Papa Katsu Consultant” is also available.It's good as long as you're convinced and buy it, but there's always a backside to a good story.

Some SNS accounts are soliciting women by claiming that "money earned through daddy activities is tax-free," but money earned through daddy activities is subject to gift tax.If you receive a gift exceeding 110 yen in a year, you must file a gift tax return.

Be careful not to be deceived by the clever solicitation of the Kirakira Papa Active Account.

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