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[Ruriiro no Papa Katsu] ~Why I started Papa Katsu ①~

nice to meet you.I'm Ruriko, a writer.


I am a housewife in my 40s who is good at saving money and has a cute smile (← I say it myself).

After 15 years of marriage, I have one husband (← I don't think there are two people, lol), and one child.

I work part time on weekdays.

[Dad life history 4 months], 1 month has passed since I met [rich fat daddy] in the dad life world.



happy my daily life

"Have a nice day ♡♡♡"

Every morning I see my husband off to work with a hug and a kiss.

When you go out with your family on weekends, you can naturally hold hands with your friends.

Sex with my husband is about once a week, a relationship that is loved and loved. (← Then, I think without permission, lol)

A super super super lovey couple who is amazed by children ♡


My only son is already a junior high school student, but he walks with me, is very obedient, and my child is cute no matter how old he is. (← I'm pretty stupid, lol)

My husband and I often talk about raising children, but I think that my children are more determined than I am, and that they are raising me.

Sometimes I suddenly change and become a demon baba (bitter smile), but parenting is so much fun♡


I can work at my own pace, I can go home on time, and I feel comfortable doing it.

It's hard because I have many different jobs, but I choose each one myself.

It's important to enjoy both housework and work♡



This is me [Papa life]! ?

Married life is good! !

Good home environment! !

Motivation for work, so so! (← I have a habit of slacking off a bit. When I have free time, I think of topics for this column, lol)

Why did I start [Papa Katsu] with such a happy family and enjoying my daily life? ? ?


In [housewife dad activities], there may be many people who start dad activities for the purpose of being dissatisfied with their marital relationships such as sexless, to relieve stress, or to enjoy pseudo-adultery. , I think my purpose is a little different.


I will talk about [meeting a dad in his 70s] who taught me about the world of [papa-katsu]. (←There are so many things I want to write♪)

I, who is full of curiosity and reckless, wanted to take a peek into that world, so without hesitation, without any hesitation, I started [Papa Katsu]!



For me, [Papa Life] is rosy!

And once you start, you can't help but have fun ♡♡♡

The world I didn't know is here! !

What a fun world! !


- You can treat your dad to a delicious meal

I'm a skinny big eater and I eat a lot. I always get compliments saying, "You eat so well that you feel good." (←Aren't you praising him? Maybe he's secretly praising him~, lol)

I'm lucky because I have a simple personality!I'm grateful to think, and I'm eating it completely without leaving anything.


Get excited about common topics with dad

Girls generally like to talk.When we talk and have a common topic, such as "riding a motorcycle" or "I like music and theater", I get excited and it's a fun time that we can't stop talking to each other.

[Papa's story that talks a lot] and [Papa's silly story] can be listened to with a smile, so no matter what the story is, it's not painful.Rather interesting. (← I am amazing because I can accept and enjoy anything like that!, lol)


● It's pure fun to hear the story of the life that Papa has walked.

From stories of foreign countries that I don't know, spiritual stories, and views on life, [Papa] has three different stories.It's attractive to me to have something that I don't have, and I'm excited to listen to any story with great interest.When there was a [Papa] who consulted with his wife about his troubles, he talked passionately and gave advice from a female perspective, lol.

Listening to [Papa]'s various life theaters feels like studying life for me, and it's really, really fun.


-You can enjoy the adult relationship with your dad by becoming an actress.

I started [Papa Katsu] and discovered something myself.

That is... "I love sex!!!" (← It's a little embarrassing, but I confessed boldly, lol)

I have sex with my husband on a regular basis, and of course I had sex with the men I dated before I got married, but the adult world is deep and erotic, and I still don't know much about it. There are so many things I don't have.And my instinct was awakened to want to know more, more, more.


●It's fun, it feels good, and I'm thankful that I even get an allowance.

When I calculated the total allowance for the last month...

Whoa, whoa! ! !

[Yukichi Fukuzawa's father] was lined up with 31 people, lol.

I think that what I can do to thank you for your treatment is [according to Papa's request as much as possible].I have a family, so I can't push myself too hard, but I will do my best to enjoy the moment.

And I will always thank you for your kindness.Thank you and I will use it for my family.



So, what is the purpose of my [papa katsu]? ? ?

for money?For lust?Seeking healing?

Since I started it out of curiosity, I didn't really understand its purpose at first, and I felt like I was searching for it.

There was something that made me think, "This is exactly who I am!!!"


What is that story...

This is the story of Mr. Satoshi Kida, the representative of the Universal Club, in the recording video of the "Papa-katsu to pseudo-love" event.





By the way, Mr. Kida is a very cool man.I've never met him, and he's the representative of the Universe Club, so I don't know if I should put his name out there lightly... (I think the fact that Mr. Kida's name appears in this column means that I have received permission. Thank you for accepting me.)

The polite and calm way of speaking, the tone of voice, it's the type that I really like, and when I was watching the video, I was arbitrarily beaten lol.

By all means, please listen to it too ♡


Well, what part of Mr. Kida's story did I sympathize with?

I will continue next time.Thank you for reading to the end.



I hope you have a wonderful encounter ♪

May your life shine brighter!

May you live the life of the protagonist





nice to meet you.I am a housewife in her 4s who has been a dad for 40 months and is a happy couple. With the motto [enjoy the present, enjoy life], I will tell you what I am learning through dad life and stories of dad life experiences like skits.

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