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My "fellatio theory"

Origin of fellatio

Hello, this is Madame Butterfly.In my last column, I talked about how men achieve sexual orgasm by overlapping complex points.

The more capable the uncle is, the more sex is not something that comes in the body, but something that comes in the “brain”.Rather than being aroused by direct techniques, they put all their senses to full use – sight, hearing, touch, taste – and ascension throughout their bodies.

The percentage of good and bad techniques, such as fellatio and cowgirl position, is not that large, but women should not neglect their daily training.

Fellatio is a must for men.The mouth of the woman he loves is like a port for men to return to.is.Therefore, a minimum of technique is required.

Please allow me to reminisce.

That was when I entered high school in my hometown of Kyushu.

At that time, I was working part-time at a cafe in a rural town.

At that time, I was dating a boy named A, but he was my first relationship with a man.

Of course I'm a virgin, so I've never seen a cock.One day, I decided to spend the night with Mr. A for the first time.

"How can I have sex? Do I have to do fellatio?"


In a state of panic, I turned to Ms. B, a senior woman at the store.

Ms. B is a local madam who has passed her XNUMXth birthday.She had a boyfriend besides her husband.

"I have sex with him every week at the hotel."


I was told such a boastful story, so one day I took the plunge and asked, "Please teach me how to give a blowjob!"

Mr. B went to the kitchen and asked, "Well, why don't you try it with a banana?"

"Gently top to bottom and bottom to top like peeling a banana"

The face of Mr. B, who is past his XNUMXth birthday, is becoming more and more lustrous.Surprised by the technique, I thought, "A woman's fellatio is beautiful."

A few weeks after that, thanks to that practice (laughs), I was able to welcome the first night safely.


"Fellatio teacher

After that, I wanted to improve my technique even more, so I visited a certain person.

At that time, I was working at a cabaret club, and there was a sexual health store in that line.

At that store, there was a male staff who taught sexual techniques for inexperienced people.

So to speak, he is a “Fellatio teacher”, but I went to take his practical lecture.The two of us stayed in a hotel and learned a lot from fellatio, intercrural sex, and mat play.

Women may think, "I'm going to go that far," but I was desperate at the time.

I learned two things in particular.

The point that men feel is mainlyBack lineKali neckis.Go back and forth between those two points, and blame them by adjusting the speed.

There are examples of famous instruments such as "Thousand Earthworms" and "Kazunoko Ceiling".

When you give a fellatio, it might be a good idea to imagine it.

After all, men feel the female genitalia the most, so it is important to treat the mouth like a female genitalia.It is NG to suck too much or move up and down at high speed.I just try to wrap it up softly.

Effective baby words for uncle

in the previous column"The level of good flooring is revealed only after the opponent's uncle has come."I talked about that.

"Cleaning Blow" is indispensable when you have sex with your uncle.It is also important to keep your body close to give you a sense of psychological fulfillment.

Cool down after going through the excitement of the spirit.

At times like that, I use baby talk to the other uncle.While giving him a drink of water and putting a dessert in his mouth, he said, "Hey, how's it going? Okay, okay."

It may sound silly, but uncles usually respond with a smile.

Considering the uncle's psychology, not only does it feel good to be rolled by a woman's hand, but it's also comfortable to ride on it.

When I think about it carefully, my uncle plays too many things both at work and at home.

Baby talk removes that boundary and invites you to an extraordinary world.All men may end up with "baby" in the end.It's exactly "baby return".

"I can't be that embarrassing."

Some women may think so.

As women get older, have more careers, and have more business opportunities, they tend to try to show off their wisdom.

But the men of the world don't expect wisdom from women.

What women need is not strength,

"Now I'm alone with this girl."

It is "prettiness" that gives us a shared illusion of being.Ladies and gentlemen, how about throwing baby talk to your uncle from tomorrow?


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