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When foreplay with daddy is painful, you will be captivated by sexual massage♪

There are times when you feel that foreplay and sex is painful depending on the partner and of course foreplay with your dad.

For example ...

·In the wrong mood
・Foreplay is harsh and painful
・I don't want to simply have sex with my dad
・I don't want to be attacked

Etc. I think there's a lot of things to do.
In particular, men tend to refer to AV, so there are many women who find foreplay painful and painful.

If it's female-led, it's easy mentally as well as physical pain.

However, for those who don't know how to lead well, we recommend a female-led erotic massage♪

There is no need for difficult techniques or strange verbal abuse.

Therefore, this time, I will introduce the tips of "sensual massage that even beginners can use when foreplay is painful".

Even those who have no experience can easily do it, and it has a healing effect, so it will be a technique that can be used by dads.
If you are interested, please read it.



MThere are surprisingly many men in



SEX is basically a male-led image

men are S.
women are M.

I think there are many images like this.

However, from my experience so far, I feel that most men in the world often have M hearts.

Of course, there are genuine S men, but there are few men who keep attacking all the time.

And even if you look online, the most popular position for men is often the "cowgirl" position.

Also, it is said that there is almost always a blowjob scene in AV.
The genre of sluts and queens is particularly popular in the ranking of videos.

From such things, I feel that men want more than a little action from women.

However, "I am M!"
I don't think there are many men who can say that.

Taking advantage of that, sexual massage can naturally guide men to the M side.



How do you do a sensual massage?

If you are looking for a full-fledged sensual massage for men, there is a testicle esthetic, but it is a delicate place, so you need to practice.

Therefore, even beginners can easily do "groin massage".

There are many ways to do it, but this time I will introduce a method to tell whether the first man is easy to feel and whether it is M.
To make it easier to understand, we will explain below.

[1] Have the man lie down on his stomach and give him an oil massage

(If you don't know how to do it, spread the oil and put pressure on your thumb to massage it.)
*If you are unsure before trying it out, try it with your own legs and arms♪ It feels good enough.

[2] After a certain amount of time has passed, make one leg of the man a frog leg.

[3] After giving it a frog leg, apply oil to his own arm, put his hand through the gap and touch the male genitalia or not, while continuing to attack the last minute line, pull out the arm and gently repeat.

4] After about 10 minutes, do the other leg in the same way as [3]

If you go from 1 to 4, the man will surely fall into a state of excitement, so it will be the limit of patience.
Because it also has a teasing effect, I want to put it out immediately!I can't afford to blame women from the feeling.

In fact, this method is often used in sexual massage for men.

Masochistic men tend to like the groin massage mentioned above, and many men moan even though they don't touch important areas.

The point is that it is important to keep attacking with a line that touches or does not touch the important places of men.
*It is more effective if you mix the touch with the feather touch.

[What to prepare]

・Massage oil

It is also sold at drugstores.If you want a large amount, you can easily buy it online, so you can challenge it right away ♪



Excellent healing effect with massage

In addition, before entering the sexual massage, a normal massage is also performed, so it has a relaxing and healing effect.

There shouldn't be many women who can do this kind of massage, so you can make a good impression on your loved ones and dads.



Release your body and mind with a stimulating effect

Anyway, sensual massage is the key to teasing.

Strange and special play is a high hurdle for women, but with sexual massage you can naturally tease your partner, so if a man originally has a M heart, you can naturally draw it out.

Even if it doesn't go well, if you say, "I played a prank♪", you can give the impression that you have been proactive for yourself, and you can make them think that you have done your best.

Also, in the case of papa katsu, there are times when it feels painful to stare at each other while playing.

However, when it comes to sexual massage, the man spends a lot of time lying down, so he doesn't have to look at his face too much.smile

If your dad is addicted to massage, you can gradually increase the massage technique and increase the healing time, and you can make an overwhelming difference from other women.

And you can reduce the time you can naturally attack and the burden on women.



A Final Word



Now there are many massage methods posted on YouTube, so you can easily learn them.

You can also find groin massage on YouTube.

For women who feel pain in foreplay, why not try it?
There is no doubt that you can give your dad a wonderful healing and stimulating time!

thank you for reading it until the end.


I would like to share useful information and interesting experiences by making use of my multiple night jobs and male experience.

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