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A Menhera Papa Live Girl Who Depends On Her Papa


A long time ago, speaking of P-active girls, I think that the image of Minato-ku girls and hostesses was strong, but it is said that changes are coming in the last few years.

There are more women in popular occupations such as nurses and CAs than Minato-ku girls, and compared to the past, it seems that neat and clean women are preferred over flashy women.


Various types of women are entering the P-katsu market.I asked about the actual situation of "Menhera P active girls" whose dad gives NG.

The target of host dependence is...

“I was dependent on a Menhera P-Katsu girl I met through an app. I was just talking about things like not giving it to me.

To be honest, I didn't really feel like going to the hotel, so I listened to him and said kindly, ``You should be able to find someone better.''

I gave her an allowance of 1 yen as a taxi fare, but for some reason after that day she started contacting me frequently.

The contents were still complaining about the host, so I replied randomly when I had free time.From her point of view, she was happy because she had no one else to talk to.

Gradually, the dependency shifted from the host to me.When I missed my appointment with the host and lost the last train, I said, 'Can I stay at your house? ’, and I thought she was really troublesome, so I gradually started avoiding her.

However, the more distance she took, the more her persistence escalated. "I miss you" "I only have you" "If you don't let me stay at your house, I'll die!" So that continuous pitching LINE such as ] will come.

Eventually, he began to hint at suicide, and when he sent me a LINE message saying, "I took sleeping pills," I stopped him, saying, "I'll see you next time."

However, if I got into it any further, I would be even more dependent on her, so I decided to cut off the relationship by lying that I had been transferred to a rural area in order to escape.After that, when I went through the read through several times, I finally stopped contacting you.” (39-year-old male)

A man who dated a Menhera Papa live girl …

"When I was deceived by a college girl I met through an app and ended up going out with her, I was completely mad at her...

At first, she said, ``I started P-katsu to pay for medical expenses because my parents were hospitalized.''

I swallowed her words without question, so I let her graduate from P-Katsu, and promised to live with her and pay her living expenses, as well as 5 yen a month in pocket money.She drank the condition and her cohabitation life started.

However, when she starts living with him, her true nature gradually becomes apparent...I thought she was serious and good, but she was a man spatula woman with a bondage demon.
I'm self-employed, but I was required to be strictly restrained, saying that I can't make work calls with girls at work at home, let alone going out drinking with girls at work.

If you break it, she will cry and rage!When she saw a business email with a girl at the company, she was pointed out that she had an ulterior motive and was snapped.When she explained that she didn't feel that way, she wouldn't listen, so she went on a rampage and threw things out of the house.

When I tried to stop her, I held her hand and said, "I'll be killed!" ’ she began yelling loudly.It seems that the neighbor who heard it reported it, and then the police came.

When I explained the situation, the police understood and said, 'You must be in trouble too.'Since then, it has happened several times, and as expected, I have reached the limit of my patience.

However, even if I started talking about breaking up with him, he would get angry and act violently, so I couldn't break up easily.

What I came up with was a strategy to take my feelings away from me.She's a severe sex addict, but she stopped having sex altogether, saying she was tired because she was so busy with work.

At first, I was like, "Why aren't you having sex with me? ', but if I didn't do anything, they wouldn't say anything.

In the end, I had an affair with another man and she asked me to break up with her.Up until now, I've dated P-katsu girls, but it was the first time I had a mental spatula like her..." (36-year-old male)


Watch out for menhera in the P active market

There are various women in the Papa Katsu Market, but it seems that there are not a few Menhera girls among them.It might be fine if it's just playing around, but it seems that Papa thinks it's troublesome if it becomes a deep relationship.

What's more, depending on the reason for being a dad, there is a possibility that you will get sick more.

Daddy and P-active girls want to have a long and comfortable relationship with each other. If you're a dad who says, "I'm fine with men spatula!"



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