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Failure story in dad life


I think that even girls who are doing dad activities have a favorite boyfriend or a friend.

Isn't there a lot of people who keep it a secret from such partners that they are doing dad activities?

This time, I would like to talk about the mistakes that I and my friends made while working as dads and the advice I learned from them.


Daddy who secretly monitors SNS


A boy (friend) I was playing with posted a picture of me on Instagram.

When I liked the post, my dad seemed to be secretly monitoring my Instagram, and the next time I met him, he was furious that I was flirting with a young man.

In the first place, I didn't even know that my dad was doing Instagram, and I was surprised that there weren't any followers who looked like dad.

He was just a friend and I didn't have anything to worry about, so I explained it to him, but honestly, it was a hassle.

Currently, there is no function to see other people's likes, but just in case, I made it a private account so that only real friends can follow each other.


stalking dad


My friend's dad who was an acquaintance in situations such as meeting and picking up.

I heard that my friend got a boyfriend and my relationship with my dad was over, but I bumped into my friend's dad at a certain station.

I was also waiting for someone at the meeting, so I thought, "I don't want you to talk to me," but as expected, he said, "Excuse me, you're my friend's child, aren't you?"

I immediately said "I'm sorry" and left the place, but when I told my friend about it later, it seems that it wasn't an amicable farewell.

After parting, some dads become stalkers, so I thought I had to be careful about breaking up.


Daddy activity that was found out by saffle


It was when I had a sex friend while working as a dad.

I didn't tell my friend that I was doing dad activities, but I showed him a picture of when I went out to eat with my dad without thinking about anything.

I intended to show him a picture of a meal, but my dad was reflected in the window that was reflected in the picture. became.


let's go on a trip


A friend who usually works as a dad under a pseudonym.

In the past, I was a victim of stalking and voyeurism during my dad activities, so I took measures to prevent my identity from being identified so that my pseudonym and where I lived were not identified.

During the first date conversation with my new dad, when the topic of “I like traveling” suddenly came up, I was suddenly taken to the travel agency window, and while I was talking about where I wanted to go, I filled out a travel application form. It seems that it has reached the stage of writing.

I wrote false information on the spot and somehow escaped from being found out, but the relationship with the dad seems to have ended with that.


escalating demands


It is an experience with a dad who has a physical relationship.

I wondered if having a physical relationship would make me feel like I was in control, or if it would make it easier for me to make requests.

At first, she was treated like a gentleman and had normal sex, but gradually started using toys.

・Attempt to play hard
・Prefer to do things outside or in a car instead of in a hotel, stop using contraceptives
・Wants to take a vaginal cum shot, want to take a gonzo
・When I noticed, there were things such as being done without permission.

There was a time when I compromised because we were so compatible, but now that I think about it, it's a very high risk, and I have to say no to things I don't like.


advice from failure


When I go to an unusual place for dad activities, I upload it to SNS like a casual diary in my daily life, but dads who are watching like an internet stalker and people who keep their dad activities a secret. You may even find out.

Even with a pseudonym account, you can find out from past posts such as belongings, clothes, places you are visiting, and room interiors.

Be careful when posting photos of daddy life and private photos on SNS.

If there is a physical relationship, I think girls who are okay with playing hard depending on the money should make an appointment with their dad in advance.

If the relationship is left as it is, the risk is higher for the girl, and it will be misunderstood that ``this girl can do various things while being swept away.'' let's


There are also dads who try to find out the personal information of girls in every way possible.

It's best to make a promise before you date that you won't interfere in each other's private lives, but if you're dating for a long time, you may talk too much about yourself and your dad may get serious, so Decide within yourself what to say and what not to say.

Take time to understand your relationship with your dad and your personality, just like you do in a school or company, and build a good relationship for both of you.


Night work (cabaret club/girls bar) & Papa activity experience.I will write about my experience and that of my friends.Her hobbies are traveling abroad and visiting cafes at night.

Article by Uchida mg

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