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Papa active girls are "dream selling girls", aren't they?

There are two kinds of girls in the world.
A girl who does dad activities and a girl who doesn't.

A girl who has stepped into dad activity and got a happy dad will surely notice it at an early stage.

"There is a reality that I don't want to face positively in a 'life with a dad' that is sprinkled with gorgeous and luxurious elements."


■ The ultra-rational world of Papa-katsu

Benefits of being a daddy/mistress?
I'm a former mistress who seriously thinks there's no end to such things.
On the other hand, it is also true that the longer you immerse yourself in that world and the more you know about the actual situation, the more you see the "reality" that you cannot turn a blind eye to.

I received money, I received things, I was frequently taken to high-class places where I could receive sumptuous meals and first-class service...
I also continued such a life for two years when I was a mistress.

At first glance, it looks gorgeous, but in fact,There is a world of "give and take" that is so cruel that "super" is attached.

If you continue to be liked by dads, the allowance will permanently come to us girls.It's easy and full, oh how happy ♡
However, once you are "excluded from duty", the flow of medical treatment going here disappears.

If you "give" yourself well, you can "take" from the dads.
If you can't, you're done.Relationship failed.
If you can't get money, you can't have a luxurious experience.

That's all.

Girls who do dad activities need to be aware that they are in such a "severe world".


■ "What does daddy want?" is everything

In the previous article, I wrote, "I was a 'secretary type' lover."
However, I think that all dad activities, not limited to playing a secretary role under the president's dad, are in the "service industry" after all.

service industry,Yes, it is "work".

If you think about it that way, your relationship with your dad and your dad life itself will become very clear.

What does my dad, the “client”, want?
Knowing that is very important.

Below, I picked up by looking at the Papa Katsu app,An example of the "needs" of dads.

I want to maintain my height and self-esteem as a man
(*Includes a lot of lower body circumstances)
"Don't underestimate me as an old man, I'm as energetic as a 30-year-old."

Recreational casual extramarital affairs
"I'm married for the time being, but I want stimulation."
“I would like to get to know someone with whom I can spend time healing each other.”

●Extraordinary moments that cannot be told to others
"Promise not to spoil each other's time and lives, let's have a quiet, fun, and passionate relationship."

Intergenerational exchange with conversation as the main activity
"It doesn't matter if you don't have an adult, as long as you have good memories, that's fine."

Desire to dye young girls in their own color
"I want to support girls who are working hard towards their dreams."

Glittering loneliness after divorce
"Somebody, can you fill the void in my heart?"

Moisturize your days of work
"I registered because I wanted moisture in my work-centered days."

Acting secretary/housekeeper (also lover/saffle)
"We are looking for a child who can help with housework and work and has confidence in his face!"

…For the most part, is it like this?

However, in

One night love
“I would be happy if I could have someone to go out with me for dinner from around XNUMX o’clock.

● A woman who speaks quickly
“Tea and meals are a waste of time.
"I would appreciate it if you could talk quickly."

…Well, there are a lot of gentlemen who are looking for a one-time “spear purpose” that can’t be a daddy candidate, so please be careful, cute and obedient girls.


Needless to say, we will make efforts to arrange "see me",

Face the dad (or dad candidate) in front of you firmly,
Determine the "type" and "what you want" of the other party and provide customized "service"I do not stop believing that this is the "royal papa activity" in the recent dad activity market where competition is intensifying.

What are the requirements for a high-income “dream selling girl”?

In such a severe world,Papa-katsu-joshi is "pretty, light and happy♡ (looks like the wind)"should be a girl

And I will make the "secret wish that has been smoldering for many years" of the gentleman I met into a reality.A girl who can do that is sure to be in demand even in the fierce dad market!That's it.

For gentlemen, such a girl is just like a girl who sells matches.It looks like a "dream selling girl".

Is the "dream selling girl" in high demand from dads listening to everything they say? ?

...and it's too early to think so.
The "dream selling girl" who is a good daddy girl does not listen to what the gentleman says.

They are[Being yourself without blurring]always comply with.

and if possible
[Being in a safe zone for the other party].I am aware of it and am doing it.

These two are the common, essential and strongest absolute defense lines for any opponent (client)!

Situations that require big decisions, such as
(Should I entrust my body to the man in front of me now, or not?)
(Should I go home tonight or should I stay with this man?), etc.
The criteria for judging when it's time to come is something that follows the "unwavering self".

Each time, I unnecessarily wear out my mind, and later regret the decisions I made...If that's the case, I can't continue my dad life.

What's more, the "current raw" flickers in front of you and comes and goes.
Decide in advance the boundaries of your own “papa-katsu stance” and “possible up to this point” and work hard on papa-katsuis an absolute requirement for daddy active girls!

and if you can
(I can always return what you expect ♡) Create a state.

Make the dads think, "This kid has the capacity to accept me," and "I want him to always be here."If you plant the recognition as "my safe zone", the high-income "dream selling girl" is completed!

In other words, 99% of the gentlemen floating in the Papa Katsu Market are “play”.
Even if you suddenly say goodbye to your partner's child, you have the money to find the "next candidate" to make up for the loneliness, and there are so many "young and pretty pretty girls" that you can throw away every time you open an app.

For a girl, I thought, "Finding a daddy is the barrier...!"
Fierce give-and-take awaits even in the world on the other side of the door.

If you want to live a smart dad life,First of all, don't dream and accept the harsh reality.
And to those who have a relationship with it as a kind of "business"To sell my dreams and walk around, I will do my best as a dad ♡

The advantage of being a dad is that the amount of “takes” that you “give” to is incredibly large.

In order to know the market value of her as a "woman", she started working as a dad and mistress. was her mistress for two years in her mid-twenties.I would appreciate it if you could share the joys and sorrows of those days, and highly reproducible how-tos.

Article by Miki Fujisaki

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