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The reason why soft service sex shops are easy to find fat daddy


Hello.It's a duck.

It's a sudden, but in what kind of situation did you meet your dad?


I think there are many opportunities to meet dads, such as dating apps and dating clubs.


However, what is common to the above is the hotel consultation on the first day,There are also disadvantages such as not knowing what kind of person it is and it is difficult to judge whether you have money.


Also, depending on whether there is an adult or not, you may need to negotiate the amount each time.


Under such circumstances, it is easy to find a fat daddy at a “soft service sex shop”.


What is the etiquette of soft service in the first place?


What do you imagine when you hear the word customs?


・Health service

・There are performances depending on the genre of the shop


I think it's the above.


However, there are customs that do not provide the above services even for the same customs.

That is "Fuzoku Este".


In the case of soft service customs, there are no health services or performance acts.


Depending on the shop, the service content of the sex esthetic


・Body washing

・Sexual beauty treatment

・Nuki (hands only)

・No contact with mucous membranes


As a result, the burden on women is very low.

Also, despite being a sex shop, men are basically prohibited from touching women at all.


In addition, since contact with mucous membranes is prohibited,There is no "customer's selfish play" or "risk of venereal disease".


In spite of this, the price of sex esthetics is often higher than that of hotel health and delivery health.


Even though you don't touch women with high usage feesReason for many customers


I wonder if customers will come to a brothel that is expensive and women can't afford it.

The customer base that comes to the soft service sex shop is roughly decided


・Average age40generations60

・ A man who has plenty of money because it is expensive

・ A man who is tired of ordinary sex shops

・ A man seeking healing

・ A man who doesn't like attacking women


In summary, a man who played a lot at a normal sex shop when he was youngThere are many men who are relatively old because they are looking for healing.


Therefore, there is some financial leeway,It will be a shop where gentlemen-like customers who are relaxed about sex gather.


Because there are many such wonderful customers, it is easy to find fat papa.


why fat daddy is easy to find


title2As I mentioned in my turn, customers who come to the sex salonMany of them are gentlemen and many of them are financially comfortable.


Also, there are many things that women can not do because of the soft service.

Of course, some of our customers want more than that.


But I can't, so I'll go again.


I want to do a performance with delivery health etc!As many men keep an eye onMen basically play at night,by doing the impossibleThey tend to try to create a sense of accomplishment and just want to move on to the next step.


However, in the case of sex esthetics, there are many people who say that they want to touch it first because they cannot touch it in the first place.

Of course, there are requests such as wanting to be kissed and licked, but there is no man who wants to have a real performance.


So, even if you went on a date outside the store and went to the hotel together,Few men want a physical relationship,i want to touchThere are many men who wish they could do more than that.I am rarely asked for sex.


Also, if you are at a sex salon, you don't want to get a venereal disease.There are many men who want to go to the sex industry and avoid contact with mucous membranes.

So even if you become a dad, it seems that there are many things you can do without an adult relationship.


From the above, men who have plenty of money come to these placesIf you become a father, there are many women who can receive a large allowance.


Also, if adult relationshipsOKA woman works at an esthetic salonIf you follow the rules in the store and meet outsideTens of thousands of kisses alone, tens of thousands of times to touch a womanIt is possible to give more and more money.


And of course, women can choose their customers because they are men they met at the store.


Only men who wish they were this personThe burden on women is also low because they can be dads.


How can I become a dad


Many customers are financially affluentBecause it is an esthetic and I am looking for healingWhen you find a woman you like, from the customer,There are a lot of cases where people say they want to be a dad.


Of course, you also need the ability to discernI can't say that all men are safe,Men who are mentally comfortable don't do things that women don't like.


In addition, recent sex shops have a date course etc. in the shop itselfThere are many places that are prepared, soIf you are unsure, try a date course once.You can also decide by observing the state of the man other than playing.


Depending on the shop you take me to, I can judge how much money I can afford.You can check the man while being protected by the store.


Also, if you meet at the store, you will have an adult relationship from the beginning.because you don't need anyWomen can work without worrying too much.


Of course, there are women who are living as dads only by eating.I can't say it unconditionally, but women who are active mainly as adultsI think it's an ant to find a nice dad while working at a soft service store.




This time, I talked about why soft service sex shops are easy to find fat papa.


Women who did not know this profession,I would appreciate it if you could refer to a little bit of a woman who is having difficulty finding a daddy.


I hope you meet a nice man.

thank you for reading it until the end.

I would like to share useful information and interesting experiences by making use of my multiple night jobs and male experience.

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