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"Old age correction"?No, there is also "same generation correction"

There is a word "older correction" in the streets.

Older men seem to have a lot of experience in life, which makes them look twice as attractive.

It's like a junior high school student falling in love with a school teacher or a driving school instructor.

When I look at the question box, it seems that there are too many women who are not "older correction" but "same generation correction".

My peers are so kind.A boyfriend of the same generation would say something like this.

Like this, the same generation girl!Same generation girl!While saying that, I think it's pathetic for women who reluctantly keep going to dating clubs.

Certainly, people of the same generation are the best if you want to purely fall in love or get married.

From the way you think about things to your physical strength, even if you don't care at first because you're in a lovey-dovey state, when it comes to a long-term marriage, the gap between "age" and "generation" that can't be filled will gradually work like a body blow. I think.

However, just because we are of the same generation doesn't mean that everything is okay.

In particular, beware of women who are frustrated in the world of dating clubs and think, "Oh, I feel bad for an old man. I have to be the same generation. I want a boyfriend of the same generation right now." I think that.

Hostesses and prostitutes who spend a large amount of their salary on hosts seem to be in a similar state of mind.

First of all, my impression is that 8% of the men I met here are tolerant of their individuality, and many of them are interested in things that are different from others.

The remaining 2% ​​were the typical old ○ who preached with great pride.

On the other hand, the unnamed ekiben university that Papua attended had a lot of kappe-minded rednecks who pounced on other people's clothes and belongings, perhaps because the unnamed ekiben was still an unnamed ekiben.

When I was in my first or second year of university, I brought a new brand bag (even though it was Tory Burch's old style, not very expensive) for school, and a female friend stared at me. , "Hmm, you like branded things.

I don't like brands (laughs)," he said mockingly.

Another time, the same girl asked me, "Why did you change your make-up? Why did you come to college with make-up in the first place?"

One time, when I came to university in a Corolla Axio, a male friend burst out laughing at me, saying, "You're too bad at driving that kind of car."

By the way, at that time, I just called the rental car company saying "I want to change the return time" with the engine running, and set the car navigation system to the destination.

Apparently, it looked like "a stupid woman who doesn't know how to start from there even though it's fine to start the engine".

There are many other insidious episodes in detail.

Strangely enough, none of the people who openly make fun of me are cool.
It's dull all together.

It seems that his dissatisfaction with the misfortunes of his junior high and high school days is thrown at him like a gorilla's shit, as if to say "Okay, if it's this woman, you can say anything!"

Universities are places where various types of people gather, so I am fully aware that urban universities also face different difficulties.

What I want to say here is that there are a lot of insidious people among those who go to rural colleges.

You may think that I am writing in a pompous manner, but Papua was not born into such a splendid family.

Even so, I've lived my life without saying anything that would make fun of others to my face, and even more so I've taken the head of a demon because it's a little more flashy than other people's clothes and belongings, or because it looks expensive. I don't understand why you're grumbling like that.

It doesn't matter what people use.

I wonder if these narrow-minded people of the same age will change their minds as they grow older and experience various things.

Or will I become an annoying old man with my kappe guts?

I wonder if old Babaa, who wants to preach to people who are in a weaker position than himself, is a figure of such a young person who has grown old without being reprimanded by anyone.

Suddenly I hate Aeon Mall.

Only closed families with a false sense of poverty shop there: "A woman who buys cheap ingredients and clothes and lives modestly is a good girl, and a woman who wants to buy expensive things without saving money is shit! Bad people!" I feel like I'm doing it, and I feel heavy when I remember my insidious friends from college.

There are so many habits all over Japan, but the tenants that are in it are all the same stores (and they are all cheap brands that I don't admire). Everyone is fine.”

However, I suddenly think.

Insidious rural students and Aeon Malls are monsters created by this era.

I hate spending money on clothes.

Buying branded items sucks.

Stretching is lame.

It's lame to be extravagant.

"I don't want it, until I win."
"Luxury is the enemy!"

How similar to the wartime thought of

Just to let you know, I'm not a brand supremacist, nor am I a nostalgia.

Yuri Ebihara, who once took the world by storm, is rather weak, and when I still see women in rural areas dressed like Ebi-chan office workers, I laugh at their exquisite lameness.

Looking at the pictures in the magazine at the time, Vuitton Vuitton Vuitton! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !Gucci Gucci Gucci! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !And the brand logo claims to be a mess, and just looking at it makes me feel heartburn.

In short, it's wrong to think that it's "right" to ask for cheap things anyway, right?That's what it means.

I can't even remember why I decided to go to that university.

Of course, my four years of student life were fulfilling, and I often think that I want to go back to the city where I spent my school days.

However, I personally think it was a fruitful experience to realize that not all people treat me with sincerity, just because I am of the same generation or because I am a simple-minded child from the countryside.


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