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Daddy Girl's Christmas Circumstances ~Present Edition~


It's no exaggeration to say that girls are looking forward to the most of the year, "Christmas" is just around the corner!12When we enter the moon, the town is in the Christmas mood, but Papa Katsu Joshi has already started planning for Christmas.

You haven't done anything yet!Even if you say, now it's time.

This time I will write about how much Papa Katsu Joshi focuses on Christmas.

It's a gift that can be requested not only for daddy girls, but also for boyfriends and the opposite sex, so I think it can be used as a reference for girls in love.

This time, I will write about cosmetics that have the image of "easy to buy" and "easy to ask for" among Christmas gifts.

In the past, when I was working as a dad, I sometimes got in trouble because I received gifts that were covered, and I received products with patterns and shapes that I didn't use.Isn't there a lot of people who have experienced that?

No matter how many cosmetics you have, you will be happy, so I always ask for cosmetics!

This special issue is about11Month12We will introduce only the cosmetics that will be released in the month.


5,000Yen degree]

For dads who don't have a lot of trust, cautious people, and dads who aren't overbearing

First of all, why don't you ask for this budget?

There is no doubt that the favorable impression of "a modest child" and "a child who is easy to get along with" will increase!


Clinique Holiday Collection No.2Bullet

Price: Each ¥5,170 (税 込)



First2As a step, "teak pop palette andDD lip box will be released. "cheek pop Palette” is popularNO.1-2cheeks and9A set of cheeks that will be released in the month.3The elegant coloring of colored teak is developed. "DD lip box" here5Color set lipstick set.And what a fan must-see limited revival color is included.Since I wear a mask, I think there are many people who say that they haven't bought lipsticks or cheeks recently!This product is also recommended for such people.



RMK 2021Years holiday collection First1Bullet

Price: Each ¥3,850~6,600 (税 込)

This is No.1as a bullet

"Prismatic raster eye shadow palette

"Prismatic raster face palette

"Lipstick コ ン フ ォ ー ト Airy Shine"

"Prismatic raster brush kit

"Creamy foundation EXIs here!


Especially recommended"Prismatic raster Brush Kit" "Creamy Foundation" EX'.


"Prismatic raster The brush kit has convenient size makeup brushes.3It comes with a book and a simple, elegant pouch.I often buy and receive cosmetics, but I rarely have the opportunity to buy new brushes.You can take this opportunity to buy a new one!

\4,950 (税 込)


"creamy foundation EX"isn't it a product you've heard of before?

In the age of masks, I think people often avoid foundation.

I actually avoid it, but when I eat during my dad's activities, there are times when the image of my skin is less glossy without foundation.And, depending on the object, it may become damp or rubbed inside the mask.Papa life can not be satisfied in such a state!This product is recommended in such a case.It's not heavy, but it covers well!It's not bad to get products for Papa-katsu at Papa-katsu!

\6,600 (税 込)



jill stuart beauty holiday collection

Price: Each ¥1,540~4,620 (税 込)


Jill Stuart's products are cute from the outside!It is a cute lump product.

The layer of girls who use10~20Especially popular with girls who have a lot of teens and like "kawaii"!Even dads will be overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the store, and may become generous with their products!smile

Jill Stuart sells set products with pouches and single products every year.

set with pouch10Since it was a monthly release, I will omit it this time.

There are sets and single items, so if you have plans to buy other items,1one (2,000around the circle) would be preferable.

The following products will be released this year!

"Rouge Lip Jewel Jemmy Satin Palace Dream"

"Bloom mixed blush Compact Palace Dream"

"Nail Lacquer Palace Dream"

"Rouge Lip Blossom Mini Trio Palace Dream Ⅰ”



"Rouge Lip Blossom Mini Trio Palace Dream Ⅱ”




Of particular note is the Rouge Lip Blossom Mini Trio Palace Dream Isn't it XNUMX and XNUMX!?Popular2Colors and a limited edition inspired by a dazzling princess1The colors are set.It's a product that you use every day, but you can't use it up easily, and you get tired of the same color... but with this, it's a mini size.3There are colors so you can use it according to your mood of the day!

In addition, it has a high degree of adhesion and is moisturizing, so it is recommended for cold weather!



Ayura 2021 Christmas coffret

Price: ¥6,600 (税 込)



 When it comes to beauty, there are so many different types that we tend to focus on "cosmetics".

However, this product is a hair care Christmas coffret!Compared to cosmetics, there are fewer types, and it may be difficult to imagine.

No matter how many hair care products you use every day, you really need them.

The set includes Ayura meditation bath snow 200mL(Limited edition) / Ayura Aromatic Aurora Bath 200mL (Limited edition) / Ayura balancing shampoo 150mL(limited size) / Ayura balancing conditioner Moist 130 g (limited size).

Hair care products are difficult to use because each person is different, but it feels like a trial.1How about using it once!

my hair is

[Large quantity] [Pasatsuku] [Spread] [Curly hair]

I am a type with many worries, but I was satisfied with this product!

From a dad's point of view, it will also improve the image of a girl who cares about things like this!



Christmas coffret1000It is a very wide field from the yen level to tens of thousands of yen.

This time, I introduced it for those who are not accustomed to dad life, so as a budget5,000Summed up in circles.

Aiming for a high price from the beginning or making an unreasonable request is a vicious cycle.

First of all, it is important to know and get closer to the "girl image" that daddy is looking for, centered on trust.

Doing so will naturally lead to an increase in the amount of gifts.

Also, since the Klikov introduced here introduces easy-to-use products, dad sometimes asks, "What else do you want?"

In such a case, I think it would be nice if you could pamper yourself and buy it!


Everyone, are you enjoying1Enjoy the most important Christmas of the year!

I'm a daddy active girl who only eats with storytelling as a weapon.I hope I can write about both my bitter and sweet experiences♪ ★I'm enjoying life as a jani wota on weekends★

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