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Pay attention to the delicious stories of Papa Katsu!An episode involving an intense Yaba P active girl


Papa active girls who have increased rapidly due to corona misfortune.There have been reports of incidents involving dangerous dads, but on the other hand, the number of “dangerous P active girls” is also increasing.
I asked people who were about to be involved in "dangerous P active girls".


Dangerous P Activity Agency Girls


"My main job is a student and I work part-time at a restaurant, but I couldn't put in a shift due to the corona whirlpool.


So I decided to work part-time at a cabaret club, but on the first day I entered the store, a girl named Ako started talking to me.She quickly became friends with her and started hanging out with her in private, but she would buy new clothes and cosmetics every time.


When I said, "I'm jealous of being rich," Ako said, "Actually, you're doing P-katsu, aren't you?"


When I said that I was interested in P-katsu but never did it because I was afraid, A-ko said, ``Would you like to introduce me to my daddy?He is very kind and rich! I said. A-ko said that she would get tens of thousands of yen just for tea, so she said yes, so she thought that tea would be fine.


After that, A-ko introduced me to Daddy, and all the meeting places were specified by A-ko.And on the day, to the designated luxury hotel lounge.Can I get paid just for having tea at a place like this?I was quite floating in my heart.


Papa was in his 50s, but the conversation was quite interesting. He talked for about half an hour, and then Papa said, 'Let's go soon.


I thought that this was the end of the story, but what I was brought to was the hotel room my dad was using.


In the lounge, when I was wondering if I would find out if I was doing P activities or if I didn't like it, my dad suddenly said, 'Come and take a shower first.'


As expected, I didn't intend to do anything like that, so when I said, "I'm going home," Papa said in a bad mood, "I'm paying for A-ko," and grabbed my arm. is.


I couldn't help but say, 'Please stop! ’ and ran away from the hotel room.


After that, A-ko sent an angry line saying, "Dad was mad, but it's impossible for him to run away."


Apparently, Ako was earning pocket money by looking for a girl who could become an adult in P-katsu at a cabaret club and introducing her to her dad.


Even after that, Ako's anger did not subside, and she kept calling me on LINE for a while, but I sent her a message saying, "If you say anything more, I will consult the police," and blocked her.Of course, I didn't want to get involved with A-ko, so I quit the cabaret club.Now I'm looking for a normal part-time job." (21/Female)


What is a super dangerous P live girl seen from a dad...?


Women aren't the only ones who get caught up in "dangerous P-active girls."Next, I asked about the P-active girls that the dad unintentionally gave NG.


"I met a 24-year-old P-active girl named B-ko on a certain app. The picture and the real thing are completely different.


On my profile, it said, "Otona OK", but as expected, I lost my motivation. When I said, ``Let's go home for today,'' she screamed at the coffee shop, ``Aren't we going to the hotel?!Can you believe it?


After that, he insisted, ``I really want to go to the hotel! "I need money!" ', so I decided to give him 5 yen as the taxi fare.


Then, "No, for 1 yen," he won't hold back.After that, he continued to pull my clothes, and I felt embarrassed, partly because I was in the city, so I gave him 1 yen and left.


After that, I started receiving DMs from her, but apparently she couldn't make any money from P-life.She said she could run away even if we met face-to-face, so I said, "Why don't you at least be amiable? I gave advice.


But B-ko went in the wrong direction.I had set it for Adult 3, but I realized that 3 wouldn't attract customers.I realized that I started getting customers as soon as I changed the adult to 2 and NS was OK.

I started getting DMs saying, "Let's go to a hotel with NS," but I'm too scared to do that.


As expected, my prediction was right and from B child"Looks like I've been infected with a strange disease" "Give me money to go to the hospital"I got in touch with...


As expected, I thought that I deserved it, and I have not replied since then.I withdrew from the app, but it seems that B-ko is still selling her body at a bargain price.” (38-year-old man)




It is said that such “dangerous P-active girls” are increasing rapidly, probably because the number of women in poverty has increased due to the corona wreck.Associating with such a girl can get you into trouble.


Women should be careful not to get involved with P-life girls who talk a lot, dads should avoid approaching dangerous-looking P-life girls, and so on.



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