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Meeting is not a coincidence, it is inevitable

It will soon be three months since I met my destined papa.


My life changed a lot.

Three months ago, I was just enjoying the present, enjoying life, and enjoying being a dad.

Then, I met my destined father, and I got the chance to [think about the future].


⭐︎What do you want to cherish in your life?

⭐︎What does family mean to me?

⭐︎ What is my ideal future?




Well, this time, I will tell you about my surprising experience last week.


body wants him

My destined father lives in Tokyo, and I live in a rural area.

When I started working as a dad, I enjoyed meeting various men, and I thought it would be nice if I could meet people on a regular basis. I had an image of someone I could meet.

But now, I go to see him every weekend, especially when I'm staying with him. (Seriously, it's 5 seconds before I fall in love... No, I'm serious!)



Well, last week I had plans for the weekend and asked him

"I'm sorry. I can't meet you this week."

"Then I'll go there," he said.

They decided to come to my neighborhood.


Even if I can't see you for a week, I feel lonely...

To be honest, I feel the same way, but I feel that our bodies want each other.

We basically met, had a meal,

have sex and

have sex and

have sex and

And enjoy sex many times.

It is a type of [spending naked in bed].


me too in the beginning

I thought, "Huh? Are you going to do it again??"

Anyway, it feels good to be together...

Or rather, I want to do it forever...


As I wrote in my last column,

"Humans were born to enjoy sex"I'm seriously thinking, lol ♡


Another thing that makes me happy is when we talk in bed.

about the future

About family

about past love

Anyway, it's comfortable to talk about various things with him who is positive.


so, so

He came to see me, and this time, it was a good day for sex for 2 days and 3 nights! !smile




The world is small Surprise incident

It's the second day.

On that day, he wanted to go to the castle town, which is about 40 minutes away by train from the hotel, so the two of us decided to go out together.

We enjoyed walking around, drinking matcha green tea, and eating soba noodles.

And then on the train on the way home.

Even on the train, I want to [enjoy the place], so I often look at the scenery from the window and observe people.

So, when I suddenly looked across from where I was sitting, there was a wonderful parent and child.

A cute girl with beautiful eyes who is calm and around the sixth grade of elementary school.

A very fashionable mother in her late 40s who looks good in a skirt.She has heart earrings and a heart ring and is very cute.


And when you look to the side...

An uncle in his 50s is dozing off and sleeping.




Hmmm? ? ? (← I saw it twice, I saw it three times, lol)



Seriously! ! !

The uncle who is sleeping is a man (hereafter, Mr. T) who I met during my dad activities.

I'm already surprised to meet you in a place like this.


T-sama was the best sex partner in my life.

I've never had sex this satisfying.

I've been there many times already. (I haven't counted, but probably about 6 times, lol)


I thought that I would like to meet you again, but since I met my destined dad, I honestly don't have time to do dad activities, and I don't have any desire to do it again.

But I couldn't forget the happiness I had from having sex with Mr. T, and I remembered it from time to time.


I thought that if I could meet you in Papa-sama again, it would be T-sama.

But I just kept it in my heart.


That's what we met here! !

Feeling a little lucky...


But, as expected, I can't talk to Fate Papa, and it's strange to change seats.

I didn't want to be noticed by Mr. T, so I turned my body toward my destined father, put on a mask, and managed to not find out... I was nervous by myself. .

On the way, Mr. T woke up and started typing an e-mail,

Are you emailing me?I thought so, but I was wrong.


They got off at the same station, but they didn't seem to notice me and passed without incident.




mistaken for a couple

That evening, I sent an email to Mr.


Ruriko: Did you go to ○○? We were on the same train just now.


Ms. T: "Really! I'm here for a study session at a facility near ○○ station. Talk to me (laughs)."


Ruriko ``She was sitting next to me.


T-sama: "It looks like there was a couple next to me... isn't it in the front seat?"


Ruriko ``It seems like it was a couple.


Mr. T "Is that so... I didn't notice... Are you already home?"


I fell asleep that day and the mail continued the next night.


Ruriko "Good evening. I was staying last night."


Mr. T: “Good evening, I happened to stay at ○○ last night!”


I was a little surprised that I was mistaken for a couple, but honestly, I'm happy.

Someday I want to be with my destined papa!And now I sincerely believe so.


We can choose and create our own lives.

Encounters are inevitable, not accidental.


You are the main character.

May you live the life of the protagonist


And enjoy the best sex of your life♪






nice to meet you.I am a housewife in her 4s who has been a dad for 40 months and is a happy couple. With the motto [enjoy the present, enjoy life], I will tell you what I am learning through dad life and stories of dad life experiences like skits.

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