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[Ruriiro no Papa Katsu] ~Why I started Daddy activities ②~


I'm Ruriko, a cute housewife in her 4s who has been working as a dad for 40 months.

The other day, at the shopping center I usually go to, when I was about to go home, I couldn't remember where I parked my car, so I was looking for it for about 10 minutes.

"No! No!"My child is often amazed, saying, "Again?"




Why did I start [Papa Katsu] as a happy housewife who enjoys everyday life with a harmonious family? ? ?

for money?For lust?Seeking healing?


A continuation of the previous column.




I finally found the purpose of my [papa activity]

Have you already heard the recorded video of the "Papa-katsu to pseudo-love" event and the story of Mr. Satoshi Kida, the representative of Universe Club?




In it, Mr. Kida answered the question, "Are there any children who fail in interviews at Universe Club?"


"What do you call a woman?I'm going to transform.I'm an actress, folks.Even if you don't think you'll shine at all at the interview, there are girls who say you're amazing in front of men, and vice versa.For me, [women are actresses.So polish it] and



Hearing this I...


I remember being told this by three men so far.

"You are a rough stone.So if you polish it, it becomes a diamond.”



I am more and more shining!

I can become a more beautiful woman both physically and mentally!

The brilliance of a woman changes depending on the man she meets!

That's why I want to enjoy [now] in any encounter, any event!

And a wonderful encounter is waiting for me!

I can become the light and make the surroundings shine even more!

My life is getting brighter and brighter!


I want to become even more beautiful!

I want to become even more beautiful!

I want to be Cinderella!

I want to be an actress! ! !


When I think about it now, while thinking about such a grand and dreamlike thing, I feel like I became Yumeko-chan, and I was madly enjoying [papa-katsu].



I met [Fated Dad]

And then, then, finally we met! !

To such a dreaming Cinderella princess, [Fated Daddy Prince] has appeared! ! !


This meeting was accidental and inevitable.

I thank myself for taking the plunge and registering for the Universe Club.thank you.

Thank you to the staff who made me an actress at the interview.thank you.

Thank you to the staff for setting up and guiding Princess Cinderella and the Prince.thank you.

And I am grateful to [Prince Daddy of Fate] for finding [I am the glittering Cinderella princess star] from among the many shining stars.thank you ♡♡♡

And then, God! ! !Buddha! ! !Thanks to you.appreciate.thank you.



A happy moment with [Destiny Papa]♡

Ever since I met [Destiny Papa], I feel that there is a very, very fulfilling and overflowing love that is there, not the amount of allowance or a temporary physical relationship.

It hasn't even been a month since I met [Destiny Papa], but I've been seeing him for 1 days already.Moreover, I told my family that it was work, and I had already stayed.

My life is pretty eventful (← I think so).

It's crazy...sweat, sweat, sweat.


I intended to be a [housewife's daddy] to take a break, but it turned out to be [serious daddy], [destined daddy], and [lifelong daddy] ♡



To be honest, the time I spent with [Fated Papa] was really comfortable, pampered and fulfilled, and I'm supremely happy.

So when you come back to reality and come back home, normally you'll be...

"Oh, is this real?"


I eat rice with my family.

Laugh at silly things with your family.

Watch movies together as a family.

Hug and kiss your husband.

Look at my child's cute sleeping face. (← She's already a junior high school student, but she's super cute~, lol)

Casual time with my family is a super, super, super, happy time again♡♡♡

And, through [Papa-katsu], I am reminded of [current happiness with my family] every day.



You decide your own destiny!

Spending time with my favorite [destiny daddy] is also important♡

Spending time with my favorite [husband and angel child] is also important♡


yes.I'm very happy now because I have both...

Honestly, I don't feel like I'm doing [papa katsu] anymore.

I want to meet someone I like, so I go to meet them.I'm really happy to hear your voice on the phone.When the mail arrives, her heart is pounding.

This is completely [love], isn't it?From the bottom of my heart, I love [Fate Papa].


Will I be able to continue and live happily ever after?


To be honest, no one knows the future.

Maybe I will lose something important, someone important to me...


But I am prepared.That's how much I love myself now.

[Destiny Papa] thinks that he will make me a more shining Cinderella princess.

that's right! !

"You are a rough stone.So, if you polish it, it will become a diamond."


And now I am able to appreciate the people in front of me, including my family, every day.Therefore, I am ready to accept whatever the outcome may be.


I became an actress and

I became Cinderella,

I enjoy the life of the main character to the fullest ♡♡♡



What I want to tell you from now on

By the way, I have met a total of 4 [lovely dads] in the last 2 months through 1 matching apps and 14 dating club.


From now on, I would like to frankly tell you about things like this and that with [Papa-sama] I met in [Papa-Katsu], what I learned through [Papa-Katsu], interesting episodes, etc.

Please continue to enjoy Ruriko's ups and downs [Papa Katsu Conte Theater].


Thank you for reading to the end.See you again with a smile! !



I hope you have a wonderful encounter ♪

May your life shine brighter!

May you live the life of the protagonist





nice to meet you.I am a housewife in her 4s who has been a dad for 40 months and is a happy couple. With the motto [enjoy the present, enjoy life], I will tell you what I am learning through dad life and stories of dad life experiences like skits.

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