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[A story with a dad in his 70s] Chapter 2 ~Stayover edition~

Hello.I'm Ruriko, a cute housewife in her 40s with a smile.

Well now, if I was living a normal life, I think I would have spent my whole life without knowing [the world of Papa Katsu] as a housewife.

This is a sequel to [Story with a 70-year-old dad] who taught me [Papa life].

If you haven't read the previous column yet, please do so.

Story with [Papa in his 70s] ~Encounter~




Invitation to stay

It was about three months after I started dating K-sama for a lunch and drive date.

One day, I received such an invitation from Mr.


"Next month, I'm going to stay in Tokyo for work, so I want you to come with me."


eh? ? ?

Staying overnight?

In Tokyo?

me together? ? ?


For a moment, I couldn't understand what I was thinking...

I was simple as an idiot back then.(No, it's still stupid and simple, lol)


Lucky to be able to go to Tokyo for the first time in a while♡

I'm lucky to be able to eat delicious things ♡

Lucky to be able to go out for an overnight stay♡

Have fun♡♡♡


With such a light glue,I said, "I'll think about it," and said OK the next day, lol.


Well, the challenge is [excuse for family].I have a husband and children.

Accommodation was set for Saturday and Sunday.I'm off work, but my husband has a job and needs a place to leave his children.

What should I make an excuse for...


For my husband...

"I'm going to stay at my parent's house for a while."

My husband is very understanding and tells me to do whatever I want, but it's hard to say that I'm going to stay out for no reason.My parents' house is close, but I often stayed there, so I didn't get suspicious.


For my mother at home...

"I have some business with my friend in Tokyo, and I would like to stay and see him. I want you to look after my child."

Sometimes I want to leave my child with my mother at home, so I'm used to it and I feel safe.I told only her mother that I would stay.


And for children...

no, lol

At that time, I was in the lower grades of elementary school, but I was a spoiled child who said, "I can't sleep without my mother." (← There was a time when he would say such cute things~♡ I miss him now, lol)

I was crying when I wasn't there, so I kept it a secret and didn't tell her until the last minute because I was worried if I told her in advance, so I called her at night.

"Mom, I think I'll be home a little late, so go to bed with grandma first."and.And the next day, "I'm going to be late, so please play with my grandma."She cried and worried a little, but somehow her mother managed to cover it up and she calmed down. (She is always spoiled by her mother at home. Thank you. Thank you.)




Exhaustive [luxury plan]

Finally, it's time to stay with K.

Meet at the ticket gate of the station.

Shinkansen, of course, green seats.Spacious, relaxing and comfortable~♡

We talked about work, family, and many other things with Mr. K, and the two of us had a fun time heading to Tokyo.


And after arriving in Tokyo and leaving my luggage at the hotel,

"I'll buy you the clothes you like."

"I'll buy you the shoes you like."

"I made a reservation because you said you like to see plays."


go shopping and

Let me immerse myself in the world I love,

For dinner, eat at a delicious yakitori restaurant,

I also drink alcohol and get a little drunk and have fun,

My heart and stomach were filled to the brim...


My happiness is 100% for the luxury plan that is already perfect.




It's finally time for an adult relationship! ?

Then return to your hotel.

A very upscale hotel. Mr. K is a member of this hotel, and he said that he often uses it.

The room is spacious and gorgeous, and my happiness level has increased again to 120%.

My mood was high, and I was already excited and excited about a world I had never seen before.

"I have never stayed in such a nice hotel ♡♡♡"


And you will be invited by Mr. K who sits on the sofa.

"I want you to come on my lap.I want you to pamper me more.come"





What should I do···

Hesitantly, I went over to his lap, but...

I'm awkward...

There is nothing but discomfort...

What should I do···

I can't take it...

It impossible···



at that timeI was very stubborn and hesitated to be held or hugged.

It is not a matter of K-sama's appearance or personality. (They later became adults, lol)

I myself was quite reluctant to take the first step.

After that, when I started working as a dad, I enjoyed the place and enjoyed sex,

At that time I wasI locked myself with a tight key.


And a word from K.

"I'm rational too, so I wouldn't force you to attack me, but I was disappointed."



Sorry for being a stupid girl.

When you're invited to stay, you'll definitely have ulterior motives, so if you're going to follow me, be prepared for that!Isn't it?

No, it's not that I hadn't imagined it...

At that time, I just wanted to have fun on my own terms.

A cunning woman, a nasty woman, no, an idiot.


After that, Mr. K

"Since it's a big deal, why don't you come into the pool?"

With that said, I went to the pool, entered the hot springs, and enjoyed the hotel's services.


However, when I returned to the room, I could not sleep well next to Mr. K, who was sleeping soundly with a loud snoring.did not.

"I've come all the way to Tokyo, what am I doing..."

I still remember feeling empty.


Mr. K was a little angry after waking up, so I was handed the bullet train fare on the way home, and I decided to go home alone.



I myself thought that my relationship with Mr. K was over, but Mr. K never gave up and thought of [the next strategy to drop me].

That strategy is [Papa Katsu].

Next time, I will finally know the word [papa katsu], and it will progress to an adult relationship.


Please look forward to next time.

Please read to the endThank you.



I hope you have a wonderful encounter ♪

May your life shine brighter!

May you live the life of the protagonist







nice to meet you.I am a housewife in her 4s who has been a dad for 40 months and is a happy couple. With the motto [enjoy the present, enjoy life], I will tell you what I am learning through dad life and stories of dad life experiences like skits.

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