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When foreplay with daddy is painful, sensual massage will make you captivated ♪ <Applied version>

Previously introduced in another article "When foreplay with daddy is painful, you will be captivated by sexual massage♪I would like to post about the application version of ".

Please read the previous article...

・ Those who tried

・ I was also interested in the application version

・ I'm curious about the continuation

・ Dad, boyfriend, husband is M

・ I want to learn more techniques

・Passive pain

・I want to reduce the amount of time I am blamed

・I want to know more about sensual massage

As mentioned above, this time I would like to introduce in detail the procedure of "applied version" for women who have been thinking about it ♪

Read this article and say goodbye to painful foreplay ♡

Have you checked that the other party is M before practicing the advanced version?

First of all, this time it will be an "advanced version" of sensual massage, so it is assumed that it is not the first sensual massage.

If you suddenly play the application content with the first massage, the other man may be surprised.
for that reason··

・Reaction was good when I practiced sensual massage

・ I tried it and was convinced that it was M

・ I'm used to it, so I want to learn new tricks

・Papa was very happy

Women who fit the above, there is no need to hold back anymore.Let's move on to the next step♪

Procedure introduction of erotic massage

Then, we will introduce the application version in an easy-to-understand manner.

If you read it and got "??", please read the previous article again ♪

Start by massaging as usual.

At first, have the man lie on his stomach as usual and give him a healthy massage.
All actions before moving to sexual massage are foreplay for men.

Men are also learning that exciting things will happen in the future, so it is between healing and excitement.

At this time, if you want to give a more exciting feeling, it will be very pleasing to give you a massage while keeping close contact.Since the man is lying on his stomach, he cannot put his hand out, so there is no need to worry about being touched.

Despite the fact that women are less burdened, they can give men erotic and healing by being in close contact.

In addition, if you hold hands in between, you will be very happy ♡

After the frog legs are done, get down on all fours.

Finally, the application version will be at its best.

When the frog foot groin massage is over, gently say to the man, "Next time, get down on all fours."

Men who aren't used to it may say things like "embarrassing" or "eh~··/", but those who like groin massage tend to like sexual massage while on all fours.

If you get on all fours, this is the thing.Since the buttocks are facing you, let's gently slide the oil on the groin from between the thighs.

At this time, if you touch the nipple at the same time, most men will end up.

There are a great many men who like the above simultaneous torture.Let's take you to a rush of pleasure ♪

If things go well, you can lead to the finish without being seen or touched!

Let's use lotion when the time comes when a man seems to be at his limit with the torture on all fours♪

While touching the nipple with one hand, put your other hand between your legs and gently wrap your male genitalia with the lotion-covered hand.

At this point, the irritation effect has reached its limit, so if you are early, some men will reach it just by touching it with lotion.

Also, even if you don't come there, most men can't stand it and reach it just by handing it a few times ♡

That way, you can lead to the finish without being attacked or face-to-face and without painful foreplay...♪

You may feel a little sorry, but the people who cum in this process are M-oriented, so most of them are very satisfied.

By all means, if you get used to the basic erotic massage, please try to practice by interweaving the procedure of the advanced version ♡

Kindness wins men's hearts.

If you decide to practice the above applied version, it will be very appreciated if you prepare the following goods.


·aroma Candle

・Hot towel

Lotion is the most essential item for practicing the application version.

It is ant to have daddy prepare it, but if you use it secretly as a surprise just before, you will get even more excited.

In addition, aroma candles have a very high relaxation effect.If you prepare it, the room will smell good, and it will enhance the atmosphere as an alternative to indirect lighting.

And when all the procedures are over, let's wipe the body with a hot towel.

Above all, I'm happy because I can see the heart that I do for the other person, and I'm popular with women who can care about that kind of thing.

Appearance is of course important, but there are many women who are good at "caring", such as high-end sex shops and popular cast members at cabaret clubs.

So, let's actively and naturally bring out such tricks and captivate your body and mind ♡

A Final Word

This time, foreplay with dad is painful for those whoSensual Massage/Applied Editionwas an introduction.

I think there are many women who don't like painful foreplay or being attacked by someone they don't like.

I would appreciate it if you could read this article and have more time to escape from such a situation naturally.

I myself had many similar experiences, so I would like to continue to introduce techniques other than massage and how to do it.

Well then, thank you for reading to the end.

I would like to share useful information and interesting experiences by making use of my multiple night jobs and male experience.

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