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I asked several dads!Dad's true intentions

Good evening everyone.

I'm Ahiru, who has been working at night for 4 years.

I myself have almost no experience of working as a dad, but I meet many friends and men who are doing it because of my work.

So this time!I asked my dad about "Dad girls who are not good at it and women who make a good impression"!

To a man who often does dad activities, "I had a girl like this the other day and it was the worst~"

While listening to stories like this, dad's true intentions may be a reference for dad active girls?

I thought, and listened to the story!

I would be happy if it could be a little helpful for women who are currently working as dads ♡

Aside from that, there were few men who cared about their appearance and body shape.

I'm sorry for my selfish image, but I had an image that Papa-katsu-joshi was "pretty good-looking and outstandingly stylish", so I had a selfish imagination that first of all, I had to be good-looking.

But if you actually listen

・I don't look like my type, but I feel like I'm well-bred

・Anyway, she seems to be having a good time

・If you're a thin woman and can't enjoy eating, it's okay to be a little overweight

・After all, there is compatibility, so how to spend meaningful time

・ Even if you have a great style, you can't enjoy it if you eat small meals.

There were many stories like this.

In particular, almost all the dads were talking about the same thing about meals.

Maybe all the men I know are like that.

・A woman who cares about her figure is also attractive, but after all, it's a diet, and it's sad that I can't see her eating much.

・I want to see you eating deliciously.After all, she is attracted to women who eat more than she does.

I want to take you to more places

There were many opinions.

I often hear that men like to be a little chubby, but I honestly didn't believe it.

However, when I asked several men who are dads, the credibility increased at once.

Listening to that, is it okay for me to be "a slender and gluttonous woman"?

When I asked, OK!But she said that such a woman is rare.

After all, body shape matters too! ?I wanted to tsukkomi ... wry smile
(I didn't say that lol)

If a woman who wants to captivate her dad with food alone has to eat like Gal Sone, even if she's thin...?

It's too much of an impossible game! !I screamed with my heart lol

If you want to appeal to your dad about food, you should fast that day and say, "Today I'm going to be a gluttony fighter!"

It may be good to try with the feeling of...

I don't like staying in hotels all the time

"I don't like hotels all the time."

Is it because there are many women who do not want to be seen by others?

It seems that there are many requests from women to meet at the hotel and dissolve the hotel.

However, there were many opinions that dads want to go out and enjoy dates.

When asked specifically what they want to do

・ Shopping and shopping


・ I want to date an aquarium / zoo

Hm~ maiden!I said without thinking about this (laughs)

I was able to predict shopping etc., but I honestly thought that the aquarium was unexpected.

She told me that she would pay me at all, so it would be nice to have a girl who would go out with me without making a bad face in such a place.

However, I think that the hurdles are still high for women.

If a woman who is totally okay with such a sweet date proposes a date herself, her father will be happy and the allowance will be bouncy...!

young is not good

Even if you watch the news of celebrities, there are many marriages with age gaps.

I used to think that Japanese men were full of lolicons, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

In particular, men who emphasize adults said that women in their 20s or so are better, not early 30s.

(I still think you're young...)

There were several men who emphasized that women in their 30s have technique and sex appeal that only appears at that age.

To be honest, I didn't quite understand what it meant, but if there is a woman who wants to do her best with this opinion as a reference, let's watch videos of mature women together and study together (laughs)

Women wearing high-end brands brace themselves

When meeting a dad who has plenty of money, I had an image that I had to dress neatly, so I thought it would be better to have a certain amount of good clothes. was.

・I want you to look neat, but I don't think you need help if you're wearing only high-brand clothes.

・When I see a child who doesn't seem to know much about brands, I want to teach them and want to give them as gifts.

I thought this was surprising, but is it normal in this industry?

What I felt after listening to the story was, of course, I will give you the minimum allowance, but I don't think there is a need for such a high amount.

I wonder if other dads contribute more.There was also an opinion.

There was also a story that a woman who is working hard to save money to open a business in the future was disappointed with all the branded accessories, so when you meet your dad, keep branded items to a minimum to make a good impression. may be


This time, I tried to summarize what the dad who was actually working as a dad was talking about.

I would be happy if it could be a little helpful for women who are thinking of starting dad activities and those who are currently active!

thank you for reading it until the end.


I would like to share useful information and interesting experiences by making use of my multiple night jobs and male experience.

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