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Nice to meet you, my name is Madame Butterfly, and I used to be the number one hostess in Ginza.

Today, I would like to start by introducing myself to everyone.

I wonder what kind of customers come to the membership dating club.When I asked the management staff, they said that most of them are senior executives of famous companies, young managers, doctors and lawyers.It's like a customer in Ginza.I heard that recently, more and more men who are tired of "club activities" at night have changed riverbanks and are looking for ways to play that they met at the members-only dating club.

And what do you think should go smoothly for an uncle to meet a young woman?

The quickest way to understand how a young woman interacts with an uncle is to understand how she feels.

If the uncle knows their true feelings, I think that the encounter will develop more efficiently and passionately.In this column, I, Mrs. Chocho, who has been through many uncles, will explain the woman's mind as she thinks, and try to understand the subtleties of encounters between men and women in an erotic way.

me in childhood

Before I get into the main topic, let me first introduce myself.

My first encounter with my uncle was over XNUMX years ago.As a XNUMX-year-old girl, I fell in love with the local teleclub. (smile)

At that time, I was born into a family that was very enthusiastic about education, so I spent every day attending cram schools and lessons seven days a week.

No time to play with classmates.The only free time I had was a few tens of minutes after school until I moved to cram school.One day my friend said

"Well, there's a phone number where you can listen to hit charts for free."

Of course, I didn't know the word teleclub at that time.And when a girl called, it was designed so that the hit charts would flow.Songs by Namie Amuro and Globe were just beginning to become popular, so I didn't expect to be able to listen to them for free.Then one day, when I called the telephone club as usual and was listening to the hit chart, I suddenly heard an uncle's voice saying "Moshi moshi" from the phone.

"Hey, what are you doing now?"
"Are you playing with your friends?"
"I'm nearby now, so can we meet?"
We had a conversation like that.I was overwhelmed by my growing curiosity and my desire to see scary things, so I went to see her with my friends.

At the meeting place, an uncle who looked like a picture was surprised, saying, "Are you guys elementary school students?"On the way home, she gave me a XNUMX-yen bill, saying, "Eat some ice cream and then go home."

At that time, I thought, "Why is uncle so kind?"

longing for a hostess

Because of this, after graduating from junior high school, I started working as a hostess in my hometown.Of course, the target of love was only uncles who were more than XNUMX years old.And when I tried being a hostess, I had a dream.

“I want to be a club mom in Ginza.”

And with such a dream, I came to Tokyo at the age of XNUMX, completely naked.

The first time I worked in Ginza was at a luxury club called "F" that was taking the world by storm on TV at the time.
I appealed directly to the store's specialty mom, "I admire you, and I came to Tokyo because I wanted to be a mom in Ginza like you."

Regular customers of the store were Kabuki actors, entertainers, representatives of first-class companies, and other uncles who were different from before.

Then, she was pulled out of Ginza club "F" by a long-established famous store "E", and at the young age of XNUMX, she made XNUMX million yen in sales and became the number one hostess of "E", and experienced the best night.

Reality of Ginza

Most of our customers in Ginza use our stores to entertain business partners.

Therefore, it is illegal to get drunk and try to seduce the hostess while everyone involved in the business is present. Because there is.I think it's a bit different from the general image of Ginza that everyone imagines, but the hostess is nothing more than a "lubricant" for the reception of customers to proceed smoothly.

Reality of Uncle

And one thing I've learned from living as a hostess for several years is that "a great uncle is very good at treating women."When she faces a young woman, she slips into her pocket, gives her a sense of security, and before she knows it, she's captivated.Business is born from people and people, and a clever uncle who has a lot of experience will demonstrate his human power without any difference, regardless of whether he is a woman or a man.

After learning and experiencing a lot of things in Ginza, and after quitting my job as a hostess, I started a company and have been doing a lot of work lately.That is, "I am a helpless existence with nothing."Also, even if you make a new product, if you don't get a friend and a sponsor, you can't move forward.At that time, the important thing is the financial strength and power of the uncle.And I think that it takes the efforts of many uncles to complete one project.

The word "papa-katsu" has spread throughout the world, but for "women who have nothing" to want to enrich their lives by enjoying the wealth and rare experiences of uncles, I think he is very powerful and very dependable.

For uncles, if the presence of a young woman gives vitality to their daily life and becomes a source of inspiration, it would not be so good.

So I say it out loud.I love clever uncles.

For the second column, I would like to write about the theme of "What kind of girl is a Papa-katsu-joshi?"

From Madame Butterfly


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