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Papa life at night work


How do you find your daddy?

Nowadays, you can find dads using various tools, such as dating clubs like Universe Club and dating apps.

There may have been such a tool during my school days, but basically my father activity was through the night work (cabaret club) at my part-time job.

This time I would like to talk about papa activities through night work.


cabaret club system

First, about the simple system of cabaret clubs.

There are three types of cabaret club customers: nomination, nomination inside the venue, and free.

Nominated customers are customers who nominate themselves and come to drink, and all the food and drink expenses that customers spend are their own sales, which are converted into points and hourly wages, which are reflected in the salary.

Customers' food and drink charges will not be included in sales, but nomination fees will be converted into points or bonuses.

Free refers to customers who do not have a nominated girl, and the girls are replaced one after another every few minutes.If you like it, you can get a nomination on the spot.

There are two types of date outside the store: “accompaniment” and “after”. It means to leave as is.


How to connect to dad life?

I worked at a cabaret club because I wanted a stable income, so basically I had the customers of the cabaret club come to my shop as customers.

I feel that many dads who use dating clubs and daddy apps are probably looking for ordinary girls rather than "professionals in the entertainment business".

In my case, I was in the position of "a student working part-time at a cabaret club", but I feel that there was a demand for both nominated customers and dad activities.

There are many cabaret club customers who invite me on a date without being related to the store, rather than accompanying them or after-sales service.With or without benefits.You need to know your opponent.

Among the nominated customers, I can trust myself.I had a date with that person even on days when there was no shop.

I often went out with the person who gave me pocket money, and after that, it became a relationship like "papa katsu".


Also, there is a pattern where even customers who came for free exchanged contact information, and after that, they became dads.

I don't like the atmosphere of cabaret clubs and customer service, people who just come to socialize, and don't like alcohol.

So, people who work nights don't know where they can find a chance to work as a dad, so I recommend that even customers who are unlikely to be nominated should exchange contact information and communicate frequently.

About adult relationships

I have never had an adult relationship with the nominated guest who was my dad.

It was just the salary of the cabaret club plus an extra income, so the most important thing was that they would come to the store as a major premise.

There was also a cast member (cabaret club lady) who was earning money with an adult relationship, but I felt that it was not a long-lasting business method, so I never did it.

As for the dads I met as freelancers, some of them had grown-up relationships.

Generally, when I started dating several times and received pocket money, there was an adult negotiation from over there, and if the amount was acceptable to me and I was not physiologically unpleasant, it was OK. . Some people said, "I'm giving you pocket money, so it's about time to take care of my body...", but I made my conditions clear.

There are many men who think that papa-katsu means adult relationships, so when you are offered such negotiations, don't be swayed and tell them the conditions.If you go with the flow and have a relationship even once, it will be troublesome later, so it is important to communicate properly at the beginning.

Some dads were physically compatible when I tried, and some dads continued their relationship even after graduating from college.It was refreshing when we became members of society and went to the hotel in suits (laughs).

Advantages and disadvantages of cabaret clubs and papa activities

Looking back now, I was a student at the time, so it was good that I was able to decide the date and time to accompany him on the grounds of "study" and refuse after-sales.

After I became a member of society, I had a side job at a girls' bar, but when I was invited to an after-sales service, it was easier for me to accept the former as "I have school tomorrow" or "I have work tomorrow".

In addition, I tried to summarize the benefits I felt after experiencing both cabaret clubs and dad activities.

[Benefits of cabaret clubs]
・ Income is stable because it is an hourly wage system and a complete commission system
・ As long as you are in the store, you are unlikely to be in danger


[Benefits of Papa Katsu]
・There is no quota
- You can set your own terms
- You can choose who you meet in advance
・Because the time limit is short, you can do it at your favorite time
that's all.


Recently, it seems that hostess club casts (hostess clubs), which are currently closed due to the influence of the corona virus, are also entering the papa-katsu area.

If you are worried about either night work or dad life, why not try and experience both?

Night work (cabaret club/girls bar) & Papa activity experience.I will write about my experience and that of my friends.Her hobbies are traveling abroad and visiting cafes at night.

Article by Uchida mg

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