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pika and overeating vomiting

Daddy life.


Nowadays, it is common to say P-katsu, and it is common knowledge among young girls that the so-called “pj”, which is an abbreviation for Papa-katsu Joshi, is used as a slang word.


When I was asked to write this column for pjs and dads to read, the first thing I thought was "overeating and vomiting".


The pjs live every day to receive allowances.


Wear clothes you don't want to wear, say things you don't want to say, do things you don't want to do.


Some children think that it can't be helped if it's to get money, while others think that it's just to get money.


If you say that people have different values, it would be nothing, but it is attractive because it is an infinitely gray existence.


I think that's the secret to making money.


The place where such girls are taken by their papa is, yes, a high-class restaurant.


As for this, it is also a place for PJs to post on Instagram, and it is a match between demand and supply that dads want to feed cute girls delicious food.


But what about the bodies of the girls who uploaded food, ate deliciously, and made their daddy happy?


Probably 9% of women are thin.


Why are you thin even though you are eating?


Of course, there are some children who are trying their best to go on a diet.


But most of it is because I'm battling binge eating and vomiting.


Binge eating and vomiting, as the name suggests, is one of the eating disorders that Princess Diana is said to have suffered from eating a lot and vomiting.


If you ego on Twitter with "p activity overeating vomiting", many girls are writing painful feelings.


Some children are doing p activities to overeating and vomiting, and to please daddy!Some children eat a lot and overeating and vomiting.


I also have experience with binge eating.


Binge eating and vomiting is a disease in which people vomit because they are unable to control their eating, overeat due to stress, or are too obsessed with losing weight.


In today's Japan, the belief in being thin is so deeply rooted that girls struggle with their own weight on a daily basis.


If you see a girl like that, dads will surely say.


"It's okay not to be thin"


But girls know.


Chubby, they say, goes into our "thin".


Among men and women with such different values, p-katsu is probably repeating the seesaw game with the slightest breeze.


They suffer from it because they know the simple fact that they can lose weight by overeating and vomiting.


The term body positivity is also popular, but they don't hear it.


It's the modern society that makes it happen.


The condition of a cute girl is "a child like a model".


It is safe to say that the pjs, who are judged under various conditions such as the models being thin and double, are truly surviving society.


Some girls are far from the ideal female image that their dads want.


However, they are also working hard every day, and they are desperately facing tomorrow while hating themselves.


If daddy and pj can share such a lonely and painful feeling, it will be a new form of communication for modern society.


Even if we are in a relationship that is connected by money, I think it is necessary to have two-way communication that allows us to accept each other's existence in the world.


The most important thing for pj is money.


But I think the next most important thing is to have someone who recognizes your existence and raises your self-esteem.


In today's world where everyone is said to have low self-esteem, no matter how much you care about your makeup and fashion, you will be called a "potato".


We are fighting every day, so if there were even a few people who would praise us.


I always feel that way, so I think the pj's also have a little bit of that feeling.


I think there are a lot of girls who think it's only natural that they don't feel happy when they get praised by their dads, but even so, it's definitely better to have someone to praise them.


In a world where people are judged only by their appearance, the first thing we can do is to recognize ourselves.


There must be a lot of pjs who suffer because they can't just accept themselves.


In communicating with your father, if you learn things like how a man will be pleased if you say things like this, or if you can get paid if you do something like this, and if you can increase your self-esteem through the process of learning such things, I think life should be recognized as an option.


Respect each other, that's definitely the right thing to do.


If there is a moment when you can rely on each other in the tingling search of dad life, it will surely be a small light in this cold society.


You don't have to admit yourself to overeating and vomiting, and you don't have to be able to fix it.


In a world like a zombie wandering around trying to find someone who affirms you, if you can recognize yourself even a little through papa katsu, you may be able to do the right thing in a world full of mistakes. .


Gen Z writer.He writes mostly about sex life and mental health.I want to write about life.

Article by Tjiasuka


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