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I hate this kind of sex! ?Post-property experience


Not limited to dad life, as the number of experienced people increases, you may experience a little surprising sex to a frightening experience.

This time, I would like to introduce the "post-mortem property" (I tried multiplying it with the accident property lol) that I and my friends experienced.


Wash your condoms! ?


It is an experience with a male friend who ended up having a relationship with the momentum of a bar.When she was inserting, she said "Wait a minute" and tried to put a condom on, but for some reason she went straight to the washroom.

When I thought, "Why the washroom?", I washed out the condom.

Unintentionally, I asked, "Why are you washing?"No, even though it's a lube for women... I was very withered and the sex wasn't that good, so of course there was no repeat after that.


Worst experience with a man I met on a dating site


When I went straight to a hotel with a man I met on a dating app.He didn't use contraception as a matter of course, and I was somehow swept away by the atmosphere of the place and had sex as it was.

The compatibility wasn't bad, so when I met regularly, there was something wrong with my pubic area.I had something that looked like a boil, and it was clearly not just a boil... When I went to see a gynecologist just in case, it turned out to be a venereal disease called "condyloma".

I went to the hospital right away and was cured after visiting the hospital several times, but the treatment was very painful because the swelling in my genitals was burned with liquid nitrogen...

For the time being, I explained to the other person, ``You should go to the hospital because you got such a venereal disease.'' In the end, the relationship ended like a fight.

It was the worst experience, but the cervical cancer vaccine can prevent the onset of condyloma, and I don't want to experience it again, so I decided to take proper birth control.


Get drunk from it?


At that time, it was an experience with my dad who was about a size older than me (early 40s).After several dates, I wonder if this person has a physical relationship?Just when I was thinking that, she was invited by her dad to go to the hotel together for the first time.

Papa opened champagne at the hotel, so maybe we'll drink it together?When I thought that, the foreplay started without drinking.

And when I moved to cunnilingus, my dad put champagne in his mouth and started cunnilingus.

I was told that it would make me feel really good, but I'm a heavy drinker and I had already been drinking before coming to the hotel, so I didn't feel much difference.

The pubic area is also a mucous membrane, so some people get a little drunk and feel good. *Please note that people who are not good at drinking alcohol may get alcohol poisoning with this method.


From a leg fetish...


When I had a relationship with a guy who works at a bar I often go to, which I thought was a little nice.He was originally a person who often complimented my legs, but when he had to do it, he said, "Can I tear my stockings?"

I knew that there were not many men with such desires, so I accepted it and the foreplay started.

It was normal foreplay until the middle, but when I thought that he was touching my legs all the time even in the lower half of my body, he suddenly started licking my toes.

Depending on the person, both men and women seem to like "leg licking", but it was before the shower, and I'm the type who doesn't like tickling, so I didn't like it more than it felt good.

I said, "Stop!", but he didn't stop.

At the end of the day, he wanted to bring his stockings home with him, so I decided to throw them away anyway.

After that, I started to get in touch with him a lot, but I stopped going to pubs because I was completely out of touch, so I naturally stopped seeing him.


Do = go out?


Depending on the person, there are a certain number of people who think that having a physical relationship = dating.

We met at a joint party, and after that we went out together and had a physical relationship, saying, "We get along well, and I like your face so much, so maybe it's fine?" .

After having a relationship, he contacted me like a demon.If you don't return much, the phone will say, "Why are you ignoring me when I'm dating?"

When I said, "You didn't talk about dating, did you?", he said, "When I asked you, 'Do you like me?' When I thought that he would become a friend that I could easily meet, I was surprised that he was a very thoughtful person.When I finally told him clearly that I didn't really want to go out with him, he cut me off, saying, "Don't misunderstand me!"

After that, I was persistently contacted saying, "Sorry for getting angry, can we meet again? When are you free?" So I blocked it.For a while, I stopped going to his place of work or his neighborhood.


It's fun to do it with momentum, but be careful


I don't think it's a bad experience to do it on the spot, but I'm really scared of sexually transmitted diseases and persistent people, and it can lead to an incident involving those around me.

Whether it's a dad activity or a sex friend, it's safer to know the person and identity of the other person, so be careful to find out if it's a partner that suits you.


Night work (cabaret club/girls bar) & Papa activity experience.I will write about my experience and that of my friends.Her hobbies are traveling abroad and visiting cafes at night.

Article by Uchida mg

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