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Daddy's Christmas Circumstances ~Presents~Part2

Continuing from the last time, this time also this theme!

5,000All the products are perfect for dads who can ask for a little more than the yen.

On the day of Christmas, dads often spend time with their families, so12Month25In many cases, it lasts for more than one day!

You can spend the day with your partner, your boyfriend or husband!

There is also a heartwarming time with my family!

You can also have fun with your friends!

Christmas doesn't end with just dad activities, but it's a waste to pull out the power of Christmas with dad activities!Introducing products that are still in time!

11It's a product that will be released after May, so be sure to check it out♪


1XNUMX yen】

With this budget, you may be able to ask for cosmetics from your favorite brand.

1If it's about XNUMX yen, it's close to the market price, and I think dad can buy it without too much trouble.

Depending on the dad, "1There are times when they will make a budget, such as "I wonder if it's about XNUMX yen."

That time,1We definitely recommend spending less than XNUMX yen rather than over XNUMX yen!

When a girl presents a product that is less than the budget, many dads respond with "Is this okay?"

When you say so, let's say what else you want at the same price!

Even if it exceeds the same XNUMX yen, the image will change if it exceeds from the beginning or does not exceed!


Every year I1I often ask for my favorite products for around XNUMX yen!


Cosme de Corte Makeup コ レ ク シ ョ ン 2021

Price: ¥8,250 (税 込)



This is a product that is particularly easy to ask for in terms of price!

The motif is soft and fluffy clouds!

This product is full of COSME DECORTE-like "girls"♪

The eye shadow "Eye Glow" that represents Cosme de Corte Gem" and "Face Powder" have been updated into a limited edition pale pink package, and it's a product that makes you feel good just by holding it.

"Eye Glow gem (PK892 hopeful light)

Easy-to-use pearl pink color that creates a natural complexion

"Face Powder (01 blissful lavender)

It has a lavender pink color that gives your skin a soft and glossy look, and it even makes your skin tone look good without leaving it floating white!

"Rouge decollete (52 mutual love)

2021It is an icon lip that just debuted in XNUMX.

This is a limited-edition product that joins the Christmas coffret line-up and uses pink with gold pearls in a limited pale pink package!

"powder Blush m warm hug'

It is a gem that can be said to be the centerpiece of Christmas coffret.

In the palette of pastel-colored clouds, there is a set of powder cheeks that combine multiple colors “like clouds”, and you can create beautiful highlights with just a quick application!



FEMMUE holiday treatment set 2021

Price: ¥13,750 (税 込)



This is a "skin set" that I usually don't buy for myself.

There are many people who put a lot of effort into cosmetics, but basic cosmetics are affordable.Even though I know I should put more effort into basic cosmetics, I haven't been able to take action.

At times like that, it's the power of daddy!

With cosmetics, you need to be careful about using the product when you meet the dad, but with basic cosmetics100%I do not understand!So, in the sense that you can use presents without worrying about anything, isn't it perfect for dad activities?

I often ask for cosmetics at Papa-katsu, but about half of them ask for basic cosmetics!I use it every day, so there is no problem even if I wear it!



ポ ー ル & Joe Makeup コ レ ク シ ョ ン 2021

Price: ¥14,300 (税 込)



Popular pole every year & Joe!

By Christmas this year1It is an advent calendar type coffret that will be very popular every time it is released, where you can get items one by one!

It's popular and sold out, but it's restocked, so there's a lot of chances to buy it!

24There are individual products, so I can't introduce them all, but the popular skin care items that will make you look romantic at Christmas parties.&Body care items and miscellaneous goods are included, and many popular items are included, making it a great value product.

It's worth asking your dad for it, and it's so popular that he might have already researched it!



Price: Each ¥11,000 (税 込)



A dignified and feminine look like a camellia that shines in a snowy landscape.

A kit that expresses the elegant beauty of winter by adding a clear sparkle to the vivid colors. A'

A warm expression like citrus and tree flowers in winter.

Add a gorgeous sparkle to the seasonal earth colors, A kit that expresses the beauty of a relaxed adult. B”

Rather than a fluffy girl, this product is based on the image of a beautiful adult woman.

If you've been in a relationship with the same dad for a long time, it's possible that your image of yourself is still "pretty".

It may be possible to ask for such a product to appeal to such a dad as an "adult"!Even dad life has a rut!smile



MiMCholiday coffret2021

Price: ¥9,900 (税 込)


This year's theme is "Sunset Magic Hour".

Among them, the main character is the limited face color “Mineral Gradation” that seems to have trapped the “sunset color” as it is. cheek & eye It's Pink Sunset!

I'm really happy that it can be used as both cheek and eyeshadow!

I really want to avoid carrying a big bag when I meet my dad, but if I reduce my cosmetics, I can't fix my makeup. If there is a pink sunset, it is a gold stick for demons!This is not a light color, but a gradation that changes from ivory with yellow nuances to elegant pink, so it can be a simple highlight and I feel that it will be a savior for dads!There is also a set of limited colors of the popular eye color "Mineral Color Powder" made from pure minerals that can be obtained from natural minerals.


Jill Stuart Brilliant Jewel Let It Snow Jewelry Theater

Price: 11,000 (税 込)



Everyone loves Jill Stuart!A very popular product every year!

But this is a fragrance, not cosmetics.

And the reason for recommendation is "cute appearance"

I think there are many people who end up buying packages!

[Limited bottle that expresses snow sparkling in the sun with pearls in blue, which is the image of the blue sky in the morning.The clear color of the top gives off a clear shine like a jewel. ]

It's officially stated, but it's really sparkling, and just putting it in your house will make you feel better.You may get fired up if you use it on the "game day" of dad activity ♪



I think that limited items are often sold out immediately, regardless of Christmas.

If you couldn't buy it this year, tell your dad casually

You might even get one next Christmas!

There is also something to appeal to next Christmas from now ♪

I'm a daddy active girl who only eats with storytelling as a weapon.I hope I can write about both my bitter and sweet experiences♪ ★I'm enjoying life as a jani wota on weekends★

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